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Article: What's My Horoscope Flower?


What's My Horoscope Flower?

What Are Horoscopes (Western Zodiac)

Did you know there are over 88 constellations in the night sky!

However, over the years, astrologists have then identified 12 major constellations as what is now known as the horoscopes or western zodiac.

The term zodiac is derived from the word zōdiacus which is a Latin term, meaning ‘circle of animal’. However, while the name is closely associated with animals, zodiac signs were actually based on the star’s pattern in the night sky.

Some may represent animals, while some, such as the Libra sign, looks like a balance beam.

Since the olden days, the zodiac has often been used to predict personalities, compatibility, and future events in an individual’s life based on the position of the moon, sun, and other celestial objects during the individual’s time of birth.

As the Chinese Zodiac looks at the Lunar calendar and the signs are assigned based on the year of birth, in Western astrology the zodiac is divided into 12 divisions based on the month of birth.


The Horoscopes & Their Elements

The zodiac signs are also further categorized based on the four core elements - Fire, Earth, Air & Water, which are the building blocks of the universe. Letting us know that each element is vital for all of us to make up life on Earth.

Below are the categories of each horoscope/zodiac:

Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Fire signs are passionate, courageous, and impulsive. In general, they tend to be full of passion , adventurous and have high levels of enthusiasm or energy. However, they may need to be inspired to be happy, think of how fire needs fuel. Otherwise, the fire dies down.

Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Earth signs are more stable and grounded. They are also very practical people, making them hardworking people who value stability and security in life. Naturally, they are managers and builders who create systems for the world.

Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
These signs are people who are logical yet curious, intellectual beings. They are often social people who like to explore the world and unlike Earth signs, they prefer varieties over consistencies.

Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Water signs are more intuitive, sensual, and emotional. They tend to connect spiritually, more heartfelt, compassionate and sensitive well beings. They are very aware of their emotional feelings and can appear less logical and practical than other signs. However, they make great companions who help others with their great sense of empathy.


Why Horoscopes?

Although proven to be an ancient fallacy, there are still many of us who believe in horoscopes. Hence, it is not rare to be able to read about your daily prediction based on your star sign in the local newspaper or even social media.

Now, to those who are new to astrology, you may be wondering why do people even believe in the star signs?

Well, in this world of uncertainties, many humans seek external validation to make sense of their past, present, and future. While seeking the understanding of the world, humans also tend to seek externally to have control towards their life.

Essentially, horoscope readings tend to give us a sense of hope and motivation towards the future, which helps us to feel more in control and have a sense of our past, present, and future.

And as we tend to see, horoscopes have many associations with a person’s lucky number, traits, colours and so on.

However, did you know that each sign also has a unique horoscope or zodiac flower attached to it?

Whether you are a believer or not, this guide would certainly be helpful if you are looking to find flowers that fit a person based on their birth month and zodiac sign.


Horoscope Flowers and their meanings

Aries Flower (Mar 21 - Apr 19): Honeysuckle & Pink Tulips


Sign: Aries are the first zodiac sign in the horoscope line. In the horoscope world or in real life, most Aries tend to think of themselves as number 1. They possess great leadership qualities, are dominant and ambitious. They work hard for success and are natural-born leaders.

In conjunction with that, they are well known to be brave and courageous making them famous for having the confidence to go through the walks of life. When you see an Aries, you see someone who is attractive and intelligent. They can take up challenges head-on.

Horoscope Flower: For Aries, flowers such as honeysuckle and tulips relate to them the best. Honeysuckles are pioneers of early spring flowers and they can grow strong throughout the year. Their strong and bold sweet fragrance makes them similar to an Aries who has a courageous and bold personality. Meanwhile, red-hued colours speak up for Aries’ passionate and fiery personality. With this, pink tulips are also a recommended flower for Aries.

Pink Tulip flowers for Aries

The Hyacinth Pink Tulip Flower Long Box may be the perfect choice for your Aries. Its pink tulips carry the meaning of confidence and happiness. Both are characteristics that align with Aries’ confident and optimistic personality!


