Don't Send The Wrong Signal With Your Flowers!

Being in the industry of flowers, one question we get asked on a daily basis is, "What kind of flowers should I send for *insert occasion*?"

Flowers have been used as a gifts to express love, friendship and many other human emotions since the birth of ancient civilisations. Throughout the years, different civilisations have assigned meanings to the many flowers cultivated. On top of the vast variety of flowers now available, the different shades of colour they come in also bring different meanings! So it's no wonder that many find sending the right flowers a thorny business. 

If you feel like you are bloom-barded by the seemingly endless array of flowers and their meanings, just refer to this simple infographic here! When in doubt of what flowers to send, you can't wrong with these 3 popular flowers!


With this handy guide, you can easily determine which flowers you should send to your special one to make your occasion together even more memorable! If the flowers you intend to send are not in this list, fret not! You can always have a chat with our friendly flower fairies through our website live chat, Facebook message or drop us a line through email -! 

Hann Ong
Hann Ong


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Shahnaz Sheikh Salleh
Shahnaz Sheikh Salleh

June 21, 2017

Hi! I was wondering if someone could help me pick out some flowers that mean “I hope everything ends well, get well soon and I’ll be fine” with the incorporation of Lilies?

I’m also working with a RM150 budget.
Is there anything you could suggest?

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