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Article: 5 A-Grade Bouquets For That A-Star Graduate

5 A-Grade Bouquets For That A-Star Graduate

5 A-Grade Bouquets For That A-Star Graduate

They say college is the best years of your life - it’s the time you make some of the most amazing memories with new found friends who will last a lifetime, you get to be a student but at the same have the freedom of dressing and choosing what you want to study, and you get to learn stuff that will aid you tremendously in your future career.

While the above may sound dreamlike, they definitely don’t come without its own accompanied challenges, as with all aspects of life - it’s just part and parcel, they say. Behind those fun times with friends, there are also the countless hours spent burning the midnight oil to submit your assignments and studying for your exams.

There’s the stress of dealing with group mates who don’t carry their weight in group projects, and the worry of increasing living expenses and expensive school fees, especially if you’re studying abroad or out of your hometown.

All these are enough to illustrate that tertiary education is a privilege to many, but a tough road to trudge nonetheless. This is why graduations are momentous occasions that should be celebrated with lots of pride and sense of accomplishment, because these youngsters definitely deserve the spotlight after all that hustlin’ and grindin’.

Bouquets of flowers are aplenty during graduation ceremonies that it’s easy for yours to get drowned out by the hundreds surrounding you or your recipient. Want to make sure that the graduation flowers you are sending gets the top spot in class? Read on for our suggestions of bouquets that will guarantee your recipient an A+ grade ;)



Larger than life, the Anastasia is that popular kid who attracts all the attention and who everybody wants to be friends with. Combining a mix of gerberas, baby's breath and ping pongs, this bouquet can definitely convey the merriest congratulations of all.

To start off, gerberas are known to lift the spirits of the recipient and brighten up their day. With both the exuberant colours of orange and yellow, you can be sure that these beauties are bound to stand out above the rest.

You might be raising your eyebrows and questioning the use of baby breaths for a graduation bouquet as these delicate plants represent everlasting love, innocence and purity. Fret not though, as the type of love includes not just romantic bonds, but extends to family and platonic relationships as well. So you can tell your recipient that you love and are proud of them at the same time, so much win!

Not forgetting the ping pongs, they can convey the message of joy and optimism, a fitting message of hope for a graduate’s first step into the working world. Putting all these together, don’t you think the Anastasia is a symbol of all the joyous occasions in your life?



Is your recipient more of a girly-girl? If that’s the case, the Magdalene might just be the perfect bouquet for her. Sweet looking and aesthetically pleasing with flowers in the prettiest shades of pink and purple, this bouquet has a combination of gerberas, orange roses, sweet williams and alstroemerias.

We can’t think of a graduation flower that’s more appropriate than orange roses as these plants literally express “I am proud of you.” Also a bridge between friendship, you can perhaps gift this bouquet to your closest friends.

Meanwhile, sweet williams signify “getting lost in a world of wonder and enhancement”, a cute way to describe graduating college as the pathway of discovering the world out there, no?

Lastly, the popular alstroemeria represent a wide range of symbols and meanings, but to cater to the graduation occasion, this flower can impart the message of wishing the recipient wealth, prosperity and fortune, and providing a figurative support of overcoming life’s challenges and achieving goals together.



Do you have a graduating friend or family member who has an edgier personality than most? You might want to check out the Cheyenne bouquet for them! Comprising of sunflowers, yellow lilies and caspia in this bold blend, you can be certain that this bouquet will ring true to their style.

Much like its namesake, sunflowers unpredictably symbolise joy and are known for being “happy” flowers, an ideal plant for such a cheery occasion. To add onto the happy factor, yellow lilies are also an expression of happiness and remembrance, while caspia flowers exude the wish of success. Perfect gifts for someone you want to see succeeding in life and moving forward.

Don’t you think the Cheyenne bouquet is just one big giant ball of sunshine and well wishes? Just what your graduate needs to hear!



Also another girly arrangement but with more modern millennial pink tones, the Annabeth is bound to captivate any young girl’s heart. This beauty comprises of pink lilies, lucy pink orchids, pink alstroemerias and purple caspias.

If you’d like to wish the graduate with lots of wealth, the pink lilies will do the job for you, as it denotes a sign of prosperity and abundance, while the pink alstroemerias are like a friendly bear hug as they radiate warmth and affection towards a friend.

With pink orchids representing femininity and grace, and the purple caspias symbolising beauty and extravagance, we’d believe this bouquet is best gifted to that Queen Bee friend of yours.


Brooklyn White

Is your graduate the artsy-fartsy type with a unique and unconventional style who loves to go against the norm? The Brooklyn White might just be their type! With an artistic and unusual mix of pink anthurium, red ginger, heliconia and white dendrobium, this one’s for the rebels, misfits and anarchists.

With their open, heart-shaped flowers and tropical disposition, the anthurium is believed to symbolise hospitality. Overall a warm flower with lots of good vibes, it also inspires happiness and abundance. Here’s to wishing your graduate an abundance of job opportunities, perhaps?

In everything that one works for, passion should always be the fuel. This is where the red ginger comes in with its embodiment of fiery passion and strength. And when all is said and done, the message of limitless prosperity also comes with this plant. Pretty awesome flower, we’d say.

Adding on to the wow factor of this bouquet, heliconias, which resemble the bird of paradise and dendrobiums are said to symbolise youth, beauty and refinement.

Before graduation season comes around and all these gorgeous bouquets get snapped up, make sure you start shortlisting your favourites and make a decision quickly!

Not in the country but would still like to show some love and support to a graduating friend or family? Don’t you worry, cause BloomThis does same-day deliveries for orders made before 3pm within Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Johor Bahru.

Don’t forget to tag us in your pictures on Instragram @bloomthis so that we can bask in the happy moments with you. Happy graduation, young padawan!


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