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Article: Choosing The Perfect Bouquet for a “Yes, I Do”

Choosing The Perfect Bouquet for a “Yes, I Do”

Choosing The Perfect Bouquet for a “Yes, I Do”

So, you've decided to put a ring on your sweetheart. Congratulations! That’s a courageous move. Now, what?

A marriage proposal is one of the most important events in a person’s life. When you ask for your partner’s hand in marriage, you're showing not only how much you love them. You're also saying that you're willing to share your life, hopes and dreams with them.

Getting down on one knee and popping the question may be the highlight of the moment, but having the right proposal bouquet also plays a key role in making it an event to remember.

An amazing proposal bouquet strengthens the sincerity of your proposal and adds a nice amount of romance to help you win her heart. It'll also make a great story to tell your kids someday!

Now, everyone knows that there are so many gorgeous flowers to choose from. And each flower comes in so many different beautiful colours.

Choosing the perfect bouquet can cause a little headache. However, some knowledge in floriography can always help!

Floriography is the meanings and emotions in flower arrangements, colours, and even numbers. In other words, it is the language of flowers.

Knowing the meaning behind your bouquet of flowers can help you to narrow down and choose the perfect proposal bouquet or flowers that are fitting for your dear one and the occasion.

Here, we help you to ease that headache in choosing the perfect proposal bouquet based on your relationship so you can have a smooth “Yes, I do.”


1. Roses for the Romantic Couple

Ah, the classic of all flowers, roses. Not only do they symbolise love and passion, they were also often associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love. If you can’t decide on what colour of rose to gift, here’s a list of rose colour meanings for you:
Red roses - symbolises true love, passion, romance, and desire. In a proposal or a wedding bouquet, these flowers represent true respect and appreciation as well as bliss in the marriage. Deep red roses not only show how deep your love is for that person, but it could also symbolise your readiness for a commitment.

Pink roses - symbolises true love, femininity, elegance, grace, and gratitude. Even the shades of pink roses have different meanings. A dark pink rose can be a great way to convey “thank you”. Meanwhile, a lighter shade of pink represents grace, gentleness, joy, and happiness.

White roses - often associated with purity, innocence, and youthfulness. In proposal bouquets, these flowers can mean young love or eternal loyalty. White roses are usually used to symbolise a new beginning or an everlasting love.

Champagne roses - these unique coloured roses are often used to represent tenderness and loveliness. Just like its looks, champagne roses symbolise everlasting beauty.

If you are looking for that perfect bouquet of roses, take a look at these bouquets from BloomThis.



Made up of 100 roses to represent “everlasting love till we grow old”. This bouquet has baby pink roses arranged in a heart shape and champagne roses surrounding the heart. To make it look more elegant and stunning, you can opt to have diamonds on your flowers as well.




As its name implies, these classic bouquets of red and white roses are lovely and signifies unity and forever love. As marriage is a union of two people, this bouquet is definitely the one to convey the question “Will you marry me?”.



This stunning bouquet is made up of pink hydrangeas, red roses, avalanche pink roses, baby's breath and foliage. The pretty shades of red and pink are bound to make any girl feel like a princess. Pink hydrangeas convey strong heartfelt emotions. Paired with pink roses for gratitude and red roses for love, this bouquet can be a great way to say “Thank you for all your love”.


2. Lilies for the Chic and Bold Couple

Lilies are known for being flowers for the rich and a symbol of honour. It also represents passion, chastity, virtue, purity, and devotion. Although rarely used as a proposal flower, lilies are often used as a gift for anniversaries to signify strong bonds with your partner. Plus, lilies also offer a sweet scent to the bouquet!
However, do avoid white lilies as they have been associated with funerals. Nevertheless, these flowers come in many different colours, Having a bold coloured lily in your proposal bouquet can make it really stand out!

Who set the rules that proposal flowers must only be made up of roses? If you want to be out of the box and gift a unique bouquet for the one-of-a-kind person that you love, you can always look for bouquets with bold colours and flowers.
Serenade by BloomThis is a great example of bold bouquet with lilies. The lovely arrangement of pretty avalanche roses, dainty white eustomas, vivid robina lilies and pink waxflowers are perfect for the chic and bold couples out there who want something different yet elegant.




3. Unconventional Flowers for The Adventurous Couple

If you claim that your relationship is adventurous, with a lot of travelling, consider going for bouquets with green and blue hues to remind you of the outdoors.
The Aurora bouquet is one elegant bouquet with touches of bold colours and various flowers that makes it stand out from the usual red roses.

