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Article: Remembering The Best Moments With BloomThis

Remembering The Best Moments With BloomThis

Remembering The Best Moments With BloomThis

Did you know that there is pretty much a dedicated day for every occasion you can think of? Sure, there are the more conventional and well-known ones like Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day, Teachers’ Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, April Fool’s, Valentine’s Day and the usuals right?

Here’s where it gets interesting: there are also the downright wackier affairs like Chocolate Fondue Day, Umbrella Day, Toothache Day, Ferris Wheel Day, Car Insurance Day, Vitamin C Day, No Housework Day and many other events that could not be possibly crammed into our mere 365-calendar-days.

Aside from all the above mentioned and in light of the new trends of our 21st century, we have apparently added another holiday worthy of celebrating into our schedule: National Selfie Day!

Falling on 21st June every year, National Selfie Day should be commemorated by well, taking a selfie of yourself or with anyone if you’re shy, and then posting it on social media, preferably with the #NationalSelfieDay hashtag.

Some may roll their eyes, scoff at the idea that there is even a day where people honour taking pictures of themselves, and brush it off as narcissism but hey, pictures are moments to remember, especially if our loved ones are in the frame.

We will definitely be thankful for these frozen memories when we look back on them in the future and recall the fondness of the moment that can only be captured in that particular point of time.

The best part about selfies is that they come in all shapes, sizes and colours, with a multitude of backdrops, props and poses. Some creative, some goofy, some heartwarming, some serious, we say go all out and do it your way!

But of course, the best selfies are accompanied by pretty flowers and for that we’ve searched high and low for a diverse range of selfies from our receivers just to mark the significance of this day, because special moments are better remembered when you get to share it with people.

From occasions like weddings, birthdays, graduations and all the things good in life, keep scrolling for some happy and positive vibes!


Robyn featuring BloomThis Aphrodite

That’s the best thing about flowers - they will usually be accompanied with the biggest smile.


Marellyn featuring BloomThis Beautiful Life

Famous author Stephen Chbosky once wrote, “we accept the love we think we deserve”, and we personally think that every girl deserves a Beautiful Life special-edition memento.


Baby Sierra featuring a customised floral piece by BloomThis’s very own Mummy too

We are not really sure which is the star of the photo: the precious baby or the beautiful floral arrangement?


Bell featuring BloomThis Darlene

If we received a bouquet of the Darlene as a surprise, we’d be staring at it with such awe and wonder too.


Cassie featuring BloomThis Joyful

Seems like this box of Joyful lived up to its name of spreading utmost joy to its receiver, huh?


Amanda featuring BloomThis Tessa Bouquet

No other way to celebrate turning a year older and wiser than with a larger than life bouquet.


Ammar featuring BloomThis Diana

The colours in this selfie is making all our pastel dreams come true.


ZiXin featuring BloomThis Freye

Graduation Day doesn't happen every day. It is only apt that an achievement like this be celebrated with a bouquet of Freye.


Kenneth featuring BloomThis Grace

Our favourite type of men are those who aren’t afraid to love flowers too.


Dentelle Bridal featuring BloomThis customised bridal bouquet

And of course, no wedding portrait will be complete unless accompanied by a bouquet to complement the beauty of the bride.


Tag us in your BloomThis photos and stand a chance to be featured here and on our Instagram profile!

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