Moments in love with Choo Mei Sze

Her husband (then boyfriend) stood by her and stayed with her in the hospital for eighteen days as she fought her toughest battle yet - cancer. Now a cancer survivor, Choo Mei Sze is Malaysia's Youth Ambassador for the
National Cancer Society. In the spirit of Valentine's Day, we interviewed Mei Sze about her heartwarming personal story of unconditional love as she tells us what she has learned from the relationship. If you're going through a a tough time right now, this interview may inspire you to persevere and let love prevail.

Q: Please introduce yourself.

Hi I’m Mei Sze, I’m the Youth Ambassador for the National Cancer Society of Malaysia, a speaker and a host.


Q: How do you define love?

To me love is giving unconditionally and not expecting anything in return.


Q: Tell us about your relationship.

I’ve been married for 2 years already. Being married is very nice actually. Before this my husband and I we were together for about 6 years if I’m not mistaken, if I counted it correctly. And we lived apart. So when we got married it was nice living together, getting to know more about each other, and also understanding each others’ habits.


Q: What are the challenges that you guys have faced as a couple?

He went through my toughest challenge with me. I’m also a cancer survivor hence why I’m the youth ambassador for the National Cancer Society of Malaysia. So he was with me during that time and he was only my boyfriend yet he stood by me, he stayed in the hospital with me for 18 days, everyday. And he would cry on his own yet he stuck by me and he saw me as beautiful.


Q: What have you learned from being in a relationship?

I guess I’ve learned to be more caring, I’ve truly learned the meaning of unconditional love, and someone who loves me so much, that I feel that I should love myself so much as well.


Q: What is your favourite thing about your husband?

I love that he has a very good heart, and he has filial piety.  


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