The best Chinese New Year gift ideas for your loved ones

Chinese New Year is coming up! It's the best time to create moments with family reunions, firecrackers, red packets, yummy Chinese New Year cookies, and the ever-prosperous lion dances. When I was younger, my family would gather at my grandmother's place, where the girls would help her set the table of delightful vegetarian for the first day of festivities. Then, my cousins and I would line up and wish
"Gong Xi Gong Xi" to grandma and grandpa as we happily received our ang pows.

Festive, with fun and frills, Chinese New Year is the season of giving. Married couples would usually give ang pows to the children and their loved ones. Besides ang pows, the Lunar New Year is filled with gift-giving and splendid Chinese New Year decorations. You can be part of this fun too! We've compiled a list of delightful Chinese New Year gift ideas. Besides your usual mandarin oranges and bak kwa gift sets, these unique Chinese New Year gifts will definitely leave a lasting impression on your loved ones.


Eternal Happiness Phalaenopsis Orchids | BloomThis

Mesmerizing and impressive, let these Phalaenopsis orchids make your loved ones' Chinese New Year even more festive. Eternal Happiness is a Chinese New Year flower arrangement inspired by luck and prosperity. Choose from a variety of vivid colours like purple, pink and white. These orchids are planted with love, adorned with salix and gorgeously "ong" Chinese New Year decorations. Send this gift to your family, relatives and best friends to wish them gong xi fa cai. What's better than spending the lunar new year surrounded by the beauty of gorgeous indoor orchids?

Price: RM 399.00
Ships to: KL and Selangor


YEN-Bird's Nest First Love | Eu Yan Sang


Leave a good first impression to your in-laws and relatives when you send them a traditional gift of health and longevity. Bird's nest is everyone's favourite natural health food, and it's the perfect Chinese New Year gift for parents, in-laws and relatives. Made with natural ingredients like bird's nest and rock sugar solution, this premium gift set will make the Lunar New Year extra special and prosperous for your loved ones.

Price: RM 148.00
Ships to: Malaysia


Prosperitea Tea Pyramid Gift Box | The Tea Republic

Inspired by the Lunar New Year season, the Prosperitea Tea Pyramid Gift Box adds a festive spirit to your loved ones' lives. This Chinese New Year gift set features various types of tea sourced from natural outlets and infused with wholesome ingredients like wild honey, antioxidants and pomegranate. Prosperitea Tea Pyramid Gift Box includes five different blends of oolong tea, white tea and tisane. It's the perfect CNY gift for your mum - and any tea lover would appreciate this thoughtful gift set.

Price: RM 55.00
Ships to: Malaysia


Blossoming Affluence CNY Flowers | BloomThis

Like a tower of festive spring blossoms, Blossoming Affluence is the perfect Chinese New Year gift for your loved ones. It's a perfect Lunar New Year feature decoration piece for your home. Blossoming Affluence is lovingly made with prosperous red ginger, dancing lady and towering pussy willow. Inspired by the opulence of the Forbidden City, Blossoming Affluence makes the ideal Chinese New Year gift for your closest relatives. They'll be pleasantly surprise when these towering blooms arrive at their doorstep just in time for the festivities.

Price: RM 169.00
Ships to: Malaysia

Addictive Buttery Pineapple Roll | Kravve

What's Chinese New Year without delectable homemade CNY cookies? When I was younger, I used to help my aunties bake her special pineapple roll cookies, with a generous helping of homemade pineapple jam in the middle. The smell of baked goods would waft through her home and it brings back fond memories. Addictive, sweet and buttery, if you know someone who so dearly misses pineapple rolls, send them this jar of treats as a prosperous Chinese New Year gift. You can even bring a few jars to your Chinese New Year home visits and share it with your loved ones.

Price: RM 35.00
Ships to: Malaysia


Spring Reunion CNY Hamper | BloomThis

Chinese New Year is all about reunions and spending quality time with family. The lunar new year can't be complete without premium Chinese New Year hampers. Spring Reunion is a gorgeous CNY hamper gift set featuring tasteful goodies that will be such a treat for your loved ones. This hamper gift basket includes good fortune chocolate mandarins, premium Japanese flower mushroom, and premium roasted almonds, among other delicious Chinese New Year goodies. Send this gift of a happy reunion to your loved ones to complete their Lunar New Year celebrations.