Taurus Flower (Apr 20 - May 20): Lily


Sign: Taurus may often be misunderstood for having a bullheaded personality. However, oftentimes this Earth sign is very grounded and intelligent. They are also very warm-hearted, romantic, and love to indulge in their senses. They often seem to have a strong admiration for beautiful and luxurious things. Just like their spirit animal, Taurus loves soft sounds, soft aromas, and loves to be pampered in comfort. They are ambitious, focused, and have very resilient personalities.

Horoscope Flower: Resembling Taureans, lily flowers best fit them as lilies are also very resilient plants once they grow. As grounded as Taurus’ nature, lilies require quite a bit of effort to move once they’ve rooted themselves. Plus, their luxurious look and exquisite beauty, makes them a very rich looking plant to be at home. Lilies have a heavy, seductive fragrance that is appealing to Taureans and also brings out the romantic personality in them.

Lily flowers for Taurus

If you are looking for the right bouquet, do check out the all-time bestseller Tessa Bouquet with Robina Lilies to show your appreciation.

The Bernadette White Lily Flower Box is a beautiful chaos of lilies and roses that are the perfect pick for your Taurus.


Gemini Flower (May 21 - June 20): Lavender


Sign: Geminis are the fun personality in the zodiac. They are extroverted, flexible and clever individuals. They love socializing and are good with their words, making them great friends who you can talk to anytime! Geminis love bonding with friends, their loved ones, and relatives. They are also very inquisitive and enthusiastic souls. There’s never a dull moment with them around!

Horoscope Flower: Lavender with its distinct purple colour and “clusters of friends” are in sync with Gemini's sociable personality. The lovely lavender also has a distinct fragrance which makes an irresistible charm and charisma just like a Gemini. Furthermore, lavender has a diverse utility which makes it similar to Gemini's versatile personality.

Lavender flowers for Geminis

The Serilda Dried Flowers Bouquet with dried Lavender conveys royalty and distinction, making any Gemini receiver feel like a queen.


Cancer Flower (June 21 - July 22): White Rose


Sign: Well known for their emotional and intuitive characteristics, Cancers are often known to be soft, family-oriented, and the most romantic of all signs. Although they are often said to be very sensitive, deep down they are just really warm and loving personalities.

They feel a lot and often rely on emotional instincts rather than logic. They wear their hearts on the sleeve and thus are easily seen as moody. As easily as they would go back into their shells if they felt uncomfortable, they would also just as easily stay for their loved ones as they are also very protective and caring individuals.

Horoscope Flower: The white rose is elegant, delicate and universally loved like Cancers. Just like Cancers, white roses represent purity and innocence, similar to their soft and kind-hearted personality. However, as gentle as they are like a rose, they also have thorny sides. Oftentimes hurt, Cancers will hide in their shell and protect themselves just like how the thorns of roses protect the flower bud.

Want to know what the different colours of roses mean? Read Discover the true meaning of roses.

Rose flowers for Cancers

As pure and innocent as the Cancer sign, we have the Ella bouquet. Made up of the softest hues of white flowers that only nature could provide, this bouquet is sure to make your Cancer’s day and align with his sign the best!


Leo Flower (July 23 - Aug 22): Sunflower


Sign: Resembling a lion, Leos are confident souls. They are energetic and courageous in chasing their ambitions. They also have high self-esteem and are natural leaders. Although they have a big sense of pride and can sometimes be reluctant to reflect on their own points, they are actually very optimistic people. They see the light in a dark tunnel and they keep their heads up high like a king.

In business, they make great entrepreneurs who can fight their way towards the goal. Leos are also joyful and friendly people. They bring light to anyone’s life with their optimism, friendliness and joy. They are loyal and often protect their loved ones and friends from any situation

Horoscope Flower: Just like a lion’s mane, the sunflower is the best representation of Leo. Being both confident and bright, the sunflower symbolizes Leo’s self-confidence and bright personality. Besides, the hidden meaning of sunflower, loyalty and happiness are both traits that a Leo possesses.

