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Article: The ultimate list of Valentine's Day gift ideas in Malaysia

The ultimate list of Valentine's Day gift ideas in Malaysia

The ultimate list of Valentine's Day gift ideas in Malaysia

Valentine's Day is just around the corner - and you know what that means? It's a good time to start searching for the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your darling. Valentine's Day is a truly special day of the year when we can show how much we love our darlings - a celebration of our relationship, intimacy and love.
Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this... to find "the one," and you're so lucky to have found yours - and just in time for Valentine's Day too.

Whether you're just getting to know your date, looking to pop the big question, or already married, we've got the ultimate Valentine's Day gift guide for you. Your darling will surely appreciate the thought and effort you took into making her Valentine's such a special one. 14th of February is the date (PS: It's gonna be a Thursday) so start planning your Valentine's Day gift ideas - you've got a little less than a month.

PS: Remember to include a cute note about how much you love her - because love is the greatest Valentine's Day gift of all.

Love Aurora Valentine's Day Flowers | BloomThis

Inspired by the breathtaking northern lights, Love Aurora is made with a beautiful medley of Mother Nature's best colours. This special edition handcrafted Valentine's Day flower bouquet features blue hydrangeas, champagne roses and lilac matthiola. Pink rose sprays adorn the bouquet for a touch of soft femininity. Send this unconventional flower bouquet to your darling to make her feel extra special on the 14th of February. Redeem a FREE Photobook (20 pages worth RM 79) on the Photobook App with every purchase of BloomThis Valentine's Day flowers. Redemption is valid while stocks last.

Price: From RM 319.00
Ships to: KL, Selangor and Singapore

Birthstone gems | Wanderlust + Co

No matter when is her birthday, your darling will truly appreciate these stunning Birthstone gems by Wanderlust + Co. There's one for every month - from January to December, choose your darling's birthstone by month and her favourite type of jewellery. From bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings, there's surely something that will catch your darling's eye and favour as a Valentine's Day gift. Explore a whole new world of gems with these lovely pieces from Wanderlust + Co on your Valentine's date.

Price: From RM 228.89
Ships to: International shipping available


Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick | Yves Saint Laurent

Whether she's a beauty enthusiast or a casual makeup lover, this iconic lipstick from YSL would surely be in any girl's wishlist. A luxurious lipstick in it's signature couture jewel packaging, this Valentine's Day gift idea would surely guarantee lots of kisses and love. Plus, this luxury lipstick has a special personalized engraving feature. Remember to include a heartfelt note about how beautiful your darling is - with or without makeup, because that's the compliment she truly wants to hear, one that comes from your heart. Make it a poem if you will, and have a happy Valentine's Day!

Price: RM 140.60
Ships to: Malaysia

Love Beautiful Life Valentine's Day Gift | BloomThis

Life gets more beautiful when you meet your one true love. You see the world through rose-coloured glasses and every moment is blanketed the wonderful warmth of joy. Love Beautiful Life is a special edition Valentine's Day Memento gift for couples in love. Cherish this special day with your other half when you surprise her with this Valentine's Day gift. Love Beautiful Life is made with a miniature pink preserved Ecuadorian rose, with a diamond pin in the center for a bit of dazzle. Nestled in the memento jar is an adorable miniature romantic couple enraptured in a sweet kiss. Choose the engraving option to commemorate this Valentine's Day.

Price: RM 179
Ships to: KL and Selangor


Blooming Love Photobook | Photobook Malaysia


How many selfies do you take with your darling? Here's a Valentine's Day gift idea for your photos- gather your best moments in love in this exquisite timepiece. Use the Photobook editor to choose your favourite photos, add text in various fonts, cute vector icons, and customize the page styles and backgrounds. Add a poem too, to tell her how much you love her with beautiful prose. Every girl wants something that comes from the heart. Your darling will surely swoon over such a meaningful Valentine's Day gift, with tears of joy brimming in her eyes. The Photobook cover comes in various classic colours so be sure to choose your babe's favourite - or one that you know she'll love. Girls, you can get this Valentine's Day gift for him too!

Price: from RM 169.00
Ships to: Malaysia


Face Color Rose LADURÉE Blush | Les Merveilleuses LADURÉE

You'll find the ideal Valentine's Day gift for any girl in an aesthetically-pleasing pot of luxury French blush made of carefully crafted rose petals. Made with care in three different shades to resemble the real rose petals, Face Color Rose LADURÉE contains emollient oils within, to give your darling's cheeks a natural glow when she dabs this blush on her cheeks. Have some fun with this Valentine's Day gift by offering to apply this blush onto her cheeks. She may not accept it wholeheartedly (unless you're as good with makeup as she is) but it's a gesture that'll surely make her laugh on this special day of love.

