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Article: Moments in Love with Penny Choo

Moments in Love with Penny Choo

Moments in Love with Penny Choo

What is love to you? Is it made of romance & flowers? Or is it in the little things you do for each other? Penny Choo is the co-founder of
BloomThis, Malaysia's most stylish online florist. In this interview, bubbly Penny gives us the low-down on what she thinks of love and how it changes with time. Ladies, we're sure you can relate to this, especially if you've been in a relationship for a few years. Flowers, romance and kisses are always timeless gestures of love, but the little things go a long way too.
Q: What is your moment in love?
I think I have too many moments in love and I think my perception of love changes over time. So when I was younger, love for me was like a romantic date night, flowers and kisses. Of course I still love all these things, but I think love now appears to be in the simplest form, for example when my husband helps me with the dishes, and attending to the baby when she’s crying, and also taking care of our family.
Q: How do you define love?
Love is a constant decision that you make everyday.
Q: Can you tell us about your relationship and how you met your husband?
I’ve been married for 3 years and I met my husband in our previous company. We were ex-colleagues before. So I think the first time I met him was in a town hall meeting and I didn’t really had a good impression to this guy cause he’s this loud, noisy fella and it’s really annoying to me. But as time goes and we had more opportunity to work together on projects, we understood each other more, and the attraction started there. And I also think that our partner is a reflection of ourselves, so if we exert love, patience, and understanding, we will get the same reaction from our partner too.
Q: What have you learned from your relationship?
I have learned a lot of patience from Giden, and I really appreciate his understanding, unconditional love, and always being so patient with me.

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