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Article: Moments in Love with Alan Thum

Moments in Love with Alan Thum

Moments in Love with Alan Thum

"There’s no sadness when you’ve never felt happiness." Alan Thum is the co-founder of
Pink n' Proper, Malaysia's most Instagram-worthy swimwear company. In celebration of Valentine's Day, Alan shares some of his philosophies about relationships and tells about the moment he knew his partner was "The One." If you're in a relationship, you'll probably find this interview useful and relatable. After all, there are no shortcuts in a relationship. It's a journey you both go through together every day.
Q: Please introduce yourself to us.
My name is Alan, and I’m the co-founder of Pink n' Proper Malaysia. And I’ve been in a relationship for a little over 10 years now.
Q: What is your moment in love?
My moment in love is when I’m able to share unforgettable and important time together with my significant other.
Q: How do you know that you've found "The One" ?
It was a journey, and the moment when I realized that I really fell in love was when days go by and things doesn’t feel right without her; when days go by and it feels like something is missing during the day without them, and that’s when I realized that that person is the right one.
Q: What have you learned from being in a relationship?
Relationship is something that we have to build upon day after day. So, there are no shortcuts. There’s no sadness when you’ve never felt happiness, and you wouldn’t know what pain is until you have felt what comfort is. And also you won’t know what good times are until you’ve gone through the bad times.
Q: What is your favourite thing about your partner?
If I have to mention just one thing, it would be her staying by my side, and providing me with unconditional love everyday whenever and wherever.

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