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Article: Flowers That Symbolise Magic and Power

Flowers That Symbolise Magic and Power

Flowers That Symbolise Magic and Power

Magic is said to be a supernatural belief and practice that is neither a religion nor a scientific concept. Instead, it is said to be using or having supernatural powers to make mysterious events happen.

Some concepts of magic are purely for entertainment where optical illusions are used by magicians to trick the mind of the audience. Meanwhile, some magic is believed to be a superpower possessed in items or used in witchcraft to elicit a desired situation.

As we all know, different flowers have their own symbolism and carry a variety of meanings. But did you know that some flowers are believed to have powerful magical qualities too?

Here are some flowers that over the years have captured our imagination and is said to possess power and magic abilities.



Lilacs are pretty flowers that bloom during the late spring and early summer. They also have a distinct fragrance. Depending on the species, the colour and shade of lilacs can vary from a pale white, pink, red, to deep purple.

Although often associated with romantic meanings, lilacs, particularly the white ones, are not appreciated as decorations at home in some parts of the United Kingdom.

This is because white lilacs used to be placed next to a coffin to mask the scent of death. However, this is just one of the folklore tales told.

On the other hand, a five-petaled lilac is believed to bring good fortune and thus is acceptable by many.

People believe that lilac flowers have the magical qualities to banish bad energy due to its light yet strong fragrance. Some said that lilac plants should be planted around the home to keep out those who have malicious intentions, as well as malevolent spirits and ghosts.

The lilac is a hardy flower that can endure through the harsh winter. Therefore, lilacs are believed to carry a significant energy that can help you through the hardships of life. If you are looking for a flower to represent a breakthrough of a difficult time, lilac is one of them.

Besides that, the lilac's magical fragrance has made it a popular ingredient in perfumes or cosmetics products. Lilac is also a powerful ingredient in essential oils that aims to treat skin disorders, fungal and bacterial infections, and even as stomach disorders or fever reducer.

It is also said that in aromatherapy, the lilac fragrance has the power to alleviate depression and increase relaxation. Some other popular magical beliefs are that these flowers can guide you to a better love life, beauty, and harmony.



Lavenders grow in a small shrub that reach up to about three feet tall. They are flowering plants that belong in the mint family. Some colours of the flowers are blue, lilac, and violet. Due to its scent and oil, lavenders are cultivated for their essential oil that is used in cosmetics as well as perfumes.

The name lavender originated from the word “lavare” in Latin which means “to wash”. In ancient Rome, lavender was a popular ingredient used in ritual baths due to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

In aromatherapy, lavender is popular as a relaxing agent. Lavender can help bring calm to the nervous system and ultimately helps to relieve headaches, insomnia, or even depression. Its essential oil is commonly used to help treat skin issues such as insect bites, get rid of acne and more.

Lavender flowers are magical not only because of its healing properties but also its purifying and calming energy. Lavender was found to help increase serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain, which are essentially the ‘happy’ hormones in our body. Thus, providing great help to ease depression and anxiety as it promotes happy feelings as well as compassion.

It is also believed that lavender has the power to release any energy blocks and help you to get rid of unhealthy relationships, situations, or past events. Furthermore, lavender is said to have strong spiritual properties and high vibrations that can help to bridge the pathway in communicating with angels and higher-self.

As lavender is associated with the fourth (heart) and seventh (crown) chakra, using lavender during meditation or prayers can help you to be more open in receiving and feeling spiritual or angel’s guidance. Some even say that if you rub lavender on your clothes, the scent may even attract love towards you.



Roses range in colour from white to yellow, pink to maroon and have a certain aroma. The different colours of rose also carries different meanings. White rose represents innocence and purity, meanwhile yellow roses symbolises friendship. Pink and red roses are often a symbol of romance, love, gratitude, grace, joy, and admiration.

Being the flower of love, roses have been used in magic love spells. It is believed that roses can promote love and stimulate one's sex drive. Furthermore, it is said that roses have the magical property to help in developing psychic knowledge and increase intuition.

Simply, roses have also been used to bring in luck or as a form of protection. Although its magical properties may not be scientifically proven, there is historical evidence that roses were looked highly upon back in the olden days. For example, in Ancient Egypt, roses were viewed as sacred flowers. Roses were found to have been buried in Egyptian tombs as an offering to the goddess Isis.
Roses are also said to have medicinal value. Apparently, they are able to help in strengthening the immune system and reduce symptoms of insomnia, depression, anxiety, and even reduce menstrual cramps.

Rose petals contain Vitamin C, minerals, tannic acid, and antioxidants. Thus, when ingested can help to control blood flow, digestion, bile secretion, prevent diarrhoea, aid asthma, and even help in absorption of iron. When used externally, rose can help in treating wounds caused by fungus, cold sores, or inflammation of the eyelids.

Due to its fragrance, rose water is also used in cosmetic products and perfumes. In skincare, rosewater has anti-inflammatory properties that helps to calm acne and soothe irritation.

Furthermore, the antioxidant properties in rose water helps to hydrate skin as well as prevent aging. The rose hip oil originating from the fruit of roses are also said to be very beneficial. Thus, making it a magical flower.

If you're looking for bouquets with this magnificent bloom, check out the Aphrodite bouquet by BloomThis is perfect as a gift for various occasions!



The baby's-breath flowers, also known as the Gypsophila flower are a bunch of tiny, bright white flowers that are often used in floral arrangements. Even in the olden days, as early as the 1990s, these flowers are in almost every bouquet or vase.

The commonly seen colours of these flowers are white, however, they are sometimes artificially coloured by florists to create a variety of light pink, blue, and even yellow colours.

Generally, baby breath carries the meaning of everlasting true love, innocence, and purity of emotions between two people. Thus, this makes it one of the most favourite flowers to be arranged in wedding bouquets.

The light blue and pink colours are often used to indicate the baby's gender in a party, as the flower represents innocence and the colours as the gender. They are also a symbolic gift for baby showers.

The magic of baby breath lies in its soft yet quiet nature. These flowers may look soft but its strength lies in being able to live through hard soil conditions.

If you believe in fae, baby breath is said to be their favourite flowers and having these in your garden just might invite them to be around. It is also believed that the beauty of baby breath allows it to bring in calmness and serenity to its owner as well as provide some protection.

As baby breath is strongly associated with love, here is a little love charm recipe that is practiced in some witchcraft using baby breath. If you do try it out, do it with care!

4 parts rose petals
1 part orange peel
1/2 part carnation petals
1 pinch baby's breath
Mix, tie up in pink cloth, and wear.

If you're not on the lookout for charms, but gifts, check out some of these bouquets instead!

So we've listed the four magical flowers that we know about. Which one is your favourite? Do you know more flowers that are believed to contain magical properties or should we say, do you believe in magic?

We would love to hear your thoughts, share with us in the comments below!


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