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Article: Moments in Love with Giden Lim

Moments in Love with Giden Lim

Moments in Love with Giden Lim

What is it like to work so closely with your partner - especially when you've built a flower delivery e-commerce startup together? Giden Lim, the founder of
BloomThis, Malaysia's most stylish online florist, shares about the lessons he has learned in love. Also, Giden and his wife (and co-founder) Penny Choo just had a baby in September last year, and he tells us about the little moments of love that will warm your heart. If you're thinking about working with your better half (don't we all sometimes?) this is the Valentine's Day interview for you.
Q: What is your moment in love?
Recently, me and Penny (my wife) just had a baby. She's 3 months old now, and seeing her grow so quickly really gives us a lot of joy, and those are little moments a lot of love.
Q: What is love to you?
Love is unconditional.
Q: Tell us about your relationship.
I'm married to my beautiful wife, Penny, who is also my co-founder in BloomThis. We met about 6 years ago. We were colleagues in a pharmaceutical company, in which we worked together. That's where we met and fell in love with each other and somehow decided to do a startup together and we didn't kill each other. That's where we are today.
Q: What have you learned from being in a relationship?
It's really important to give each other time to spend precious moments, husband and wife moments with one another. To really allocate and block aside time to just embrace one another, to really enjoy each other's company, and put other things like work and all that aside. I think that's really important, and that's one of the really important things that we learn in our relationship.

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