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Article: Give the proud nerd in your life a gift they'll geek out over!

Give the proud nerd in your life a gift they'll geek out over!

Give the proud nerd in your life a gift they'll geek out over!

Sometimes, getting the perfect gift can be a challenge since you won’t know where to begin. Finding a special gift for them would mean researching the comics, movies, and games that they enjoy.

If you're not a geek yourself, it can be difficult to dive into these topics that have multiple universes and histories. There's also such a wide range of different geek communities and you'll also have to make sure you get it right.

For example, your brother may be a Marvel Comics fan, your friend may be more into vintage games like Space Invaders. As a non-geek, you may not even know the nuances of the different geek communities.

Here's a tip for you, an easy way to figure out the perfect gift: Check if the geek in your life has a collection. Find out what's missing from their current collection and if you can help them add to that collection, you're that much closer to becoming their favourite person.

Also, try to have fun. After all, shopping for the geek in your life should be an exciting experience — not a stressful one.

Whether you’re looking for gift ideas for yourself or you’re shopping for that special geek in your life, you’ll definitely find something awesome in our list below.

Ranging from the most classic of gifts, such as the Tamagotchi, up to Marvel merchandise, there will surely be a gift for everyone and anyone to geek out about


Star Wars

With Star Wars, there is a multitude of merchandise that can be found. Looking for a USB stick or toothbrush? There's probably a Star Wars version of it.

The most popular may be their LED lightsabers that give the holder the feeling of being a Jedi like in the movies. Other alternatives also include POP! Vinyl figurines of any of the characters that have appeared in the cinema.

These collectibles can be obtained from any special interest store near you. In fact, they also have limited edition figurines from the movie itself.

As they say, “May the force be with you” - in finding a gift for that geek in your life.



The marvel cinematic universe has emerged as one of the highest-grossing film franchises of all time. It overtook 2009’s Avatar and like Star Wars, just about anything has been made into Marvel merchandise.

The Lego edition of the Avengers includes the Iron Man Hall of Armor which consists of 5 different mini-figures of Iron Man, as well as Tony Stark’s face and hair elements that could be attached to the chosen Iron Man suit.

The good news is, Lego is versatile enough to be bought as gifts for people across all ages. Ranging from gameplay for kids to collective display pieces, this merchandise may be a suitable present, especially if your geek has a Lego collection.

Don’t forget to write down a note to go with your gift! Maybe a little, ‘I love you 3000’ will give it a nice touch of reference to the movies!



Inspired by sunsets in the English country, Myrtle is bursting with autumn colours that warm the heart.

An arrangement of dried roses and preserved flowers, Myrtle makes a great gift for those who are geeks over stories like the Little House series or Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Or perhaps they're house decor fiends or interior design enthusiasts.

This curation includes dried stems such as Craspedia, Tinted Orange Gomphrena, Tinted Orange Hill Flower, Rose, White Caspia & Tinted Yellow Caspia. The colours will simply give an aesthetic feeling to any of the surrounding areas.

Did I mention you could also add on other accessories to go? Now you can include maybe a pair of earrings for that girl geek of yours too!



Another classic, Nintendo has grown up with many people over the years. Their current release, Nintendo Switch, allows single- and multiplayer thrills at home, to playing the same title wherever and whenever they want.

Attach the Joy-Con controllers to the bright, hi-def display and you get a personal handheld portable gaming device. You can also detach the controllers and give one to a friend for some multiplayer action.

Like its name suggests, you can switch from personal portable device to a multiplayer home gaming system. It even has games that non-geeks could probably enjoy.

Now you and your loved one can simply play games together anytime and anywhere the both of you choose!


Esther White

If your geek is into flowers, Esther White has got you covered. Want something that gives the look and feel of you’re the best? This curation will say it all.

It suits birthdays, friendships, graduation and love. The best part? It's flexible enough to be given for any occasion.

Now you don’t have to worry so much on which bouquet will be suitable for them. This curation includes the Robina Lily, Baby Pink Rose, Pink Eustoma, Tanacetum, Baby’s Breath and Thalspi.



How about a bouquet that will remind the person of sunsets and melancholic memories? Combine the bouquet with a nice tea session at a gorgeous cafe, and you’ve got yourself the perfect mood setting for a reflective session on how much your friendship has bloomed over the years or maybe months!

There’s something about dried flowers that makes you reminisce about the times in the past. Both happy and sad memories will serve as a reminder that life moves on.

Stems that are included are such as dried Craspedia, tinted orange dried Gomphrena, tinted orange dried Hill Flower, dried Rose, dried White Caspia and tinted yellow dried Caspia.


Harry Potter

The Harry Potter series is magical in every sense of the word. For almost 20 years (can you believe it's been that long?), these characters at Hogwarts have grown from scruffy children to young adults with the power to save the world.
We've learned so much from them and although the series has ended, this story has a place in most hearts.

Perhaps a Harry Potter Wand Stick would make you or your loved ones marvel at how much the series has played a roles in your growing up years.

Maybe get it for that friend you haven't seen in years. After all as Luna Lovegood says, “Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect.”



Maybe a little something for the geek who’s the biggest fan of Disney Princess films? Like Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, this curation will make the receiver feel like the time when Aurora first met the Prince in the film!

The flowers included in this bouquet will surely pass the message to your loved ones that love is patient and kind.

It includes blue Hydrangea, lilac Matthiola, champagne Rose, white Eustoma, light pink Rose Spray & Eucalyptus leaves.

The lingering smell of eucalyptus alone will remind the receiver of the exquisite beauty of these flowers and if they’re well taken care of they may last for weeks.


The Sims

Raise your hands if you have any geek in your life who is obsessed with The Sims.

Do they repeatedly try all the different ways to kill their Sims? Do they create new characters but never seem to play with them? Are they an architectural genius in the game?

If all these apply to any one of them, they really are a big Sims fan. The latest version of the game - The Sims 4 - gives others the power to create and control people.

You can also experience the creativity, escape, and the freedom to play with life in the game. Everyone is also able to travel between locations, discover amazing and distinctive neighbourhoods, and encounter captivating venues.

Your Sims can visit new communities to expand their social circle, hang out with friends, or throw unforgettable parties.

Character design itself can take hours, but after your geeks are done, they’ll be the most pleased people ever.



Like the fruit, this orange-hued bouquet reminds us of peak sunrise and cold mornings with loved ones. This comes in small, medium and large too!

The colour palette of orange, peach and white, is perfect to be given for friends, graduation or even as a thank you gift as well.

The harmony of peach Gerberas, white Ping Pongs, orange Rose and Eucalyptus leaves, will leave the receiver in awe of how compatible the mix are together.


We hope this gift guide inspired you on what you can buy for that geek in your life. Go and #treatyogeek and surprise them with your gift-giving abilities!

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