Flowers that Represent Luck

The number 8 is considered as the luckiest number as far as the Chinese are concerned. It’s pronounced as “Ba,” which is close to “Fa” - which means to make fortune. The 8th of August (8.8) should be doubly lucky as it carries the meanings of prosperity, success, higher social status, and luck, besides fortune.

Now, flowers are undoubtedly a lucky symbol in Chinese culture. These blooms are painted and embroidered everywhere - from ancient Chinese scrolls to the most modern qipaos. The Chinese believe that flowers convey messages of positivity through the means of poetry and literature. Let’s find out which flowers represent luck, shall we? And perhaps you’ll send one to the person who means so much to you.


Peonies were once recognised as China’s national flower during the Ming and Qing dynasty, and Chinese folks still honour these rich blossoms in paintings and designs today. It’s no wonder why Chinese folks love having peonies in their home, as it symbolises luck, prosperity and riches.

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Orchids were once so favoured by Chinese scholars that poetry and literature were centered all around the blooms. In ancient China, orchids were used to help cure illnesses - as prescribed by Chinese medicine practitioners. Confucius in particular, loved orchids, as he often pointed out that the plant was of noble character. He said, “Orchids grow in the woods and they let out their fragrance even if there is no one around to appreciate it.”

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Hydrangeas are also a type of flower that represents good luck and excellent fortune. They especially work wonders for people in the creative area. The flowers represent gratitude, enlightenment and spirituality. They’re often painted on canvases as watercolour to balance the chi flowing in and out of one’s home.

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The Chinese really valued their lilies. There’s even a proverb that states, "When you have only two pennies left in the world, buy a loaf of bread with one, and a lily with the other." Lilies bring peaceful and calming energy into one’s home, and most people like to keep it in their meditation area. Both intoxicating and uplifting, lilies represent hope and good luck.

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Chinese people really value their red roses as it symbolises prosperity and awesome fortunes in store. Roses represent opulence, royalty and elegance. Even though it’s not traditionally a Chinese flower on its own, people have been known to declare their love through roses, perhaps thinking that these flowers will enhance their luck.

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Now that the feng shui of your home has been uplifted with flowers, you know what to do next. Make sure the flowers are well taken care of, with no thorns to snag away the good energy, in order to balance the chi in your home. Good luck, and happy 8th of August!

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