The Best Chinese New Year Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones (2023)

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and you know what that means!

Yep! Lion dances, impeccable decorations, firecrackers, Chinese New Year cookies and above all, red packets!

Oh and of course, the exchanging of gifts whenever you’re invited to one’s house.

Exchanging gifts during this auspicious celebration is a way to express love, respect, wishes for prosperity, health and happiness.

If you haven’t had a chance to pick out some Chinese New Year hampers or gift boxes, here’s a curated list just for you.

Chinese New Year Flowers

Like many other special festive occasions, flowers play a huge role in the essence of celebration, and Chinese New Year is no different. The flowers, Chinese ornaments of the New Year, and the hampers given and received all have symbolic meaning behind them. If you give this as a gift to your family, friends, or clients, they're bound to appreciate it and remember it for years to come.

CNY Phalaenopsis Orchid (3 stalks) | BloomThis


Mesmerizing and impressive, these Phalaenopsis orchids will make your loved ones' Chinese New Year even more festive, with a Chinese New Year flower arrangement inspired by luck and prosperity. Coming in the classically vivid colours of purple, pink & white, these orchids are planted with love, and adorned with gorgeously "ong" Chinese New Year decorations. Send this gift to your family, relatives and best friends to wish them Gong Xi Fa Cai. The Lunar New Year would be better if you were surrounded by the beauty of gorgeous indoor orchids, don’t you think?

Buy: CNY Phalaenopsis Orchid (3 stalks)

Price: RM 378
Ships to: KL and Selangor

Pussy Willow Chinese New Year Flowers In Pot | BloomThis

Pussy Willow Chinese New Year Flowers in Pot

Pussy willows, otherwise known as catkins, signify the coming of prosperity and abundance - probably the two things you’re going to want plenty of for CNY. Their branches are laced with cute, fluffy, and whispery blossoms that are soft to the touch. Considered a Chinese New Year classic, these majestic plants can grow as tall as a person given the right conditions! The pussy willow is both enchanting and symbolic, and if you ask us, perfect for the Year of the Rabbit!

Buy: Pussy Willow Chinese New Year Flowers In Pot

Price: RM 158
Ships to: KL and Selangor

Money Tree Chinese New Year Plant | BloomThis

Money Tree Chinese New Year Plant | BloomThis

“SHOW ME THE MONEY TREES!” - The wise words of an exasperated Tom Cruise from Jerry McGuire (we’re very sorry if you don’t get this reference). Okay, maybe we added trees into the quote. Still, don’t let that dilute the fact that money trees are one of the MOST popular Chinese New Year plants. No surprise - they symbolize money and fortune and is believed to be total wealth and luck magnets. Incredibly easy to care for needing only indirect light and very infrequent watering, they’re an easy friend for your home. Oh, and with glossy leaves decorated with beautiful CNY decorations, they’re going to add that Year of the Rabbit touch to your home this season!

Buy: Money Tree Chinese New Year Plant

Price: RM 138
Ships to: KL and Selangor

Lucky Chinese New Year Flowers in Pot | BloomThis

Shop Chinese New Year Flowers in Pot | BloomThis

Have you ever seen such a lucky pot in your life? It's the perfect Lunar New Year feature decoration piece for one’s home. Featuring bright bursts of pussy willow that represent the coming of luck, peach carnations for good fortune, and an adorable cat coin bank to bring in the prosperity, literally!

Buy: Lucky Chinese New Year Flowers in Pot

Price: RM 258
Ships to: KL and Selangor

Lotus Bamboo Chinese New Year Plant | BloomThis

Shop Lotus Bamboo Chinese New Year Plant | BloomThis

Also known as the Dracaena Compacta, the lotus bamboo is a popular Chinese New Year plant for many reasons. On top of being beautiful and low-maintenance, it also represents many Chinese New Year values, including good fortune, luck, wealth, and longevity. This is in part due to how the lotus bamboo looks both like a bamboo AND a lotus (surprise, right?). With its versatility in being able to be either a tabletop centrepiece or a home garden backdrop, the possibilities are near endless with how to display this for the Year of the Rabbit!

