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Article: The Night Bloomer- Tuberose

The Night Bloomer- Tuberose

Hi Bloomsters, our selection for you this week is the night-blooming Tuberose!

Do you know that fresh cut tuberoses are a very fragrant flower with multiple blooms per stem? You'll see that each bloom is innocently white and elegant in trumpet shape. However, do you also know that not all of the blooms will open? Even so, they will release the most delicious fragrance! This white flower will definitely add a lush to your home.

We suggest you to follow the instructions below to help your flowers bloom big and bright over the next few days.

1) Carefully remove tuberoses from the cottons.

2) Fill your favourite vase/ jar with 1/3 water.

3) You may trim the stems again at a slant for about 1/2 an inch. This step can help open up the stem pores which in turn allows your flowers to absorb more water.

4) You may re-trim the stems and change the water on day 3 to when you observe the water is turning colour.

5) Remember to place your tuberoses at a cool place, away from direct sunlight.

At BloomThis, we are here to bring you convenience in flower arranging. We have already stripped the excess foliage off the stems for you so that you can conveniently place your tuberoses in your favourite vase or jar. 

The delightful fragrance of tuberose makes it a common use in the perfume making industry for hundreds of years. If you are a fan of perfumes, chances are you might already been using fragrances that contain tuberose extract. Check out these few products that do have these magical scent :)

We hope you find these care tips for tuberoses helpful and hope you enjoy your bloom this (pun intended) week. Ciao.

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