The Best Gift Ideas For Dad On Father's Day

When Draco Malfoy said “I will tell my father about this,” it was probably because his dad loved him very much. Our dads love us too, and sometimes they spoil us silly in their own ways.

Remember when your dad said, “OK, but don’t tell your mom,” when you both wanted to eat ramen in the middle of the night? Every dad is the world’s best dad because they understand that their children grow up, but won’t stop providing for them nonetheless.

ICYMI, Father’s Day is on the 16th June, and we certainly don’t celebrate dads enough. If you forgot all about Father’s Day, we’ve got your back with a list of awesome dad-approved gift ideas!

Remind your dad that he's daddy on Father’s Day with these meaningful and more importantly, stylish gifts any man of his age will truly appreciate.


1. Eternity Sapphire | BloomThis

Dads like flowers too, but if you’re not sure if he will like a whole bouquet, here’s one everlasting gift that will surely touch any father’s heart. Eternity Sapphire is an exquisite Ecuadorian rose encased in a special acrylic jar, engraved with your dad’s name on it. It’s so special - just like your dad!

Buy: Eternity Sapphire
Price: RM 169
Delivery: KL & Selangor
Delivery Time: Same day delivery


2. Festivity | BloomThis

Woohoo! Celebrate your dad with a lovely curation of red roses, avalanche roses, wax flowers and eucalyptus leaves decorated atop a bottle of Moet & Chandon brut. Here’s a toast to the best dad ever. Thank you for the dad jokes (even though we don’t always laugh, we appreciate your sense of humour).

Buy: Festivity
Price: RM 319
Delivery: KL & Selangor
Delivery Time: Same day delivery


3. Darlene | BloomThis

When you want to see dear dad smile, Darlene is the bunch of flowers that should do the trick. Handcrafted with delightful Taiwanese sunflowers, imported red roses and fresh pink alstroemerias, Darlene is the perfect flower arrangement to surprise the best man ever, a.k.a. dad.

Buy: Darlene
Price: RM 159
Delivery: KL, Selangor, Penang & Johor Bahru
Delivery Time: Next day delivery

4. Ryan RFID Large Coin Pocket Bifold Wallet | FOSSIL

Mhmm… we know how much our dads spend on us, they probably don’t give themselves enough luxuries. If you notice that your dad’s wallet has been fraying, it’s probably time to get a new one (and keep the good feng shui flowing into his pockets). This wallet from FOSSIL is especially designed with a special lining to protect the RFID chips in your dad’s credit and debit cards from any unwarranted scanning. Whoa. Talk about 21st century. This wallet is one helluva Father’s Day gift.

Buy: Ryan RFID Large Coin Pocket Bifold Wallet
Price: RM 357
Delivery: Malaysia
Delivery Time: 3 - 5 working days


5. Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch | Fitbit

The best gift for your hard working, breadwinning dad is the gift of health, so why not a Fitbit, right? A Fitbit smartwatch can track his heart rate during his workouts, and has a built-in GPS system for long-distance sporting activities like cycling. Choose from colours like charcoal grey, navy blue and burnt orange. Perhaps your dad will be more motivated to work on his dad bod when you send him the gift of an iconic fitness watch.

Buy: Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch
Price: RM 1198
Delivery: Malaysia
Delivery Time: Next day delivery


6. Double Edge Safety Razor | Frangipani Shop

Hey, maybe your dad is sick of having to use uneven disposable razors all the time. Try getting him a safety razor for a change (and help the environment to reduce waste at the same time). Cheers to dad, saving the environment one razor at the time. You go, child, get this gift for your dad.

Buy: Double Edge Safety Razor
Price: RM 150
Delivery: Malaysia & Singapore
Delivery time: 1 - 6 working days


7. Black Square Polarized Sunglasses | Hugo Boss

If Henry Cavill is the ambassador for BOSS Eyewear lenses, then this gift is one way to say that your dad is a superhero. Stylish, functional, and most importantly comfortable, your dad will be pleasantly surprised at this gift that protects his eyes from glaring UV rays. “Dad, these sunglasses are to protect your eyes from my future, because it’s too bright,” you can say as you hand him this gift. Your dad is going to love it!

Buy: Black Square Polarized Sunglasses
Price: RM 781
Delivery: Malaysia
Delivery time: 3 - 5 working days


Well, if you can’t decide on which gift to get for your dad yet, you can browse through the best flowers and gifts here!


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