Buy: Lotus Bamboo Chinese New Year Plant

Price: RM 128
Ships to: KL and Selangor

Blossoming Affluence Chinese New Year Flower | BloomThis


Curated with red ginger, dancing lady and pussy willow, these Chinese New Year flowers definitely ‘understood the assignment’. Like a tower of festive spring blossoms, Blossoming Affluence is the perfect Chinese New Year gift for your loved ones. They'll be pleasantly surprised when these towering blooms arrive at their doorstep just in time for the festivities.

Buy: Blossoming Affluence Chinese New Year Flower

Price: RM 188
Ships to: KL and Selangor, Penang, Johor

Lucky Bamboo Chinese New Year Plant | BloomThis

Shop Lucky Bamboo Chinese New Year Plant | BloomThis

You can't get anything luckier than a pot of lucky bamboo. According to feng shui, the lucky bamboo plant goes back over 4000 years symbolizing good fortune depending on how many stalks you have. As you can tell by the image, this makes a great gift, casual or corporate, to pass on an abundance of good fortune with.

Buy: Lucky Bamboo Chinese New Year Plant

Price: RM 148
Ships to: KL and Selangor

CNY Phalaenopsis Orchid (5 stalks) | BloomThis


In feng shui, Phalaenopsis orchids are a symbol of good fortune and abundant wealth. Our CNY edition is a breathtaking arrangement of these vivid orchids. Available in stunningly pink, purple or white, these flowers are planted carefully in a bespoke pot and adorned with premium ribbons and gold pieces appropriate for the festive season.

Be the family favourite when you impress your loved ones with these enchanting Chinese New Year plants. These Phalaenopsis orchids are such wonderful CNY decorations to have in your home too.

Buy: CNY Phalaenopsis Orchid (5 stalks)

Price: RM 568
Ships to: KL/Selangor

Chinese New Year Hampers & Gifts

Another year goes by and the selection of Chinese New Year gift boxes that are up for grabs in 2023 are no less vibrant, colourful and ‘ONG’!

What better way to enjoy the year with a bunch of goodies at hand to surprise your loved ones and go all out with any hampers and gifts! If you’re in need of Chinese New Year hamper delivery, Bloomthis has got you covered!

Wanshun (万顺) CNY Hamper 2023 | BloomThis

Shop Wanshun (万顺) CNY Hamper 2023 | BloomThis

Get ready to celebrate the Chinese New Year in style with this hamper! Filled with cookies, snacks, and drinks, this hamper has everything you need to make the season a success (as it should be). With a name that means "smooth and successful" in Chinese, you know it's going to bring you all you need for the year ahead, at least in feeding the nephews and nieces during CNY.

Buy: Wanshun (万顺) CNY Hamper 2023

Price: RM 258
Ships to: KL and Selangor

Pingan (平安) CNY Gift Set 2023 | BloomThis

Shop Pingan (平安) CNY Gift Set 2023 | BloomThis

Tired of giving the same old boring door gifts for Chinese New Year? It's time to level up with the Pingan CNY gift set! Not only does this come loaded with all sorts of delicious CNY snacks, but it also includes a fancy-schmancy festive crispy wave fern. Impressing the in-laws and imagine their faces when you roll up with this bad boy. Trust us, they won't resist the temptation of these tasty treats.

Buy: Pingan (平安) CNY Gift Set 2023

Price: RM 198
Ships to: KL, Selangor, Penang and Johor

Fengsheng (丰盛) CNY Hamper | BloomThis


丰盛 translates to luxurious, lavish or RICH. This hamper emulates that with a generous range of sweet and savoury treats to be shared with loved ones. This hamper gift basket includes oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip cookies, Ferrero Rocher, Kintry Salted Egg Yolk Potato Crisp and more! Send this gift of a happy reunion to your loved ones to complete their Lunar New Year celebrations.

