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Article: Autumn: When Leaves Change Colour and Fall Flowers Bloom

Autumn: When Leaves Change Colour and Fall Flowers Bloom

Autumn: When Leaves Change Colour and Fall Flowers Bloom

Autumn or Fall. What’s not to love about the autumn season? Even if we are in a tropical country, it is always nice to travel to other countries that are currently in the season.

It’s the special time of year as the temperature starts to cool down from hot summery nights and the days get shorter. During autumn, it is described as the time with plenty of fruits, nuts and seeds everywhere.

And where there is fruit, there are flowers that bear them as well. With the dazzling array of colours, shapes and sizes, the softness of these flowers that come with Autumn gives a melancholic feel unlike any other.

Autumn is also referred to as the Sea of Change. Where the red, golden-yellow and brown hues envelope certain woodlands and allowing it to blaze in the colours of bright sunlight.

As the days turn short and temperatures turn cooler, it triggers the leaf pigment, chlorophyll, to break down, which allows other yellow and orange pigments to show through, before the leaves are finally lost in preparation for winter.

Accompanying the season are also holidays that are family-centred. It inspires thankfulness and to be surrounded by the people that you love and cherish.
It is the season to reflect on what you and your family have been through during the past year and the memories that you’ve made together while looking forward to a new and exciting year ahead.

Bring out the flannel shirts and sweaters (even if it's like 38 degrees Celsius out) and celebrate pumpkin-flavoured everything this season. There’s so much to love about the colours that autumn has to offer! This is especially found in the flowers that grow in this wonderfully romantic season.



Asters are popular daisy-like flowers that have grown in the wild since ancient times. The flower itself means patience, love of variety, elegance, daintiness and afterthought.

When gifting a bouquet of Asters during Autumn, it’ll remind the receiver of the wonderful colour variation it has. Such as pink, blue, purple, lavender and white. They also have a long vase life and may last up to two weeks!

Like the Asters, the gerberas in Azza has a similar meaning behind them as well. The wonderful variations of colours in this bouquet could liven up the home with its red and brown-toned hues that remind us all about the beauty of Autumn.



These long-lasting blooms come in every colour of the rainbow! This is the quintessential fall flower, and because of their popularity, you can find these flowers in a wide variety of sizes.

They symbolise optimism and joy, much like what could be seen from the family occasions that are held during Autumn.

They are considered as the symbol of the sun by the Japanese. As the petals of the chrysanthemum unfold, they are formed in an orderly manner which represents perfection.

Not only could they be used as cut flowers, but when dried, they could also be made as a refreshing tea during a hot day in Malaysia.

The White Ping Pong gives off a similar feeling to the Chrysanthemums in Anastasia. When visiting someone that you love, this is a lovely bouquet that matches the red and yellow hues that are found in Autumn.

With the yellow and orange gerberas, they simply allow the white ping pong to pop with the accompanying red berries.



The pansy is a beautiful little flower that is well-loved for its charm and versatility. It symbolises loving thoughts, love in idleness, remembrance and is the birth flower of February.

The pansy itself is a rare flower on its own and are available in a wide variety of blue hues alongside many other colours. They usually exist in tri-colour, solids or bi-colours.

Usually they vary in pastel shades of apricot, peach and shell pink which represent a gentle tenderness towards another person.

The dancing lady orchids are the closest we have to the pansy. With their bi-colours as shown in Ai, they bring out a certain harmonious feeling to the bouquet that has a plentiful of big flowers.

They are perfect for sending to your loved ones whom you are unable to see during the upcoming month. The warmth provided by this bouquet will fill their thoughts of you and your thoughtfulness.



The name Dianthus is also known as the carnation. It came from the Greek words of ‘dios’ (gods) and ‘anthos’ (flower). It literally translates to the flower of the Gods. While the common name was derived from the Latin word, ‘incarnation’, meaning the incarnation of God.

While it is the flower of Gods, it is also a divine flower. It symbolises admiration, passion, capriciousness, affection, love and gratitude. They are one of the most popular flowers that are used in weddings as they are beautiful, attractive, long-lasting and inexpensive. They come in different shades of red, pink, purple and white or sometimes a combination of these colours too.

Emily Black is the bouquet that is best suited for surprise occasions when you feel like gifting something to your loved ones.

The purple and red hues from the rose and eustomas, bring out the faint daintiness that could be found in the pink carnations. Surely, whoever you send this bouquet to will enjoy this floral surprise even more!


Spider Lily

They are named spider lilies due to the unique floral shape that they have. Native to East Asia, mainly China and Japan, this flower symbolises death and reincarnation.

The most popular colour is known as the Red Spider Lily, Red Magic Lily, or Hurricane Lily. In Japan, they are known as ‘Higanbana’, which roughly translates to the flower that blooms during the equinox, which is autumn.

It is also referred to as ‘Manjushage’, which means the flower of heaven. It is believed that its bright colours and striking appearance lead souls into the afterlife.

On a less grim note, Brooklyn White has the right kind of red hue that is like the Spider Lily. Unlike the Lily, the Heliconia from the bouquet symbolises pride and youth.

This bouquet gives off the tropical feel with the hues that are available. Perfect to gift when you are invited for a dinner over!



Cosmos come in bright colours such as white, pink, orange, yellow and scarlet. The name is derived from Greek, which means orderly, beautiful, and ornamental.
Combining the fragrance and vibrant colours together, it gives the attributes of peacefulness, wholeness, and modesty. The typical meaning of this flower is also ‘love flower’.

In the past, this flower has been used to represent love and care for someone who is special to you. It has also been used as an ornament for the homes and exudes beauty and the balance of Autumn in every way.

The bouquet, Quinn White, contains a flower much like the cosmos. Typically, the purple caspia brings a balance between the fresh and dried flowers that are available.

The overall look provides a lovely melancholic feeling of being in a field full of wildflowers and bunny tail grasses that are tall. When used to adorn your home, the simplicity brings out a comfortable yet homey feeling.


Oak Leaf Hydrangea

The name comes from the Greek word, ‘hydor’, which means water, while ‘aggeion’ referred to the fruit of the plant which is capsular and cup-like.
During the fall, the leaves turn to a lovely reddish-brown, alongside the flowers dry and persist on the plant itself.

There are a variety of symbolisms to the hydrangeas. Among them are vanity and boastfulness. But there are others that suggest that it expresses the giver’s gratefulness and the recipient’s understanding.

Despite the variation in meanings, it is the 4th most popular wedding anniversary flower that possesses enduring grace and beauty.

What better way to express love and beauty through Madelyn White. Equipped with pastel blue hydrangeas, its softness could be felt by the person who receives it.

If it’s your friend’s birthday, this bouquet is a lovely piece that expresses friendship sentiments that they will surely appreciate!

Aside from all the wonderful flowers that make autumn great, tell us about the other things you think makes autumn a wonderful season to be in! Despite the hot weather, it is always nice to embrace the seasonal feelings one may experience during these times.


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