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Article: The #ZeroWaste way to decorate your home with flowers

The #ZeroWaste way to decorate your home with flowers

The #ZeroWaste way to decorate your home with flowers

In case you didn't know it, you can turn your fresh flowers into dried flower decorations. These dried flower decorations will last for months - not kidding - and it's such a sustainable way to decorate your home. String on some fairylights and you're ready for the holiday season - which is exactly what we did.

Part of our project for The Olive Tree's #ZeroWaste initiative, our flower fairies decorated the booths at their outlets using only preserved flowers and leaves - left over from our daily curation. We certainly didn't want them to go to waste! Our fairies make lots of flower bouquets and arrangements on a daily basis, so we do have a lot of leftover flowers. I'll bet you have leftover flowers too - from the bouquets you've received! After all, what are you to do with them? Check out our decorations at The Olive Tree outlets at Pavilion and One Utama for more sustainable flower decor inspo.

Here are some other ways you can put your flowers and plants to good use after you've received them. Let their beauty last for a much longer time and you'll be doing the environment a favor! These are a few sustainable alternatives for those of you who receive flowers and want to do something creative with them. Give it a try, even if you're not the artsy type. You'd be pretty surprised at what you can achieve!

Brighten up your home with dried flower decor

Give your fresh blooms a whole new life when you create dried flower decor out of their preserved beauty. Simply hang them upside-down to dry and place them in a vase or all around your home for a touch of vintage love. For a sprinkle of Instagram-worthy goodness, you can arrange these dried flowers to create a flower wall, an easy way to decorate your home with zero-waste flowers. You can have a pretty home and a clear conscience too!

Make some potpourri

The lovely thing about potpourri is that they smell simply delightful and look aesthetically-pleasing as well. You can experiment with different types of dried flower petals, essential oils, and spices (if you're feeling adventurous). Dried lavender works especially well as potpourri. You may start by adding preserved flower petals and a few drops of essential oil into a small jar, and seal it closed for a few days to allow the oils to absorb into the flower petals. Then, add the spices, like rosemary and cinnamon - to give the potpourri some "kick." For added visual beauty, include a few crystal rocks or colourful dried flower petals into the jar.

Create a dried flower bouquet

Time to get crafty with your fresh flower bouquet! This would make such a fun activity for your BFFs, and the whole family. You never know what you can create when you preserve your fresh flowers. Bunch your dried flowers together with some floral wire or twine to create a vintage flower bouquet. Meanwhile, we've got a comprehensive guide on how to create your very own dried flower bouquet in just 9 easy steps.

Freshly pressed dried flowers

Pressed dried flowers make such lovely keepsakes in journals and books. Pick out a small filler stalk and press it firmly in between the pages of a book. Leave it to dry for a few days and voila! Your new pressed flower bookmark is ready to be placed near your books or gifted to your loved one. Of course, you can always create more than one pressed flower keepsake. In fact, make it your goal to try to press all types of flowers to create a beautiful flower journal.


DIY scented candle

Picture yourself meditating in your home, surrounded by the flickering light and lovely aroma of scented candles. Isn't it such a picture of zen? Wouldn't you like to make your own scented candles with the magic of dried flowers? Here's how you can. Gather some candle wax, candle wick, dried flowers, glass container or ceramic tea cups and optional essential oils (you can find most of these at craft shops near you).

Melt candlewax in a saucepan over low heat. Place some dried flower petals at the sides of the glass container and add the melted wax gradually, as you add more flower petals to the mixture. Use a spatula to mix the flowers and the wax evenly. Wait for the candle wax to cool a bit before adding a few drops of essential oils and stir. Place the wick at the center of the mixture and make sure that it doesn't fall into the candle.

Your work is almost done! All you have to do is wait for the candle mixture to solidify. This can take up to 24 hours so there really is no need to rush. Your DIY scented candle can be a lovely gift to your loved one or simply a home decor item you can use to infuse sweet floral scents into your room.

What kind of dried flower decor would you like to do? Let us know and remember to tag us in the photos of your crafts! Meanwhile, you may shop for readymade dried flower decor here >>

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