Eternity Black (JB)Eternity Black (JB)
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Eternity Candy (JB)Eternity Candy (JB)
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Eternity Cherry (JB)Eternity Cherry (JB)
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Eternity Latte (JB)Eternity Latte (JB)
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Eternity Lavender (JB)Eternity Lavender (JB)
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Eternity Red (JB)Eternity Red (JB)
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Eternity Sapphire (JB)Eternity Sapphire (JB)
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Eternity Peach (JB)Eternity Peach (JB)
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Eternity Amethyst (JB)Eternity Amethyst (JB)
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Eternity Tangerine (JB)Eternity Tangerine (JB)
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Design & Process

Handcrafted by artisans

Exquisite Ecuadorian Roses

eternity is made from roses grown in the world's best rose farms in Ecuador, South America. Out of every 100 roses, only 1 rose is hand-picked and preserved by master artisans. Through a special method, the bloom's water and sap is replaced with a natural formula.

Beautiful Crystal Centerpiece

Each eternity rose bud is precisely set with a glittering crystal centerpiece. To further preserve its beauty and colour, the rose is sealed in a transparent air-tight acrylic case for an everlasting gift that lasts for two years or more.

Elegant Engraving

When you need to express long-lasting admiration and love, opt to engrave the eternity gift case with the name of your special person. Our diamond engraving process with an elegant script font makes eternity a heartfelt gift to the most special of people.

Thoughtful Gift Set

A gift your loved one will never forget



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Preserved Roses in Johor

Johorians, meet eternity! Wildly popular in KL, this unique gift is made from Ecuadorian roses preserved by master artisans and hand-set with a crystal centerpiece by our floral stylists. eternity everlasting roses come in a beautiful acrylic gift case and last for years for a truly memorable gift.

Send eternity to your special person today! We recommend it for special birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. Get same-day delivery to major areas in Johor Bahru, Johor Jaya, Kulai & Skudai.

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