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Article: Ways to Decorate Your House With Fresh Flowers This Raya

Ways to Decorate Your House With Fresh Flowers This Raya

Ways to Decorate Your House With Fresh Flowers This Raya

Festivals are always a great time for family gatherings, celebrations, and always a reason to spend a little more effort on home decor to reflect your personality & style. Just imagine an abundance of flowers for Aidilfitri incorporated in each corner of the house as you welcome family and friends to your humble home.

Need a little convincing? Here’s why.


Research indicates that flowers are mood lifters

Not only do flowers improve your mood, there has been studies done evaluating the therapeutic influences on surgical patients, saying that those exposed to flowers have lower blood pressure and heart rate. They have lower ratings of pain, anxiety, and fatigue, as well as more positive feelings and higher satisfaction about their rooms.

So there you have it, flower bouquets can help you feel less stressed! If you really think about it, it’s an improvement to your health.

Pss.. I am scrolling through the list of flowers to get as we speak. I’ll take 3 please.


Some plants are natural air filters

We can never breathe in too much oxygen can we? I know what you’re thinking.

“Yes, I can just go outside and breathe in the air.” Here’s the catch.

How much of the air you breathe in is quality air? So if you don’t already know, there are multiple plants that purify the air, releasing more oxygen and absorbing the carbon dioxide we exhale.

Take orchids for example, one of the most hardy plants. They get rid of xylene - a chemical found in many glues and paints - in the air and produce oxygen in the night.

They make absolutely gorgeous housewarming gifts and honestly, nothing says “I care” like a plant to produce quality breathing air for you and your loved ones.

Tip: Place the orchid in the bedroom for a better night’s rest.


Getting started on being your own decorator:

Of course there are the usual floral compositions, but there’s so much more the internet has to offer in terms of ideas when it comes to decorating your household. With some inspiration, it’s time to let your creative side shine this Raya!


Old Bottles/Jars/ Watering Can/Light Bulb?

REUSE them. Don’t discard them. Don’t be shy to ask the waiter for that bottle you just drank from. If you have the budget, get a bottle from IKEA. If you don't, you could even reuse perfume bottles.

I personally think glass bottles give off a better aesthetic, but you can use any bottle you have on hand. Pick bottles with interesting shapes and colours (paint on them if you want, really dig deep into your artistic process).

Line the bottle along the porch or your bathroom, placing a few stalks of roses or button pom poms and let the light shine through the glasses creating that Insta-worthy filter.


Floral Door Display

Give guest a warm welcome the minute they see your front door. Most of the time, flowers are decorated in wreaths but you can opt for a basket or even in a bouquet shaped wiring to hold your flowers in place. Or something that has been in trend, a floral monogram letter! (You can do all 26 letters!)


Citrus Lined Vase

Who says it has to be an ordinary table centrepiece? Line your vase with any kind of citrus slices for that added freshness of scent. Optional: Set it on the table surrounded by all the buka puasa gifts. It’s like a lovely surprise surrounded by other surprises.


Outdoor Floral Candle Hanging

Having an outdoor party this Hari Raya? Light up your outdoor activities with a view that is both practical yet aesthetically pleasing. Hang candle holders from tree branches whilst going the extra mile with a little flower action wrapped above the lantern top.

A little goes a long way in enhancing the ambience for a peaceful and romantic setting. And because we care, do remember to be extra careful with fire and make sure to keep it out of the reach of children.


For those who have other million things to prepare and no time for this but want your house to look presentable at the same time…

We see these at spas for a reason. They can be super calming and somewhat therapeutic if you stare into them after some time. They also make a beautiful choice for a party to table decoration. All you need is a close to shallow bowl/fish bowl/bucket (or anything that will hold water really), water and flowers. There are multiple ways to style your floating flowers, but it is best to choose open blossoms such as roses, peonies or gerbera.

These really are only a fraction of the many other ways you can beautify your house. It only takes a little effort to make your house all the more homey and welcoming with some Aidilfitri flowers. Take the time and I guarantee it’ll only end up with you smiling.

Alternatively, you may opt for these beautiful arrangements by BloomThis that is decor-ready just for this festive season.

Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf Zahir & Batin.

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