The Queen of Roses: Ecuadorian Roses

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” - William Shakespeare, Author.

Shakespeare probably didn’t come across an Ecuadorian rose. With its beckoning buds and delightful scent, Ecuadorian roses have captured the hearts of many flower enthusiasts worldwide.

It’s certainly the most magnificent of all roses; these farm-grown and handpicked beauties are the ones that’ll make your dates extra memorable.

These roses are simply unapologetic about their beauty. After all, when you’ve got it, you can flaunt it.

Travellers and tourists often flock to Ecuador to check out these roses too, so you know they’re the real deal.

Wouldn’t you love to wake up next to a rose farm? It’s the most romantic sight in the whole universe.

If you didn't know it yet, Ecuador is actually the third largest supplier of fresh cut flowers in the world. Three quarters of fresh flowers exported from Ecuador are roses.

Known specifically as "Ecuadorian roses," the rich blooms from this tiny country has evidently stolen the hearts from many a flower lover.

The rose farming industry in Ecuador provides job opportunities to many locals, who gladly help spread the beauty of this particular type of rose all over the world.

They’re not just any rose. Ecuadorian roses offer us a glimpse of the flowers that grow in the Greek Goddess Persephone’s magical garden.

These roses are too good to be true, yet here they are and we’ll get to know them in a jiffy.

1) Ecuadorian roses are superior in size

Bigger is not always better but in the case of the Ecuadorian rose, it is.

Ecuadorian roses are indeed, visibly bigger than your average rose. These roses are taller too - they’re like the Victoria’s Secret models of the flower dimension.

This South American country is located at the heart of the equator, hence the roses receive the best form of sunlight ever known to flowers. They’re honestly just privileged roses, better looking and much healthier.

It’s like they were grown with love in mind and all the goodness in the universe. Cultivated at the heart of the equator and farmed at high altitudes, Ecuadorian roses get the best of sunshine and climate with cool air and an abundance of natural light.

Since the roses are so big, people in Ecuador would normally purchase a box of roses, as opposed to a bouquet, to represent his or her message. These generous blooms are highly sought after and they never fail to impress your loved one.

2) Ecuadorian roses have a longer lifespan compared to regular roses

It's a well-known fact that the beauty of fresh roses only lasts as long as their lifespan. Ecuadorian roses however, have a longer lifespan than your average rose, lasting up to two weeks with tender loving care.

Regular roses can only live up to a week at most. Ecuadorian roses can make your good impression last longer as its buds have absorbed all the goodness from the sunshine and care at the expert rose farm.

Whether they’re regular roses or Ecuadorian roses, they’re sure to leave a lasting impression, so let’s cherish their beauty, which they so selflessly give.

3) Ecuadorian roses are grown in ideal conditions

The rumours are true. Roses do grow perfectly straight in Ecuador.

The roses are organically grown in vast rose farms, all over the country. The farms do not use artificial lighting and the roses bloom upwards, their buds easily facing the sun.

That's why these roses grow upwards, almost straight, with magnificent, blossoming blooms and wonderfully long stems.

Since most Ecuadorian rose farms are closer to the sun at about 3000 ft. above sea level, they're the largest roses of all.

People in Ecuador really do take their roses seriously. They have a longer growth cycle, which results in the aforementioned longer lifespan.

4) Ecuadorian roses come in such vibrant colours

They are known as the allure of all roses. They're evidently more aesthetically pleasing than your average rose, due to the enhanced absorption of sunlight and lack of artificial lighting and pesticides.

The climate too, plays a part. The warm days and cool nights create vibrant hues inside and outside of the rose petals. Trust us - no Ecuadorian rose has been tinted to appear prettier.

Thanks to the power of Mother Nature, they blossom unabashedly in such a beautiful way, petal after petal. It's impossible to choose one Ecuadorian rose from another, as the two roses would be such beauties.

Color-wise, choose red roses to symbolize your passion and undying love for your partner. The vivid scarlet blooms will surely sweep your darling off her feet!

Love is always in the air whenever roses are in the picture.

5) Caring for Ecuadorian roses

Caring for these roses requires the owner’s time, discipline and patience. Ecuadorian roses need as much TLC as regular roses, despite having a more blossoming appearance.

Place your Ecuadorian roses in a vase filled up to one-thirds with water. Change the water every two days, as bacteria could very well spread in there and cause the precious posies to lose their lustre. Spritz the rose petals with H2O every few hours or so.

Despite having grown up surrounded by sunshine, it's of utmost importance to keep your Ecuadorian roses away from the sun. Keep the blooms in a shaded area to avoid the petals from browning, which happens when cut flowers get a tad too much sunshine.

Once cut, Ecuadorian roses no longer grow and hence do not need sunshine. Place your roses in an air-conditioned environment to keep from overheating.

If there are wilted petals after a few days, pluck them away so they don't suck the life out of the rose stem. In this Malaysian climate, we must give our flowers all the love and gentle care they so dearly need.

For a more in-depth analysis of flower care, read: How to Care for Fresh Flowers

Introducing Preserved Ecuadorian Roses Gift Boxes

Kindly stop and smell the roses, for your own guilty pleasure. Flowers don’t last forever but we will always remember their gift of beauty.

Meanwhile, if you’re searching for an Ecuadorian rose that symbolizes your eternal love, do check out our Eternity everlasting flowers.

These remarkable gifts are made with artisanally preserved Ecuadorian roses, enveloped carefully in premium acrylic casing.

For a dash of dazzle, a diamond pin is crafted into the middle of each rose bud and an engraving option is available if you want to personalize your gift.

Eternity is available in six different colors so you can choose your loved one’s favourite - it doesn’t have to be red.

The best part? These preserved roses (yes it’s a real rose in there!) can last up to three years! Preserve your memories in an acrylic jar filled with love for the unconventional gift of a lifetime.

These Eternity flowers make lovely gifts for birthdays, for your best friend, your sister, or your mom. Ladies, you can send this to the man in your life to let him know that he’s loved.

When it comes to roses, fresh or preserved, Ecuadorian roses never fail to make a lasting impression. Love is when your gift comes from the heart.

Gentlemen, when you think of your darling, think of Ecuadorian roses, the only flowers equal to that of her beauty.

Honor your babe with blossoming buds of lovely blooms. Ah, such is love!

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