Want to know more about what Sunflowers mean? Read Flower meaning & symbolism - here is what you didn’t know about sunflowers.

Sunflowers for Leos

Give your Leo the flower that resonates with him the best with our Calypso sunflower bouquet. Bright and beautiful, it’s always sunny here with Calypso. Perfect for your Leo’s Sunny disposition.

Also, check out Gianna, it’s the perfect pick for sunflower lovers and Leos alike. Crafted with designer sunflowers, peach matthiolas, orange roses, peach eustomas and ammimajus. Guaranteed to make any Leo’s day even brighter.


Virgo Flower (Aug 23 - Sept 22): Chrysanthemum


Sign: Virgos are very detail-oriented, cautious and perfectionists. Not only are they ambitious and hardworking, but their attention to detail also makes them great accountants or sales clerks as they enjoy taking accountability and are systematic in the tasks given.

Other than being very diligent and intelligent at work, among friends they are a very loving, gentle, kind and supportive friend. Oftentimes, they use their intellect and resourcefulness to help others.

Horoscope Flower: Chrysanthemums having detailed layers of petals are similar to Virgos detail-oriented characteristics. They also resemble Virgos in terms of how they bring warmth and are very resourceful. Chrysanthemum not only can be used as a gift in a bouquet, they are also very famous as ‘cooling’ tea in Chinese culture.

The bright colour of chrysanthemums speaks of the positive outlook and bright personality of Virgos. Generally, Chrysanthemums represent friendship, love, trust, joy, optimism and longevity.

Chrysanthemum flowers for Virgos

The Roxy Chrysanthemum in mini size is a cute gift for any Virgo with plumes of baby’s breath surrounding their horoscope flower.

If you are looking for a bigger bouquet, check out our Joanne flower arrangement. A mix of lilac and white chrysanthemums, along with roses, carnations, and baby’s breath, the bright colours resembles Virgos bright and loving personality.


Libra Flower (Sept 23 - Oct 22): Hydrangea


Sign: As its sign shows, Libra often works to find balance within life’s nature. As you would guess, when it comes to problem-solving, Libra often approaches a situation to get the best of both worlds. If an argument were to spark, Libra will always search for justice and equality. Therefore, making them a good mediator within others.

Dubbed as the peacemaker sign, they strongly believe in harmony and seeking peace in life. Libras are well known as great listeners, maybe because they often hear everyone’s input before coming up with a fair judgment. They are also romantic, clever, and of course peaceful to the core.

Horoscope Flower: Hydrangea flowers have strong stems yet soft petals which resembles the balance of Libra’s personality. They also bloom in bunches, similar to Libras who also love socializing and being surrounded by people.

Hydrangea flowers for Libras

Looking to gift your Libra some hydrangeas? We promise they’ll love our Casabella Pink Hydrangea Flower Box! It’s the perfect way to show you appreciate their level-headed coolness.


Scorpio Flower (Oct 23 - Nov 21): Peony


Sign: Scorpios are famous for standing true to their honesty policy. They always tell the truth and are always willing to share the most with their loved ones. Once they set their mind on something, it is almost impossible to deter their determination.

They are brave enough to take risks to reach their goal. They are also very loving and happy to help others. If you are in love with a Scorpio, never need to worry about loyalty as they are very committed people.

Horoscope Flower: In Japan, peonies symbolize honour and bravery. As a Scorpio flower, peonies embody both honour and brave traits of the Scorpio. Peonies are also often used to express loyalty to the receiver. Especially some Peony plants that can live up to 100 years old and still bloom flowers. It shows the loyalty and commitment that is similar to a Scorpio. Did you know that on the 12th wedding anniversary, people often give peonies to indicate their anniversary?


Sagittarius Flower (Nov 22 - Dec 21): Carnation


Sign: Sagittarians make great friends with their witty personalities. They have a knack for entertaining people around them with their humour. They are also independent individuals who can adapt to any situation as well as look for new adventures. Free-spirited and not afraid to try new things alone to feed their curious soul. Sagittarians also have an honest personality and are optimistic.

