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Article: The prettiest makeup collection ever

The prettiest makeup collection ever

The prettiest makeup collection ever


A story of macarons and makeup

The most charming makeup collection ever is here in Malaysia. Introduced by a macaron patisserie, Les Merveilleuses Ladurée has certainly done it all. In 1862 Louis Ernest Ladurée founded a bakery in Paris. After a fire in 1871, the bakery was transformed into a pastry shop which made the original macarons, also known as edible jewellery back then - because they were oh so pretty!

It only makes sense for Ladurée to innovate equally pretty cosmetics too! From teatime treat to beauty beat, the perfect pastel aesthetic makes our hearts squeal oui with approval.

“Les Merveilleuses” represents the marvelous women who lived in 18th century Paris after the Revolution. These elegant women were known as the goddesses of liberty, who cast away post-revolution terrors and rigid morals for freedom and liberation.

Les Merveilleuses Ladurée cosmetics is made for women who enjoy being their beautiful selves and value something that enhances their beauty from within. Symbolizing the essence of French history and esprit, Les Merveilleuses Ladurée proposes an unexpected beauty filled with discoveries and surprises. The concept of a “Beautiful Revealing” is one that excites the five senses of the user with a carefully designed functional beauty. Each product also has a beautiful story to tell.

Face Color Rose Ladurée

Beauty in expression is now in full bloom. In 18th century France, women were allowed to use only cheek color to enhance their facial features. Cheek color adds a sculpted, healthy look to one’s face and enhances one’s expression, plus it makes the wearer look happier. Les Merveilleuses Ladurée has taken the classic French cosmetic to modernity with the Face Color Rose Ladurée, a blush product akin to fresh roses.

Roses were actually used by the elegant French women to add colour to their cheeks, and of all flowers, these women adored roses best. 
This beautiful pot of rose petal blush contains the gentlest blush pigment to give one’s cheeks a soft and delicate rosy finish, carefully scented with hand-picked roses. There are 3 rose-hued shades available and are sold separately from the pot. Just gently swirl a large blush brush around the petals, check if you have the ideal amount, and rosy up your cheeks for a beautiful soft blush.


Les Merveilleuses Ladurée cosmetics are currently available at Robinsons Four Seasons KL and online at

Check out Les Merveilleuses Ladurée’s official Instagram account at @lm_laduree_my for more aesthetically pleasing content. Do give them some love while you’re at it!

Meanwhile, stay tuned to your emails as we have a special surprise for all of you dears this coming 8th of August.

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