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Article: 5 Ways to Reuse Love Letter Boxes

5 Ways to Reuse Love Letter Boxes

5 Ways to Reuse Love Letter Boxes


BloomThis’ latest launch, Love Letter Boxes are a fantastic new way to send blooms to your loved ones. In a move to welcome the spring season, the collection features roses, eustomas and rare blooms such as cotton flowers, wheat stalks, and bunny tail. If you haven’t already seen them, check out Bria and Kendra! As part of our move to reduce waste, we’ve come out with a few ideas for you to reuse your Love Letter boxes below. It can be a weekend DIY project or a fun activity to do with children.


Clutch or Handbag

A perfect activity to do with children is to transform the Love Letter box into a little clutch or handbag. It can be decorated with all their favourite stickers and filled with toys they would like to carry around with them. The handbag handle can be made out of ribbons or like in the photo below, you can purchase the handle from Daiso or other craft stores.



Desk Pot

Transform the Love Letter box into a desk pot by putting in a small decorative plant into the box with some soil. Alternatively, you can also consider cutting off the top and planting some terrariums. Decorate it with a little sign and some rope and you’re done! You can find the sign and rope at Daiso stores. 



Stationery Holder

The Love Letter box can also be used as a stationary holder and is a great way to organize your desk. Stick a ribbon along the flap to hold pens and scissors upright. This is a great activity to do with children, be it your own or you nieces or nephews. Alternatively, stick a velcro square on the flap and use it just as a chic box for your stationeries. 



Cosmetic Sample Box

Here’s a perfect box to put all your skincare and cosmetic samples in one place. You no longer need to rummage your cabinets for samples you received by putting them all in the box. Decorate the box with lace and ribbons to your liking. Placing a velcro square on the flap will help keep the box closed. Some UHU glue will come in handy to put everything in place. You can easily find all the materials at Yee Button Co. in SS2.


Tissue Box

Another way to reuse Love Letter boxes is by using them as tissue paper boxes. You can purchase tissue paper without boxes from the grocery store and place them in Love Letter boxes for easy access. The gold box is elegant and you can add a bow for a finishing touch. 

We hope you enjoyed some of the fun ideas BloomThis' Love Letter boxes can be reused. If you’re interested in checking out the Love Letter collection by BloomThis, click the button below.



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