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Article: 5 Reasons To Send Peonies To Your Loved Ones in Malaysia

5 Reasons To Send Peonies To Your Loved Ones in Malaysia

5 Reasons To Send Peonies To Your Loved Ones in Malaysia

One of our highly requested collections is back in town! With this short but glorious flowering season, BloomThis is delighted to celebrate this month with a whole collection dedicated to the "king of flowers", "the flower of riches and honour" AND the state flower of Indiana (USA).


In Marco Polo’s own words, he perceived peonies to be “Roses as big as cabbages”. If you don’t believe him, I’d highly recommend taking this opportunity to get yourself and/or your loved ones a bouquet to find out. *wink

Dating back to many many many years ago, peonies has had history with well… history itself, love, art, culture, tragedy and even as edibles. Peony tea or salad anyone?

(I think Marco Polo was getting somewhere when he mentioned “cabbages”.)

If that doesn’t make peonies sound incredibly enticing already, here’s another 5 reasons why they’d make genuinely beautiful bouquets. Perfect for any occasion or even no occasion at all. You don't need a reason to enjoy these gorgeous flowers.


1) Peonies are the perfect flowers for celebrating your wedding

Since peonies are in full bloom right now, you are in luck because they come in a variety of shades such as white, cream, purple, pink, rose or deep red.

Versatile for any given theme plus it makes for an amazingly Instagrammable backdrop for guests to snap away at, especially during unforgettable moments.

Peonies are the perfect flowers to have at a wedding as they symbolize happiness and prosperity within a marriage. These feminine blooms are revered by brides all over the world because besides their meaning, they also make a gorgeous addition at any wedding.

Use them for wedding decor, in your wedding bouquet, as part of your dinner table centrepiece. The options are endless!


2) Peonies are a symbol of beauty

Have you ever seen a bouquet of peonies in magazines or as a table piece? If you haven’t, I’m sure you’ve seen it in commercials or ads. They add such amazing texture and color to visuals.

Peonies also make the best-smelling perfumes and are often used as the main ingredient in perfumes by brands like Jo Malone, Chloe and Dior. Of course, the packaging for these perfumes are extra gorgeous because they feature peonies.
In Japanese culture, peonies are a common subject in tattoos, often used along with koi-fish. The popular use of peonies in Japanese tattoos was inspired by the ukiro-e artist Utagawa Kuniyoshi’s illustrations of Suikoden, a classical Chinese novel.

His paintings of warrior-heroes covered in pictorial tattoos included lions, tigers, dragons, koi fish, and peonies, among other symbols. The Japanese peony became a masculine motif, associated with a devil-may-care attitude and disregard for consequence. Of course, whether or not you consider tattoos a form of beauty is subjective.

In Chinese culture, this stunning flower is an official emblem of China, and it plays a big role in Chinese paintings and traditional Chinese outfits. It’s the flower with the longest continual use in Eastern culture, and it’s tied in with royalty and honor in societies.

Fun fact: the Chinese name for Peony even translates to “most beautiful”.
Instead of doing something drastic like a tattoo, maybe we can start by reminding our loved ones that they are beautiful by giving them peonies.


3) Peonies symbolize healing

How did the peonies come to symbolize healing? In Greek mythology, Paeon was the physician to the gods. He angered his mentor, Asclepius, the god of medicine after he cured Hades’ ailment with a the root of a peony flower.

Before this, Asclepius couldn’t figure out the cure and tried to kill Paeon for being a better healer than he was. Hades tried to save Paeon and turned him into a beautiful peony. Thus, the thick petals and vibrant blooms of the peony are a hint at the ancient past: peonies were meant to heal.

In Chinese culture, peonies were used to treat headaches or asthma. They were brought to Europe in the early 1200s and used to ease the pain of childbirth, cure gallstones, and ward off evil spirits.

There are no bad spirits in your life, I'm sure. But there's no harm getting a bouquet of peonies. In any case, they'll brighten up and add more color in your home.


4) Peonies are for things left unsaid

In the myths, nymphs are beautiful female spirits who inhabit bodies of water (think rivers and lakes). Despite their beauty, they’re so terribly shy and legend says they hide in the generous petals of peonies.

Thus, peonies have become a representation of shyness - of things left unsaid because they simply couldn’t be said.

Perhaps you want to say thank you to a mentor but don't know how. Maybe you want to make an apology. Or say congratulations. Whatever your message is, it can be said with a bouquet of peonies.


5) Just because!

Do you really need a reason to send flowers to someone you love dearly?
Imagine the surprise and joy on their faces when you give them a bouquet of flowers they didn't expect. Any smile that comes from that moment, is worth far more than words can say.

It’s perfectly fine to send flowers in any given moment whether it’s to cheer up a loved one or a friend, encourage them to stay strong through tough times, or simply to tell them that you’re thinking of them 💪… or you could send peonies to yourself (we don’t judge).

As Maya Angelou once said, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Peonies are just that - they represent strength, love, and compassion. These beauties remain in season from April to August. Peonies are so special and unique because they only bloom seasonally. You can only get them at certain periods in a year.

Choose a special, limited edition bouquet of lush flowers for your loved ones from our Peony Collection.



Pretty in pink, Alyssa is every girl's dream bouquet. The best of the season's peonies is combined with cherry pink roses and two-tone eustomas for a gift that's sure to bring a smile to your favourite person.

Price: RM 259
Delivery: KL and Selangor
Delivery time: same day - next day



Inspired by the colours of spring, Heather is soft and dreamy with luscious pinks and cool whites. Exquisite peonies and hand cut roses contrast wonderfully with green euphorbia leaves.

Buy: Heather
Price: RM 259
Delivery: KL and Selangor
Delivery time: same day - next day



Celandine is a soothing celebration of the softest peonies with warm orange and champagne roses. Bring in a little garden and sunshine to your home and watch it slowly bloom over days.

Buy: Celandine
Price: RM 249
Delivery: KL and Selangor
Delivery time: same day - next day



Charlotte is for those lazy, warm days, sipping tea in vintage china with your darling. Featuring the prettiest peonies in pink and decked with blue hydrangeas, watch it bloom as life slowly passes you by.

Buy: Charlotte
Price: RM 249
Delivery: KL and Selangor
Delivery time: same day - next day



Meet Piper. Elegant and classy, this posy of luxurious peonies and avalanche roses is perfect on your bedside table. Nothing beats waking to the scent of fresh blooms on Sunday mornings.

Buy: Piper
Price: RM 249
Delivery: KL and Selangor
Delivery time: same day - next day



Imagine a walk in the English countryside with lovely spring flowers by the meadows and you have Daphne. Our florist's pick, this posy is arranged with charming and delicate stems like avalanche roses, pink peonies and lilac matthiolas.

Buy: Daphne
Price: RM 239
Delivery: KL and Selangor
Delivery time: same day - next day


Psssst... a pro tip to making your peony bouquets last longer:

Like humans, flowers need some TLC. After transferring your bouquet into a vase, leave them in a cooler, darker spot as they are affected by heat. Cut the stems at an angle, under water, every other day. This allows for the flower to absorb more water. Lastly, you can add a bit of sugar to the water as it acts as plant food!

If you want to make your peonies last even longer, here are Six Ways To Re-purpose Cut Flowers.

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