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Article: We found the perfect diamond for you!

We found the perfect diamond for you!

We found the perfect diamond for you!

Imagine your darling twirling a diamond ring that sparkles unabashedly with each speck of light; holding her bouquet of red roses as she "yes," delightedly to your hand in marriage. A clear vision of a perfect proposal.

Flowers and diamonds are like peas in a pod; you simply can't have one without the other especially during special moments in your life, such as a proposal or a wedding. While flowers create beautiful moments, diamonds create timeless memories; both represent a time you were swept off your feet, quite unexpectedly and pleasantly surprised.

We're pleased to be a partner of SUEN Jewellers for the launch of The Love Diamond. Diamonds and flowers really do go well together, or soon you'll see! They're complementary elements; as a diamond has eternal beauty while flowers' beauty are temporary, yet they both represent significant moments in our lives.

BloomThis was also present at the official launch of The Love Diamond, a gorgeous European garden-themed event featuring bubbly champagne, fresh stems of roses from us as a welcome gift and of course, the ever-so-sparkling Love Diamond.

European garden set-up at the launch of The Love Diamond.

Here, our founder, Penny Choo spoke about the significance of flowers at special moments in your life, and shared about the three most popular wedding flowers. Any guesses as to what flower types these are? They're roses, tulips and peonies, with the most popular being roses because of the meaning they carry in a proposal bouquet - a love that lasts forever.

Penny shares about BloomThis and popular flowers at weddings and proposals.

Meanwhile, The Love Diamond by SUEN Jewellers is all about the perfect, polished and precise diamond. Regardless of the carat, cut, colour or clarity, a diamond cut under the strict standards of The Love Diamond is truly a gem of ultimate beauty and radiance. It's certainly a diamond that'll surely impress your loved one.

Mathematically calculated to perfection, it surpasses even the regular "ideal cut" diamond. Such precision is made possible by state-of-the-art laser measuring technology and master diamond cutters' passion for the perfect diamond. It's a diamond of optimum beauty, which is only revealed when every single facet is precisely crafted and matched; eight perfectly symmetrical hearts and arrows emerge from the perfectly cut gem.

Eight heart and eight arrows in perfect symmetry - what more could you want in a premium diamond? It's sparkling brilliance is one to match your devotion to your darling. Here is a quick glimpse of a signature design by SUEN Jewellers' with The Love Diamond.


Lovingly inspired by two hands forming the shape of the heart. This signifies the binding of two hearts and secured with a sparkling - you know it- The Love Diamond.

You don't need to fret about your proposal ring and your flowers. From now until the end of December, you may receive a bouquet of lush red roses from us when you spend RM 8000 with any purchase of The Love Diamond.


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