Eternity LilacEternity Lilac

Eternity Lilac

From RM 149
Eternity MauveEternity Mauve

Eternity Mauve

From RM 209
Eternity MarineEternity Marine
Sold out

Eternity Marine

From RM 209
Eternity HazelEternity Hazel

Eternity Hazel

From RM 199
Eternity ScarletEternity Scarlet

Eternity Scarlet

From RM 199
Eternity BlushEternity Blush

Eternity Blush

From RM 229
Eternity RubyEternity Ruby

Eternity Ruby

From RM 179

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Design & Process

Handcrafted by artisans

Exquisite Ecuadorian Roses

eternity is made from roses grown in the world's best rose farms in Ecuador, South America. Out of every 100 roses, only 1 rose is hand-picked and preserved by master artisans. Through a special method, the bloom's water and sap is replaced with a natural formula.

Beautiful Crystal Centerpiece

Each eternity rose bud is precisely set with a glittering crystal centerpiece. To further preserve its beauty and colour, the rose is sealed in a transparent air-tight acrylic case for an everlasting gift that lasts for two years or more.

Elegant Gift Case

eternity is a unique gifting experience. Every arrangement is hand-packed with love & care in a chic display case with an accompanying outer gift box and sealed with a ribbon. Untie the ribbon, open the box and your eternity pops out like magic.

Thoughtful Gift Set

A gift your loved one will never forget



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Preserved Roses

How do you express eternal love? What's the best way to say "I will always love you?" Inspired by the enchanted rose from Beauty and the Beast, our floral design team created an entirely new floral gifting experience. A single Ecuadorian rose preserved in peak bloom, set with a gorgeous crystal centerpiece, encased in an acrylic case and engraved with the name of your special person. Meet eternity - an everlasting flower personalized for your loved one.

Everlasting Flowers

Eternity comes in multi-colours, a colour to suite every mood or occasion. Get your 'forever rose' in lavender, tiffany blue, candy pink, passion red, cool black or cherry pink. Choose our engraving option to engrave the name of your loved one with our unique diamond etching process.

Forever Rose

Gift eternity for occasions that mean the most - to express long lasting love to your life partner, an important anniversary, a birthday gift for close friends or to mark life's most memorable moments.

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