Interesting Finds #1

Being ateliers of unique moments, we are always on the lookout for extraordinary gifts and gifting ideas. One fine day, we met up with John for a drink at a café when he walked in wearing this very t-shirt below.

John's very particular t-shirt

Naturally we were intrigued by this t-shirt that was particular and funny at the same time. After congratulating him for being on diaper duty (his wife made him wear it so he would remember he’s supposed to be changing diapers at home), we asked him where his wife got such a cool t-shirt.

Turns out it’s easily available on a website called We decided to give poor John a break and not Google it there and then after all he had escaped diaper duties to have coffee with us. Upon returning home, we did a quick lookup of

From what we explored, printcious specializes in precious gifts from the heart that can be personalized for your recipient. These highly customizable gifts are great for conveying inside jokes or a special memory or even a reminder to our precious ones; just like how P suggested to create a mug with the line “Don’t scold me please” for G. If you don’t like to exercise your creative streak, there are loads of pre-made gifts that are equally interesting too.

Our little experiment to customise a mug on printcious

Interesting finds are meant to be shared so here’s a few quick links for those of you who are interested in getting someone an extraordinary gift. There’s endless possibilities you could play with ;)

Ideas for Birthday Gifts 

Gifts for the Men in your life 

Gifts for the Women in your life 

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