Horoscope Flower: The official Sagittarius flower is represented by carnations, multi-pleated flowers that are delicate and come a variety of colours & forms. In general, carnations are meant to symbolize love and fascination. The many colours of carnations make them very suitable for pairing with other blooms. Kind of like Sagittarian’s strong-willed and independent personality, carnations are also a resilient flower that can survive for a long period of time.

Carnation flowers for Sagittarius

If you are looking for carnations for your Sagittarius, we have them in all varieties of colours!

Our favourite is the Adora Peach Carnation Bouquet - Filled with joy and bundled in soft-peach wrappings for the perfect gift. It’s blend of peach and golden blooms remind us of the endless possibilities that a new day brings, just perfect for your Sagittarian’s free, adventurous spirit.


Capricorn Flower (Dec 22 - Jan 19): Jasmine & Baby’s Breath


Sign: Capricorns are one of the most hardworking, disciplined, creative, and peaceful zodiacs of all signs. Usually, they are thrifty and practical, they will not simply purchase something out of impulse.

As a friend, Capricorn is said to be a good listener, great advisor, and a profound lover. They like to be lowkey in life while still finding comfort and enjoying the finest things in life without being the centre of attention.

Horoscope Flower: Jasmine flowers and baby’s breath are both small flowers but with distinct and beautiful features that resemble a Capricorn. In Jasmine flowers, we know that these little white flowers have a soothing aroma. Without drawing attention, Jasmine’s work in releasing their scent is similar to Capricorn's beliefs that they must have hard work with passion and interest. Similarly, a baby's breath is tiny and may seem insignificant at first glance, however, they complement most bouquets and are a significant beauty for those who love these tiny flowers.

Baby’s Breath flowers for Capricorns

If you are looking for the perfect baby’s breath bouquet, have a look at Harper’s White Baby Breath Bouquet. A symbol of everlasting love and innocence, this bouquet with its giant ball of cloud-like baby’s breath brings a sense of serenity that Capricorns will very much appreciate!


Aquarius Flower (Jan 20 - Feb 18): Orchid


Sign: Although the water sign Aquarius may sometimes seem like they are in their own world, they are actually very humanitarian zodiacs. They love to be around to help others even though they may not be the best speakers or listeners. They are well known to be inventive as they explore and make sense of the world. However, as much as they love to help others, Aquarians are independent, autonomous individuals and love the freedom that comes with it.

Horoscope Flower: Orchids are famous for having a variety of colours and meaning. Orchids also like to stand out from the crowd and do things their own way. These flowers don’t even need soil to grow, they just go with the flow! Does that sound familiar to you? We bet it does.

Orchid flowers for Aquarius

Surprise your Aquarian with this Mini Phalaenopsis Orchid to make them smile! Just like Aquarians, all orchids are beautiful and independently unique with special meanings as they come in a variety of colours.


Pisces Flower (Feb 19 - Mar 20): Water Lily


Sign: As a water sign, Pisces loves water and finds comfort in the peaceful ocean or maybe even any body of water. They are very trusting individuals because they themselves are genuine to others. They cannot understand why people would want to be deceitful. They are also very connected spiritually with others, have a sensitive nature and are intuitive. It’s very natural for them to identify situations or people who need help.

Horoscope Flower: No other bloom fits Pisces as well as water lilies. When we look at water lilies in lakes, they give us a sense of calamity. The water lily has its flower floating above water while its roots dive deep down in the water.

Similar to Pisces, it depicts how they can be deep-rooted in their own spiritual world, yet thrive well outside in the real world. Water lilies are known to express integrity and faith and are bound with nature’s beauty. Just like Pisces who believe in unconditional and selfless love, water lilies are symbolic of this kind of love. Making them a perfect depiction of Pisces.



Learn More About Flower Symbolism

That’s it! While it may seem like a lot to unpack, it really doesn’t have to be.

Use this guide to help you pick the perfect horoscope flowers for you or your bestie.

Did we miss out anything? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll make sure to add it in!

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Or maybe you want to know which flowers are the luckiest? Try Flowers and Plants That Represent Good Luck!

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