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Design & Process

Handcrafted by artisans

Premium Flowers

Our flowers are sourced from farms all over the world and lovingly handpicked, inspected and cleaned by our master artisans.

Auspicious Arrangements

Beautiful bouquets and flower stands that are designed to ring in the lunar new year with style. Our floral arrangements are perfect to decorate your home for Chinese New Year.

Thoughtful Gifts

Our floral arrangements are beautiful gifts to bring along when you visit friends or colleagues at their Chinese New Year open house gatherings.


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Chinese New Year Flowers

Usher in the new year with popular CNY flowers like the saying, 花開富貴, which means "blossom flowers bring wealth". Some traditional favourites are peach blossoms or plum blossoms (utterly gorgeous in vases), chrysanthemums (symbolising wealth) and peonies (representing love and prosperity). For a more modern look, opt for our CNY Collection which include cymbidium flowers, golden shower orchids, pussy willow and carnation leaves in vibrant Chinese New Year flower arrangements.

Chinese New Year Plants

Looking to deco and prep your home for CNY? Impress your guests with Chinese New Year decorations incorporating modern paper cutting art, 福 fortune characters, 对联 new year door couplets and lanterns. If you love the Scandi look, opt for more neutral color palettes including pastel peach, grays and browns. Here's a pro tip: build your deco around gorgeous Chinese New Year plants and place auspicious elements like mandarins and tidbit trays around them. Elegant orchids make great table centerpieces and do wonders for dull corners.

Chinese New Year Gifts

It's a common question every new year (besides when are you getting married?) - what should I bring home for CNY? Here's some suggestions:
1) Specialty snacks make great gifts. There's nothing like sharing tasty tidbits with the whole fam and seeing the joy on everyone's face over good tea and conversation.
2) Pretty CNY flowers and plants work wonders on the family home and bring in the new year joy. Plus, they're sure to be conversation starters when the relatives come to visit.

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