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Article: Discover the true meaning of roses

Discover the true meaning of roses

Discover the true meaning of roses


Ever wondered about the meaning of roses before you send the lovely bouquet of red, pink, white or champagne beauties to your loved one? I do, sometimes. We usually associate roses with love and romance, but depending on the colour, they could mean so much more.

Let us be your guide to select the right rose color that perfectly complements your message, expression and occasion whether it’s about friendship, love or an anniversary.

Red Roses | love - romance – admiration & respect

The red rose is the ultimate symbol to express romantic affection to our darlings. At first glance, red roses represent love and romance. This is why red roses are so popular during Valentine’s Day - you'd just know the message is about love.
There's more to these scarlet buds than just romance. They also symbolize admiration and respect. If you'd like to send a bouquet of red roses to your friend or colleague whom you admire and respect, please do so.

Meanwhile, you could send a combination of red and white roses to express how you complement each other. This signifies unity - a perfect match for two loving souls.

Here are some of our recommendations for gifts of love and romance:

We're sure the Duchess of Cambridge would approve of this curation of exquisite red roses accompanied with lush ruscus leaves.

Brilliant red roses with stems of eucalytus leaves makes the perfect romantic bouquet. Nothing whispers love more than red roses.

An ideal medley of red and white roses, Vivienne symbolizes two lovers united in perfect harmony.

White Roses | love - purity - innocence & new beginnings

Traditionally, white roses are associated with marriages and new beginnings. Brides usually choose white roses for their bridal bouquet. Don't underestimate these innocent flowers though, as they could mean more than just new beginnings.

White roses are popular at weddings as ornamental decor too, because they represent innocence, love and purity. When presented as wedding decor, such as the wedding arch, white roses represent pure love and loyalty between the bride groom. That's why it's called a "white wedding." These snow-hued roses also make lovely anniversary gifts - to remember your wedding day, because why not?
Here's our favourite bouquet with white roses:

ELLA | RM 159

As pure and white as the first fall of snow, Ella is curated with a mix of gorgeous white flowers - roses, spider mums, matthiola and eucalyptus leaves.

Pink Roses | love – friendliness – gratitude & appreciation

The most expressive of the bunch are pink-hued roses. They are commonly associated with warmth, esteem, a positive attitude and beauty. This makes pink roses perfect gift for many occasions. Use them to send thanksgiving, for the start of a new relationship or just to cheer up your BFF.

Roses in a more intense colour of pink would make lovely thank-you gifts. Cherry pink roses symbolize appreciation and gratitude while light pink roses are symbolize admiration, love and friendliness.

For the love of pink! A beautiful combination of hot cherry pink roses, pink alstroemerias, ruscus leaves and beargrass.

EVANGELINE | from RM 129

We've combined the dual tone lisianthus, pink altitude rose and purple caspia to create this irresistible bouquet. Make your recipient smile no matter what the occasion!

Champagne Roses | charm, grace, thoughtfulness

Champagne roses or cream roses may look similar to white roses. However, they don't carry the same meaning of marriage and innocence as white roses do. These champagne-hued beauties symbolize charm, gracefulness and thoughtfulness. They also represent perfection and richness - basically, these are roses with a tai tai (rich lady) mood.

Champagne roses are usually incorporated in bridal bouquets because they symbolize charm and grace. They also make great gifts for letting someone know you care about them, without romantic intentions.

Here' s an arrangement with a mix of champagne roses we'd recommend:

Make her smile cheek-to-cheek with this irrisistibly sweet arrangement of pinks roses coupled with champagne roses.

The number of roses in an arrangement and it's meaning

Beside the meaning of the color, the number of roses in a bouquet are also associated with a meaning. Here are a few that we have gathered.

1 - Love at the first sight. When you only need one rose to express your love, we've got you covered.

A gift of a single red rose is a classic sign of romance. Cradled in each preserved rose bud is a glimmering crystal centerpiece, sealed in an acrylic display and engraved with your loved one’s name, for memories that last forever.

2 - Mutual love

3 - “I love you.”

6 - “I want to be yours.”

10 - “You are perfect.”

12 - “Be mine.”

13 - A secret admirer or forever friendship

15 - “I’m sorry.” or “Please forgive me.”

20 - Sincerity

24 - “I’m yours.” or “I’m thinking of you all the day.”

36 - Remembering romantic moments

50 - Unconditional love

99 - “Will you marry me?” When you need to pop the question, we've got a few 99 roses bouquets that will make your dear's heart melt.


Pop the question with this romantic proposal bouquet of lux red roses. Express your true love to your fair lady with Darling.

Remember when you both realized that you were meant to be? Make your Soulmate smile with this gorgeous proposal bouquet of hot cherry pink roses and lush ruscus leaves.

A heartfelt Promise of forever love. Say "Will you marry me?" with this stunning proposal bouquet of lux pink roses.

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