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Article: The Christmas Workshop 2017 (How to make your own Christmas wreath)

The Christmas Workshop 2017 (How to make your own Christmas wreath)

The Christmas Workshop 2017 (How to make your own Christmas wreath)


Merry Christmas darlings! I hope the year end is everything you expected it to be. I sure have, thanks to thoughtful presents, Christmas roasts and the most enjoyable conversations I've had in a while. How was your Christmas moment?

To usher in the festive season, we held our first Christmas Workshop in the absolutely charming White Sands Cafe in Empire Damansara. We invited 30 of you BFFs (including two very lucky #12daysofchristmas contest winners) for an afternoon of wreath-making, light tea and a ton of selfies.

Here's some tips, from our Lead Floral Designer, Gladys Chong for making an awesome wreath.


How to Make Your Own Christmas Wreath


What you need:

  • Tools: 1x donut florist's foam, 1x scissors, pail of water
  • Flowers: 5-7 stalks of either roses, carnations, gerberas or white matthiolas (choose maximum 2 types)
  • Fillers: 2 stalks of pine leaves, 2 stalks of fish leaves, 3 pieces of pine cones, 1 stalk of cotton flowers, 2-3 stalks of hypericum berries and/or 2-3 stalks of scabiosa

How to make:


Lay out your tools, flowers and fillers neatly.



Soak sponge in water for 10 mins (until it becomes dark green). Drain excess water from sponge and place them on the table.



Prepare your flowers by cutting thorns and cutting off the stems at 5 cm from the flower base with a 45 degree slant.



Pick and prepare your fillers by cutting them into 5 - 7 cm sizes.



Prick the fillers into the donut foam in an anti-clockwise fashion, slowly filling the foam top and sides.



Prick the flowers in between the fillers in your own creative arrangement.



Adjust and tweak the flowers and fillers for the perfect eye candy, making sure that the plants cover all sides of the foam (the foam should not be visible from any angle or it destroys the magic).



Hang the wreath on a doornail to welcome Christmas. Alternatively, display the wreath on tables or countertops with a candle in the middle of the donut hole for a festive ambience.


Christmas Wreath Inspiration

For first timers, they could've passed as florists (or pro wreath-ers) with their out-of-the-box creativity. Here's a peek at what they made.







See you in the next Christmas workshop and happy holidays!

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