This bouquet is an arrangement of blue hydrangea, champagne roses, lilac matthiola, pink rose spray, white eustomas, along with eucalyptus leaves. The blue and green hues are a subtle reference to your romantic outdoor escapes, reminding your loved one of all the adventurous trips you have had.

Usually, we see bouquets of daisies, tulips, roses or even sunflowers. But, blue hydrangea flowers and matthiola flowers are rarely seen arranged in a bouquet, especially proposal bouquets. However, these flowers actually carry a significant meaning in proposal bouquets.



Hydrangea flower

The hydrangea flower symbolises heartfelt emotions and perseverance. In Japan, these flowers are tied with the feelings of gratitude or an apology.

It is believed that in the olden days, an emperor would gift hydrangea flowers to the maiden he loved as an apology for neglecting her while he was busy.
However, in modern Western cultures, these beautiful flowers are used in proposal or wedding bouquets to express graceful and abundant emotions involved in such occasions.

Matthiola flowers

Commonly known as gillyflowers or stock flowers, the matthiola is a special flower that is growing in use in bouquets. This special flower is sure to make your bouquet stand out. Matthiola flowers carry the meaning of everlasting beauty and a joyous life. These flowers have a little scent of spicy cinnamon and clove that keeps you coming back for more. They are a perfect symbol of enjoying life and savouring the happy moments.

These flowers can be used in many occasions, but for weddings and anniversaries, these flowers are used as a way to tell your partner that they're the most beautiful person in the world.


4. Peonies for the Sweet Artistic Couple

Living up to its sweet name, peonies are not only known for its stunning beauty but also offers the meaning of wealth, honour, romance, and love in a bouquet.
Peonies are recognised as a symbol of good fortune and blissful marriage. In a proposal bouquet, this flower symbolises a happy life, happy marriage, good health and prosperity.

If you are an artsy, free spirited couple, that often dabbles in arts and crafts and unusual hangouts dates, this Celandine bouquet may be the perfect one for you.

Along the lines of creativity, the bright colours and exotic blossoms of the pink peonies, orange roses, champagne roses, euphorbia and eucalyptus leaves are sure to inspire the artist in you or your partner.

Perhaps after the proposal, the both of you can whip out your paintbrushes and canvas to sketch or paint this proposal bouquet!




5. Couple Gifts for the Matchy Couple

Do you and your partner enjoy having matching phone covers, couple t-shirts or even wearing couple rings?

Other than proposal bouquets, you can also propose with miniature gifts that feature a single rose.

We know that different colours of flowers carry different meanings, but did you know that the number of flowers can also carry a special meaning?

In this case, a single flower symbolises “you are the one” or “love at first sight”.
If you are looking for a really memorable gift for your proposal, try looking into these cute miniature gifts below:



This miniature gift showcases two tiny figurines with a stunning pink rose to signify love and gratitude. To make it an even more personalised gift, you can even have your names engraved with diamond etching!



This box has a miniature bride and groom standing in front of an Ecuadorian peach rose. Peach-coloured roses are becoming very popular these days. The peach colour is also associated with modesty, innocence, and purity. In wedding or proposal gifts, peach roses convey the meaning of deep gratitude and love.



This miniature gift box is great as a gift for newlyweds. But, no one can stop you if you are looking to give this cute gift as part of your proposal! Made with a gold tinted red rose to signify deep passionate love, this gift also has a crystal centrepiece that makes it stand out! It is surely a gift to wow your partner.

These miniature gifts are great for you if you are looking for something rare and different. The miniature couples are also a cute way to envision and symbolise the both of you stepping into your future wedding. In fact, this may be a great alternative to a proposal bouquet if you know that your partner does not fancy bouquets of flowers.


Bonus Tip!

Whichever proposal flowers or bouquet choice you make, the best bet is to get something your partner loves.

If you have bought flowers for your partner in the past, it is safest to get a similar choice of flowers.

However, if you are feeling lost and still cannot narrow it down, one way to find out is by asking what her favourite flowers are.

Do remember that choosing a proposal bouquet is a way to show that you are willing to put in the effort. It also shows how much you understand your partner.
Now that you know a little more about the flowers, we wish you all the best in choosing the perfect proposal flowers that fit your relationship.

If you have your own story about proposal bouquets or simply want to share your favourite flowers, feel free to talk about in in the comments!

If you are a floriography enthusiast and feel that we have missed out on any other flowers that are great for proposals, go ahead and share your thoughts!

Photos are definitely welcome in the comments. We would love to hear your stories!


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