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Article: The Best Gift Ideas For Dad On Father's Day

The Best Gift Ideas For Dad On Father's Day

The Best Gift Ideas For Dad On Father's Day

When Draco Malfoy said “I will tell my father about this,” it was probably because his dad loved him very much. Our dads love us too, and sometimes they spoil us silly in their own ways.

Remember when your dad said, “OK, but don’t tell your mom,” when you both wanted to eat ramen in the middle of the night? Every dad is the world’s best dad because they understand that their children grow up, but won’t stop providing for them nonetheless.

ICYMI, Father’s Day is on the 21st June, and we certainly don’t celebrate dads enough. If you forgot all about Father’s Day, we’ve got your back with a list of awesome dad-approved gift ideas!

Remind your dad that he's daddy on Father’s Day with these meaningful and more importantly, stylish gifts any man of his age will truly appreciate.


Champagne & Wine

Make your dad feel like a king with Moet & Chandon Champagne, and Penfolds Shiraz Cabernet Red Wine. This selection of wine and champagne by BloomThis comes with a simple floral arrangement to give it a unique look. Gather your fam together for a Father's Day dinner and end the night with these drinks to complete the celebration.

Price: From RM 209



Smart Watches

If your dad doesn't have one of these, it's time to get him one! Not only will these smart watches get him feeling young and trendy, they also make it dead simple to track fitness stats like heart rate, step count, and calories burnt.

If you're on a budget, the Mi Band (Price: From RM 106) is super affordable and popular. If your dad is into fashion, the smartwatches by Fossil (Price: From RM 1,349) makes an excellent choice for its classy and sleek design. They may look like classic analog watches but they're not! Last but not least, for dads who are die-hard fans of Samsung and Apple, there's always Samsung Smart Watches (Price: From RM 799) & Apple Watch (Price: From RM 1,749) for them to have matchy gadgets!


Gift Sets

Why pick just one when you can give more? Each of these curated Gift Sets by BloomThis comes with a personalised flower frame, and they are made for dads of different personalities - which explains the names!

The Fashionista includes an Apothecary cologne and a pair of reversible Goodpair socks, suitable for the trendy dad. If your dad is a food enthusiast, he's sure to love The Foodie that includes a combo of HouSek chips (very yums). The Wanderlust is curated for dads who are constantly on the go and it comes with a BloomThis Bros Water Bottle to keep him hydrated and a TAG La key finder to help keep his belongings organised. The Minimalist includes a Sttoke ceramic reusable cup that makes a great pick for dads who need their daily dose of caffeine.

Price: From RM 229



ana tomy Planner

This Father's Day, ana tomy has released a series of recommended styles for you to customise journals for dads. From old-school-dads to MasterChef-dads, they know just what your dad needs to document their notes the way they like it. For example, you can opt for recipe journal pages for dads who love to cook while 300 gsm watercolour pages are available for creative and artsy dads. You can even customise these journals further by choosing your preferred material for the book cover to the colour of the bookmark.

Price: From RM 128



Inside Scoop Ice Creams

Two is better than one! BloomThis currently offers FREE delivery for Inside Scoop Ice Cream combos of either Durian and Chocolate or Chocolate and Vanilla. There's always room for dessert after a hearty Father's Day dinner, even after having a glass or two of champagne. These Inside Scoop Ice Cream will definitely make your Father's Day celebration a sweeter one.



Coffee Machines

Any coffee loving dads out there? If your dad's one, this might be a gift that he has secretly wanted but never asked for! Make his dream of having good coffee anytime any day come true by getting him one of these coffee machines. There are a few good brands with reasonably priced ones here in Malaysia like Nespresso (Price: From RM 599), Nescafe (Price: From RM 549) and Coffee Bean (Price: From RM 938).


Thoughtful Hampers

Here's a gift that would light up the Father's Day celebration and can be enjoyed with the whole fam. These hampers curated by BloomThis features gourmet snacks by foodie brands such as Pichaeats, while the health hampers feature a variety of health supplements by Shine. These products come with FREE delivery within Klang Valley!

Price: From RM 107.10



Netflix Subscription

Keep your superman up to date and entertained! Treat him to an unlimited choice of movies to pass his free time. This happiness costs RM 17 for mobile devices only and from RM 35 onwards for TV and laptop use. He will not see this surprise coming!



BloomThis Celebration Packs

Get all you need for your Father's Day celebration with our celebration packs! There's plenty of combos for you to choose from and they all come with a 'Happy Father's Day' balloon to complete the party. Cakes, gifts, flowers or champagne - you name it, we've got it!

Price: From RM 180



Wireless Earphones

The perfect gift for dads who are into tech and gadgets! These wireless earphones will come in handy when they're at work or when they go for a run. Who knows, this gift might even motivate them to begin their fitness journey. There are plenty of wireless earphones choices out there, but we would recommend these three brands - Sony (Price: From RM 549), Apple (Price: From RM 879) and Samsung (Price: From RM 599).


We hope these Father's Day gift suggestions help! Do comment below on which idea you're gonna go with! We'd love to know.



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