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Article: 5 Must Have Mooncakes This Mid-Autumn Festival

5 Must Have Mooncakes This Mid-Autumn Festival

5 Must Have Mooncakes This Mid-Autumn Festival

Do you know that the roundest moon can be seen during autumn? Celebrated by many East Asian countries, the Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋節) falls on the 15th day of the 8th month on the Chinese Lunar Calendar and has been celebrated since the Song Dynasty in China two millenia ago. This year, families will gather over mooncakes, lanterns and a spirit of thanksgiving on 1st October. The celebration is also known as Moon Festival, Mooncake Festival or Harvest Moon Festival as ancient Chinese emperors worshipped the moon in autumn to thank it for a bountiful harvest.

In the spirit of reunion with loved ones, we are excited to launch our Mooncake Collection this year. We are happy to have some of our favourite local brands such as Inside Scoop, Tai Thong and Buttercake Factory to bring you both the classic favourite baked-skin mooncakes and the modern rise in popularity snow skin mooncakes. Here are 5 types of mooncakes to celebrate Mid-Autumn festival in style this year.


Ice Cream Mooncakes

Enters ICE CREAM MOONCAKES! This melts-in-your-mouth goodness is unique and leaves you wanting more. And the best part? They can be kept frozen up to 1 month! These ice cream mooncakes are made by one of the most well-loved dessert go-to in town, Inside Scoop. If you are a fan of their desserts, you will surely love their ice-cream mooncakes.


Supermoon Ice Cream Mooncake

Bigger and better! If you're looking for an out-of-this-world mooncake, try this Supermoon Ice Cream Mooncake by Inside Scoop. This super-sized 7.5-inch snow skin Supermoon mooncake feeds up to 12 happy tummies. Made of double premium pistachio ice cream with a raspberry jelly center, this is the perfect dessert to impress friends, family (or even clients *hint) this mid-autumn festival.

*Inside Scoop mooncakes are 100% alcohol and lard free*


Limited Edition Musang King Durian Snow Skin Mooncakes

One thing that most Malaysians love best is durian - the fruit itself, dessert and now, available in mooncakes! These salivating Tai Thong durian snow skin mooncakes are made using 100% Musang King durian. This limited edition Tai Thong Musang King Durian Mooncake Box comes with a pretty cooler bag to keep them mooncakes fresh as a perfect gift for durian fans.

*Tai Thong mooncakes are 100% Halal certified


Snow Skin Mooncakes

Not only these pastel-coloured snow skin mooncakes look pretty, they taste amazing too. They're perfect for those who love evergreen mooncake flavours in delicate snow skin. Available in 2, 4 and 6 pieces, they make a wonderful gift for your own celebration or with your friends and family. Best served chilled with piping hot Pu-Er tea.


Classic Baked-Skin Mooncakes

Some say old is gold and it stands true. If you are a fan of the classic baked-skin mooncakes, we've got you. The mooncake experience will not be complete without bites of the evergreen flavours of lotus paste. The celebrated Tai Thong Mooncakes are available in boxes of 2 and 4 pieces.


It is time for reunions and thanksgiving. We wish you a happy Mid-Autumn season ❤️

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