Your Husband is Missing This Stress Reliever in His Office!

Husband's Day is coming up very soon, it's time to give your loving and hardworking men a morale boost! If you have not heard of this day before, Husband's Day happens on 16th of April every year and it is a day to honour and appreciate the men of your life. 

In celebration of husbands, we have collaborated with Ohsum Mossum Terrariums to bring you two Limited Edition Terrariums. Maybe you would be wondering, what in the world are terrariums and why would they make a good gift for your husbands. Let us take you on a brief tour in the world of Terrariums.

Terrariums are essentially mini gardens enclosed in a glass container. Just imagine having your own little patch of greenery growing on your window sill or work desk minus all the hard work and dirty hands. 


Here's why terrariums would make a terrific gift for your husband!

1. They need very little care 
Unlike a real garden, terrariums are able to water themselves through a process of condensation

2. They last for years!
If taken care of, terrariums are able to last not for days or months but years! 

3. They brighten up your work space
Plants have always been known to cheer up a dull space and terrariums are a great option due to their low maintenance. 

4. They are able to relieve stress
Research shows that people who are exposed to plant-life experience lower stress levels than those who don't!

5. They are cool 
Terrariums are self-sustaining, mini ecosystems living within a glass container. Even the macho-est and coolest dudes would be impressed by them!

So don't get the same old belt, shirt or tie for your man this Husband's Day.
Get him our Limited Edition Terrariums that's cool and practical at the same time! He'll think of you and thank you every time he sees it on his desk :)  

Hann Ong
Hann Ong


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