Buy: Fengsheng (丰盛) CNY Hamper

Price: RM 378
Ships to: KL, Selangor and Penang

Matcha Prosperity Bag | Oh Cha Matcha

Shop Matcha Prosperity Bag | Oh Cha Matcha

It's the Year of the Rabbit, and what better way to celebrate than with Oh Cha Matcha’s matcha gift pack? These gift bags will make you feel like a million bucks and they should since it’s packed with premium dairy-free and sugar-free Japanese Uji Matcha. Each gift bag is carefully packaged with love, making it a royal treat. So go ahead and treat yourself, or share the love with a colleague, friend, or fam member this Chinese New Year!

Buy: Matcha Prosperity Bag

Price: RM 168
Ships to: Malaysia

Crane Mini Grocery Bag | BloomThis

Crane Mini Grocery Bag | Christy Ng

This bag makes such a charming addition to your Lunar New Year look (and grocery shopping). Crafted from canvas, this tote bag features prints symbolizing the beauty, harmony and grace of the crane. This eco-friendly tote bag is lined with water resistant coating and reinforced with canvas linings at the edge to keep your belongings safe. Oh, and you can add a name to the bag to make it uniquely yours or as a special gift to someone this Chinese New Year!

Buy: Crane Mini Grocery Bag

Price: RM 39
Ships to: Malaysia

Harmony Pleasure CNY Teaware Gift Set | Purple Cane

What’s a Chinese New Year feast without tea to wash down the palette? This Chinese New Year gift set comes with a lidden cup, a pitcher, three teacups, a tea cannister and tray, tea cubes, AND a gift box - everything you need to be the perfect tea master for the Year of the Rabbit. Indulge your loved one's dreams of drinking tea peacefully (during CNY? Hard to imagine) when you send this gift.

Buy: Harmony Pleasure CNY Teaware Gift Set

Price: RM 186
Ships to: Malaysia

Mandarin Orange Cake | Inside Scoop

Shop Mandarin Orange Cake | Inside Scoop

Orange you glad we made this pun - we’re not, but we couldn’t resist. Just like how we can’t resist stuffing ourselves with Inside Scoop’s Mandarin Orange Cake. Made with Valrhona Chocolate ice cream with orange jam in the centre, this is the perfect gift to cool anyone down during the infamous Chinese New Year heatwave. This comes in a limited edition CNY cooler bag too!

Buy: Mandarin Orange Cake

Price: RM 143
Ships to: Selected areas in Klang Valley (Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Putrajaya)

Doniure (Brocade) | Doublewoot

Shop Doniure (Brocade) | Doublewoot

Looking to dazzle and wow the family with a new look this Chinese New Year? Doublewoot’s got you covered. Doublewoot offers a great selection of traditional modern pieces that make you feel rooted in our Malaysian upbringings, with custom-made designs that are bound to get you extra compliments this year.

Buy: Doniure (Brocade)

Price: RM 209
Ships to: Malaysia

Prosperitea Tea Pyramid Gift Box | The Tea Republic

Shop Prosperitea Tea Pyramid Gift Box | The Tea Republic

Inspired by the Lunar New Year season, the Prosperitea Tea Pyramid Gift Box adds a festive spirit to your loved ones' lives. This Chinese New Year gift set features various types of tea sourced from natural outlets and infused with wholesome ingredients like wild honey, antioxidants and pomegranate. Prosperitea Tea Pyramid Gift Box includes four different blends of tisane plus one of white tea. It's the perfect CNY gift for your mum - and any tea lover would appreciate this thoughtful gift set.

Buy: Prosperitea Tea Pyramid Gift Box

Price: RM 65
Ships to: Malaysia


Oh, we can't wait for the most wonderful time of the year!

A time to reunite with family members, a time to catch up with our besties and create beautiful moments with our loved ones.

Anyway, if you're going to visit, the best gesture of heartfelt filial piety and friendship is to bring a Chinese New Year gift of love and honour.

Check out our Chinese New Year collection for the ideal Lunar New Year gifts for your family, relatives and friends. From BloomThis to you, Gong Xi Fai Cai.

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