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Article: BloomThis x Wanderlust + Co: A Collaboration Between Two Dreamers

BloomThis x Wanderlust + Co: A Collaboration Between Two Dreamers

BloomThis x Wanderlust + Co: A Collaboration Between Two Dreamers

We are elated to announce our new collection, inspired by our collaboration with Wanderlust + Co! This freshly minted dried flowers collection has been brewing for what seemed like a very long few months but we are excited to finally share them with you! Wanderlust + Co has been our friend in the journey of creating beautiful handcrafted pieces made lovingly by artisans. So it was only natural for both founders, Penny and Jenn, to take a leap with this collaboration.

The unboxing of this collection comes with gorgeous dried flower arrangements nested in modern contemporary vases. They are absolutely alluring as home decor and sure to elevate any space almost instantaneously. We can all definitely use some beautiful vibes these days. It's been one challenging year, hasn't it?

The best part is there are 16 designs to choose from, so you will surely find something you love. If you are planning to give it as a gift, we've got you covered with a chic matching paperbag that sends some glittering vibes. Shakespeare once said, "All that glisters is not gold" but in this case, he may be wrong. You can also pick out a stunning gold jewellery from Wanderlust + Co to go with. Can things get any better?

When we were creating these pieces, we asked ourselves questions that matter. We wanted to create a collection that is both beautiful and meaningful during this time. So what's the story behind this collection of dried flowers?


The Inspiration Behind The Collection

When the initial ideation took place, no one would have anticipated how the year would pan out. At the wake of a pandemic, Movement Control Order (MCO) was announced and lives were abruptly halted. But what may seem like bad timing turns out to be an expansive creative journey for both homegrown brands. In times of uncertainty, the sparks of creativity flew and inspired the creations today.

It was during such a time that propels both brands to think beyond the aesthetics and about what truly holds us all together. And just like that, it became crystal clear that the spirit of "togetherness" will become the anchor of our designs. Both brands then interpreted this common theme into their design elements, doing what they do best - BloomThis with dried flowers and Wanderlust + Co, with jewellery, in their latest Chasing Clouds Collection.


Beyond Just A Name

With "togetherness" as the theme underlying the creations, we wanted the name of each floral piece to encapsulate that. We wanted them to symbolise something positive and special in your homes or work spaces. And dried flowers was an obvious choice because we wanted something longer lasting with minimal care needed for homes. With that, the families of four was born.


Pink Skies for Good Days

Introducing Alya, Aria, Aura and Anila whose names mean the skies and heavens. In shades of pink baby's breaths, they are dreamy, bewitching and inspired by gorgeous pink skies that gives hope to good days ahead. Do you know that baby's breaths are one of the hardiest dried flowers around?


The Joys of Nature

Meet Larissa, Latisha, Lacey and Luana, inspired by the spirit of joy. Reminiscent of ashen sunsets, they are arranged with elegant sola wood flowers, dried lunaria, preserved hydrangea and fluffy pampas. And do you know that the elegant sola wood flower is 100% biodegradable, sustainable and made from the tapioca plant root? We surely hope that these pieces will remind you to find joys in what nature has to offer.


The Beauty of Autumn

We couldn't get enough of these autumnal beauties - Nova, Nada, Nyssa and Nadyne. Their names are a fitting trait which translates to "newness" with the turn of season. They are artfully handcrafted with the graceful fern, elegant sola wood flowers, baby's breath, dainty ixodia, hardy gomphrena, and playful bunny tail with a pop of maroon ruscus. And do you know that in some cultures, the fern is a symbol of new beginnings and hope? So we are sending you good thoughts with these floral pieces, that you will embrace opportunities for new growth.


Finding Beauty in Chaos

Finally, we have Mei, Mabel, Mika and Merinda, whose names are inspired by beauty and strength. They are neutral-hued dried flower arrangements that are beautifully crafted with dried baby's breath, helichrysum, scabiosa pod and dainty ixodia accompanied by feathery pampas, fan palm, and playful bunny tails. The touch of pampas never fails to add a tinge of feminity and sensuality in any space.


The Chasing Clouds Collection by Wanderlust + Co

Chasing Clouds is an ode to togetherness and how apt it is as the brand celebrates its 10th year. Congratulations Wanderlust + Co! Toasting to this milestone, the brand releases a three part jewellery series with motifs inspired by the stars, moon and clouds - a reminder that we are one community nested within the same universe. This also reflects the pursuit of leaning into light and a collection that expresses the beauty of self-discovery and growth.

Here are some stunning gold jewellery pieces that we handpicked from the collection and made available as add ons to match our dried flowers arrangements. Take your picks from gold necklaces such as "Chasing Clouds", "North Star" and "Today" to gold earrings like "Midnight Stud" and "Sunlit". We are in love with them ourselves!


Sending Positive Vibes to Your Homes

We are humbled by the coming together of this collaboration between BloomThis & Wanderlust + Co, especially in such a time as this. The freshly minted dried flowers collection is like a new baby to us. It's unlike something we have done before but we had such a creative blast handcrafting them to life. So we hope you like them as much as we do and may you be inspired not only by their beauty but also what they symbolise. We look forward to see them invading your home!

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