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Article: Pink Roses, Yellow Eustomas and Statice

Pink Roses, Yellow Eustomas and Statice

This week’s selected choice: Pink Roses, Yellow Eustomas, and Statice!

Individually they put a sweet and soft touch to your environment and are fairly popular amongst florists for their own purposes; wedding bouquets with pink roses, eustoma corsages, fillers or dried flower arrangements. But with a combination of these three, you have yourselves a bouquet/vase of the sweetest colour combo that would melt the hearts of anyone who set their eyes upon them.

    Pink roses are thought of as an imperative element in exclusive rose arrangements and venue decoration by high class florists and floral designers. And now over the years, these blooms have been growing in popular demand that they are now commonly used for special occasions like weddings, celebrations of birth, anniversaries. These charming pink roses that we’ve picked for you are the perfect fairytale bloom and ideal for baby showers or weddings.


Roses have a reputation for being difficult to care, but with these following steps, the pink roses that we have chosen for you will thrive and brighten up your surroundings for sure.

  1. Since we have already taken off the excess foliage and thorns from the stems before sending them to you, you won’t have to worry about that and flower arranging is made easy!
  2. After removing the roses from the water tubes, you may cut the stems again if you wish at a 45 degree angle. (TIP: if your roses are looking droopy by the time they arrive at your home, you can simply recut the stems, place them in hot water for 30 seconds, then cut the stems again before putting your roses in fresh water. Your roses should be standing proud again in no time.)
  3. Arrange them in a clean vase filled with fresh and cool water. You may mix some floral preservatives if you wish.
  4. Remember not to place them near places with currents of cool air, a heat source, or close to fruits.
  5. It is best to add extra water in the first three days as avalanche roses tend to drink up a lot fluid in that period.
  6. Wilted blooms should be discarded and if your flowers go limp, it means they are not drinking well and need to be recut.

Eustomas, also known as Lisianthus, are one of the most exquisite and dainty flowers much loved by home gardeners and botany enthusiasts today.

You can get single or double flowers from the bloom, and much like the wide variety of roses, eustoma comes in an extremely generous colour palette such as purple, white, pink, blue, lavender, cream, mauve, and some may even be lucky and find bi-colours. Here’s how to keep them lively and ethereal for days to come:

  1. Similar to the pink roses, it is best to display them in a location with no direct sunlight and away from drafty areas. A place that is neither too hot nor cold is optimum.
  2. It is absolutely natural to see both larger and smaller buds in Eustomas. The buds that show colour may fully bloom, while the smaller ones may not and that is perfectly normal. These smaller buds will give more accent to the larger blossoms and foliage.
  3. The leaves may wilt before the flowers. Usually the flowers we send you will have a couple foliage, or none at all, but you should remove them when they start to droop or discolour.
  4. As always, remember to take out wilted petals and check on the water level frequently to replenish (this goes for any sort of flowers)!

Last but not least, we have the statice which are grown for both its colourful flowers (ranging from white, lavender, yellow, blue, and rose) and everlasting calyx and it is known to last for months (maybe even years when they are dried). Statice are one of the few flowers that look almost as beautiful dry as they do fresh, which is why they are so popularly used in dried flower arrangements and while they are in full bloom they are widely used by florists as a filler in cut arrangements because of their delicate look yet long lasting in the vase.


In addition to its traditional floral uses, statice also has a reputation for its medicinal benefits where lavender flower oils can be extracted and used as a cure for toothaches and ulcers, while its aromatherapy uses help eases people’s minds and relieve them of their troubles.

Another wonderful fact about this amazing flower is that the petite flowers you see are actually bracts (a modified or specialized leaf), and the real flowers are hidden inside. Oh, the simple little things!

Hope you find these information useful and maybe even interesting, and that you anticipate in getting these lovely blooms at your doorstep this week!


Hi Emily,
Thanks for reaching out to us here. Yes, we do take in customisation orders for corsages. Kindly write in to us at and someone will be in touch with you on that matter. Thank you.


Hi Bloomthis! Do you do corsage and wristcorsage? If yes, where can i have a look on the sample and price?



do you have flower boutquet for bridal? do you have pic?


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