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Article: [Chinese New Year 2023] Flowers and Plants That Represent Good Luck


[Chinese New Year 2023] Flowers and Plants That Represent Good Luck

Do you ever realise how we tend to find symbolism in almost everything? Especially during Chinese New Year! 

Oranges (Kam) means gold. Pineapples (Ong Lai) bring in the luck. And for some reason, eggs are supposed to make you more fertile. *snicker*

Besides that, flowers and plants are no different but what if we told you that they have their own language? 

All flowers and plants hold different meanings to them. From ancient Chinese scrolls to the most modern qipaos, these blooms are painted and embroidered everywhere.

Read on to learn more about these lucky flowers and plants as well as their significance to Chinese New Year.

Symbolism of Peonies


Dubbed “The King of Flowers”, we would expect no less from China’s very own national flower. At first glance, it’s hard to miss the broad, glamorous petals of a peony and don’t even get us started on the scent! The first whiff of its strong fragrance makes it all the more enticing.

Peonies are often associated with prosperity, luck and honour, so it’s no wonder they make the perfect lucky flowers for Chinese New Year – especially red peonies! But don’t hold back on getting these luscious blooms in other colours for different occasions; white for feelings of remorse to apologise, hot pink for happiness, and yellow for new beginnings.

Symbolism of Orchids 


When China was debating for its national flower, orchids actually came in a close second to peonies. As they should! They are beautiful and delicate flowers that are oh-so-satisfying. Why? Notice how their petals are geometrically shaped. A quality of an orchid that makes them highly desirable and exotic.

This exotic and elegant flower is also in high demand during Chinese New Year because of its strong significance in Chinese tradition. They are believed to bring good fortune as they symbolise wealth, fertility and abundance. While all orchids can bring about blessings, different coloured orchids can have different intended meanings. Pink orchids for harmonious relationships, white for peace, and purple are said to be the most auspicious making them ideal for Chinese New Year.

Looking for orchids for yourself or as gifts? 
The Mini Phalaenopsis Orchid (Purple) is a beautiful and auspicious addition that’ll charm up any space whilst attracting some of that good Chinese New Year luck!

The Phalaenopsis Orchid (3 Stalks) features 3 stalks of white Phalaenopsis Orchids that’ll bring comfort and peace to wherever it’s placed.

Elise, one of our more majestic-looking arrangements with pink Cymbidium Orchids make a thoughtful piece to wish your favourite couple (or your significant other) a loving and long-lasting relationship.


Symbolism of Anthuriums


Also known as the Flamingo Lily, the red and heart-shaped flowers of anthuriums are long-lasting as they bloom all year long which makes them one of the best gifts to give someone an everlasting impression. Their colourful, bright blooms and deep, shiny leaves are more than just their looks.

According to Feng Shui, anthuriums are lucky flowers that can attract good luck – especially in your relationships *wink*. Since the occasion is Chinese New Year, you can stick to red anthuriums as they symbolise good luck and prosperity. Did we also mention that anthuriums are listed in NASA’s air purifying plants list? They’re one of the best houseplants that purify indoor air! So consider anthuriums because they don’t only attract luck but they clean the air too.

Decorate your home with anthuriums this CNY
Our Opulence Chinese New Year Flowers in Pot is an arrangement with some of the luckiest flowers for Chinese New Year featuring the vibrant and bright red anthuriums as the star of the show!


Symbolism of Pussy Willows


Pussy willows are a Chinese New Year classic that can be seen everywhere during the festive season. Ever wondered what those sticks with little furry cotton-balls were called? It turns out, they weren’t called cotton sticks after all. Well, despite its also strange name, they’re known as silver willow in China. It translates to “银柳” (pronounced as ‘yin liu’) in Mandarin which sounds like “money flowing”.

These long branches which can sometimes even be as tall as a person are supposed to represent growth and prosperity. On the other hand, its furry blossoms are associated with abundance of fortune. It’s considered to be extremely lucky when they sprout new shoots and leaves so keep a close eye on your pussy willow! They are definitely a lucky flower(yes, they’re flowers!) that’s a must-have in your homes this festive season.

Bring in fortune with a pussy willow centrepiece
Our Lucky Chinese New Year Flowers in Pot sits pretty on any desk with bright bursts of pussy willows reaching upwards from the pot and a cute little lucky cat at its centre.


Symbolism of Spidermum (Chrysanthemums)


Another strangely named flower that’s actually very fitting because of how it looks. It belongs to the chrysanthemum family and they’re known for their unique, spider-looking petals. If you’ve ever sniffed a spidermum, you’ll realise that their scent is just as peculiar as their petals. It’s a little spicy with an earthy note.

In Asia, spidermums are considered superstitious flowers that symbolise longevity and luck. In China, wine made out of these flowers is offered on the ninth day of the ninth month as a symbol of peace, health, and old age. They’re also traditionally offered as a gift to bring good luck to homes. 

If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift to wish someone a long and fulfilling life full of luck, spidermums are definitely the one! Though you might want to get them in bright yellow to best signify longevity and darker gold ones for wealth and prosperity.

Spice up your CNY decor with spidermums
Our Blessing Chinese New Year Flowers in Vase is an absolute show-stopper featuring exciting stalks of golden Spidermum Chispa and lavish CNY elements.


Symbolism of Lucky Bamboo


Here’s a surprising fact: Lucky bamboos aren’t actually bamboos… Yep, you’ve been bamboozled. It’s okay, you and us both, but their bright green stalks do have a bamboo-like appearance even if they’re a type of tropical water lily called Dracaena Sanderiana. As the name suggests, lucky bamboos are good luck plants that hold a lot of significance during Chinese New Year as they’re said to bring blessings wherever they’re placed.

There are a few elements that make lucky bamboos even luckier; the metal element of decorative coins, gold ribbons or a metal pot, the fire element of a red ribbon or another red accent, the water used to feed the plant and of course, the wood element of the plant itself. In Feng Shui, lucky bamboos are said to help the movement of positive energy, in turn, generating more abundance and prosperity. Other than your homes, try placing a lucky bamboo plant on your office desk to help attract wealth and improve your energy.

Improve your feng shui with our lucky bamboo 

Get the Lucky Bamboo Chinese New Year Plant to improve the flow of the energy wherever it's placed.


Symbolism of Money Tree


Anyone else used to think that its leaves were made out of money? No, just me? They are considered as a symbol of financial success and because of their significance to wealth and prosperity.

The trunk is actually not one but several different trees braided together and is said to be able to trap fortune within its folds. Five leaves are typically found on each branch, representing the five elements (earth, water, wind, metal, fire) of balance. A stalk with seven leaves is incredibly rare but is said to bring immense luck to the owner.

They are a great addition to your homes and offices not only during Chinese New Year but all year round to rake in as much luck as possible! 

Wish them a year of prosperity with our money tree
The Money Tree Chinese New Year Plant makes the perfect gift to send someone your best wishes to their business or even for yourself to attract good financial luck all year long.


Lucky Flowers & Plants

Flowers and plants can do more than just add a breath of life to spaces. They give hope, enhance romance and in this case, attract luck too.

Since Chinese New Year is quickly approaching, don’t forget this handy list when decorating your spaces or gifting that someone special flowers or plants that’ll bring blessings to them all year long.

Want more lucky flowers and plants to bring in the ONG this CNY? Check out our Chinese New Year collection! 

PS: Busy and won’t be able to keep these flowers and plants in mind till the very last minute? Fret not because that’s what our Same-Day Delivery is for!


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