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Article: What to do with Orange Roses?

What to do with Orange Roses?

Hello again, readers! This week we have the perfect flower for you when you get involved in any of these scenarios as below:


Scenario 1:

Your friend is graduating soon from college or university. And the graduating ceremony will be held in 2-3 months’ time. You’ll be thinking then, “Ok, graduates get flowers. What kind of flower that would perfectly convey, “I’m so proud of you! I’m so glad that you managed to slough through hellish assignments through all terms and finally, you’re ready to make your mark in the corporate world!”


Question: In this context, which flower would convey the message of pride well? Scroll down to find out the answer.

Scenario 2:

Your friend just got married for a few months already. The newly-weds are at the stage where they are still receiving cheeky (and a little too intrusive) comments from well-meaning relatives and friends. Such as, “When are you getting pregnant? When’s my future nephew/niece/grandkid coming?”. Or “Eh, bro/sis, just between the two of us, how’s the ‘bedroom action’ going on between you and you partner?”


Now, coming back to you, you too are tempted to poke some harmless fun at your newly-wed friends. But you want to do something different, something classier. Not join the chorus as others have done. So, you decided that you want to send your own nervy message to the couple in a form of a subtle gift. A tasteful gift that doesn’t suggest anything tacky but the couple will get the message eventually, and laugh it off.


Question: What suitable gift would that be, you think?

Scenario 3:

You are friends with a certain girl for some time. And you felt that she’s your type whom you want to get into a serious romantic relationship with. The tricky part is: how to move from ‘friend-zone’ into ‘lover-zone’ gracefully? Yeah, you thought of asking her outright, and you hope fervently to the Universe that she’ll say “Yes!” But instead of just reciting words to her, you thought that a gift to accompany that proposal moment would add a more romantic touch to it.


Question: How to send the message to your intended love one that says, “I really like you, so much so that I want to be more than ‘just friends’ between us. Would you give us a chance, to take our friendship to the next level?”


Ok, the answer to all the 3 scenario questions is: Orange Roses.

Yes, another type of rose. But it not just any rose.



All colour variations of the roses’ have their floral meanings. The orange rose is a symbol of enthusiasm, gratitude, friendship, desire and passion. The orange rose is what makes the perfect gift to the abovementioned scenarios. Desire? Passion? Well, the orange rose doesn’t convey that strongly as a traditional red rose would, but think of it as a more refined expression of love, a respectful request to make your love grow together with him/her.


Yes, trust the orange roses to deliver your message across the right way, to the right person’s heart =D

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