Price: RM 415
Ships to: Malaysia

Vault in Our Stars Bath Bomb | Wunderbath


Every girl wants a luxurious bath time as much as she desires her own prince charming. Let your sweetheart have a glorious bathing experience with this starry bath bomb. Nestled in this glittery vegan bath bomb is a sparkling necklace. Talk about a Valentine's Day gift that's full of surprises! Handmade with passion and infused with essential oils to moisturize one's skin, this bath bomb is certainly a much-coveted bath accessory. Enrich your sweetheart's bathing experience this 14th of February with a Vault in Our Starts Bath Bomb. Who knows, maybe you'll join her in the bath too ;)

Price: RM 31
Ships to: Malaysia and international shipping available

Love Treasure Valentine's Day Flowers | BloomThis


Roses - the traditional symbol of love and romance. Passionate and significantly meaningful, roses are one of the propose your true love. Nothing sings a long of love better than a spectacular heart-shaped Valentine's Day bouquet of red and avalanche pink roses adorned with delicate baby's breath. One from our proposal flowers collection, the magnificent Love Treasure is a bestseller, handcrafted into a heart-shape with love and pride. Send a gift of flowers and love to your darling this Valentine's Day.

Price: From RM 469
Ships to: KL, Selangor and Singapore

Ring - 3 Petal Flower Knot | e-SUEN

While we're on the subject of proposals and engagements, a certain romantic Valentine's gift idea comes to mind. A gorgeous ring, of course. You simply can't complete a Valentine's Day proposal without a ring. However, even if you're not looking to propose (or if you're already married... good on you btw!) a beautiful ring is always a good Valentine's Day gift. It's simple, elegant, and celebrates your love for each other in the nicest way. A favourite feature from SUEN Jewellers' online store e-SUEN, this 3 Petal Flower Knot bracelet speaks volumes when it comes to expressing your love on such a special day.

Price: RM 1609
Ships to: KL and Selangor


Naked Cherry Eyeshadow Palette | Urban Decay

We've found the perfect Valentine's Day eye shadow palette! Urban Decay's Naked Cherry features twelve edgy and utterly sexy plum shades. Make your sweetheart's eyes sparkle with joy (and shimmery eye shadows!) when you send her a Valentine's Day beauty gift of ultimate slayage. Trust us girls when we say that every girl probably added this palette to their Sephora wishlist. Win her heart when you surprise her with the cult-favourite Urban Decay Naked Cherry palette. Plus, she can can glammed up with ultra-sexy glitters for your Valentine's dinner date. What's not to love?

Price: RM 245
Ships to: Malaysia

Love Lovelyn Valentine's Day Flowers | BloomThis

The choice of Valentine's Day flowers when you really want to go big. When sending a message of love, roses remain a timeless and elegant messenger. Impress your sweetheart with this ultra magnificent flower arrangement. Love Lovelyn features 100 red and white roses decorated with lush tea and ruscus leaves. Handcrafted with love into a perfect heart-shape and packed in our premium signature gift box, Love Lovelyn is certainly the most luxurious choice from our Valentine's Day flowers. Your precious darling will be pleasantly astonished and pleased by this present. You know what to get if you truly want to dazzle her. Pick the diamond option for a touch of sparkle. This Valentine's Day, spoil her silly with this magnificent flower arrangement and she will give you the world.

Price: From RM 1199
Ships to: KL, Selangor and Singapore

Neroli & Ylang Ylang Scented Candle | Lilin + Co.

Transform your home into an isle of romance and love with this scented candle, made with the extract of ylang ylang blossoms. It's sensual scent embodies the lovely vibes and cool breeze of Bali island. Light up the room with this wonderful scented candle and let the aroma of citrus neroli petals, white jasmine, tuberose, cumin, nutmeg and jasmine. It's eco-friendly and cruelty-free too. Soothe your dear's worries with this gift of a calming scented candle. She'll surely treasure your gesture of love and care for her.

Price: RM 65
Ships to: Malaysia and international shipping available


Eternity Red Preserved Rose | BloomThis

Do you prefer a flower that lasts forever, so like your love? Well then, this preserved Ecuadorian rose kept safely in an acrylic jar is the Valentine's Day gift for your darling. Choose the engraving option for a personalized touch, as your darling's name will be carved on the acrylic jar with a premium diamond etching. Say "Will you be my Valentine" with a single red rose in peak bloom. Captivate her heart with this modern rendition of I will love you until the last petal falls.

Price: RM 179
Ships to: KL and Selangor

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