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Article: This fragrance by MUGLER will unleash your femininity

This fragrance by MUGLER will unleash your femininity

This fragrance by MUGLER will unleash your femininity

Aura by MUGLER is a fragrance made of sensuality and femininity. Vibrant floral notes are mixed with rhubarb leaf, tiger liana, orange blossom and accented with wolfwood. First launched in 2017, Aura embodies the distinct femininity of a woman who is in touch with her senses and desires. Earthy and vibrant at the same time, Aura is the fragrance for every woman.

This boldly-scented perfume tells a story of a woman who dares to connect with her inner self. She feels like she plays a bigger role in the universe than she thinks - a universe that radiates energy, a world that brings love and self together, a place where she can listen to her instinct and feel her very own aura.

It is not merely a sweet-scented, off-the-counter fragrance. Aura is an art. The art of a woman, empowered and confident, unleashing her femininity as she walks the earth. It has a bold scent, a distinct medley of earthy notes and floral accents - and it's nothing you'd call subtle, like a woman's instinctive intuition.


Aura is the embodiment of the luxury French brand reaching out to every woman. You're a woman who is pure, beautiful and so immensely loved. You can be whoever you want to be, in touch with your inner self, as long as you listen to your instinct. More often than not, your instinct is probably telling you the right thing.

Aura is available at the following Mugler ID counters:

1) Parkson Pavilion
2) Parkson One Utama
3) Parkson KLCC
4) Parkson KL Festival
5) Parkson Imago Kota Kinabalu
6) Parkson Gurney Plaza, Penang
7) Isetan KLCC
8) Isetan One Utama
10) Robinsons Four Seasons

Good news, sweeties! From the 7th of November 2018 onwards, you'll receive a free sample of Aura with every purchase of flowers & gifts on our website. No minimum spend. We just want to spread the love and invite every woman to unleash her femininity with this sensual fragrance.

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