Price: RM 353.00
Ships to: KL and Selangor

Lucky Red Lipstick | M. A. C.

Looking for a Chinese New Year gift for her? Well, you're in luck (pun intended!). In the spirit of lunar new year, M.A.C dressed up their iconic red lipstick shades in festive red packaging. Check out the brand's cult faves like Ruby Woo and Russian Red all dolled up for Chinese New Year. It's the best Chinese New Year gift of beauty for your wife, fiance or girlfriend. Give her the gift of prosperous beauty and she will give you the world. Let's be honest, I would willingly part with half my ang pows if my partner gave me this (hint).

Price: RM 88.00
Ships to: Malaysia


Flourishing Wealth CNY Flowers | BloomThis

Towering and altogether flourishing with pride, this Chinese New Year flower arrangement features fresh stems of magnificent pussy willow, six prosperous red carnations, cymbidiums, yellow alstromerias and lush foliage. You can't get anything luckier than auspicious red carnations to symbolize a smooth-sailing year. It's the perfect Chinese New Year corporate gift. Your bosses, clients, business partners and colleagues will surely love having this blossoming gift.

Price: RM 179

Ships to: KL and Selangor

Prosperity Peonies Overhead Teapot Set | Purple Cane

We simply can't get enough of this auspicious gift set for tea enthusiasts. The Prosperity Peonies Overhead Teapot Set will transport your loved one back in time, perhaps to a similar time period like the one in Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace. Indulge in your loved one's dreams of drinking tea and playing a game of Chinese chess when you send this gift. This tea set includes a teapot, teacups, a tea strainer and a strainer stand, made with traditional Chinese elements. It's the ideal CNY present for families, your closest relatives, and your best friends.

Price: RM 205.00
Ships to: Malaysia

Magnificent Life Phalaenopsis Orchids | BloomThis

In feng shui, Phalaenopsis orchids are a symbol of good fortune and abundant wealth. Magnificent Life is an absolutely breathtaking arrangement of these vivid orchids. Available in three lively colours of soft pink, vivid purple and ivory white. These flowers are planted carefully in a bespoke vase and adorned with premium ribbons and gold pieces appropriate for the festive season. Be the family favourite when you impress your loved ones with these enchanting Chinese New Year plants. These Phalaenopsis orchids are such wonderful CNY decorations to have in your home too.

Price: RM 539.00
Ships to: Malaysia


Egg Yolk Pies | Yong Sheng Gift Shop

In the hipster era where salted egg yolk is akin to social currency, a gift of traditional Chinese pastries featuring salted egg yolk would leave a lasting impression. These egg yolk pies from Yong Sheng Gift Shop feature decadently baked pastry, fragrantly sweet lotus paste and a rich salted egg yolk center. It tastes just about as enticing as it sounds. Gift these salted egg yolk pies to your loved ones and make their Chinese New Year a delicious one.

Price: RM 65.00
Ships to: Malaysia


Prosperity in Bloom | BloomThis Memento

Handcrafted with love and utmost care, this miniature Chinese New Year gift includes two lucky Chinese cats and pieces of gold decor. Talk about double the luck! A mini Ecuadorian preserved rose tinted gold nestles between the miniature figurines. Double your blessings when you send Prosperity in Bloom, a premium congratulatory gift. It's the ideal Lunar New Year present for your best friends, family members, and close relatives. Who wouldn't love such an adorable gift? Choose the "personalized engraving" option for an extra special touch.

Price: RM 159.00

Ships to: KL and Selangor

Piglet Edition Moistfull Collagen Skincare Set | Etude House

How could anyone welcome the Year of the Boar without this iconic Piglet? Unabashedly pink and adorable Korean skincare brand, Etude House has collaborated with Disney to produce a special edition of their cult fave Moistfull Collagen Skincare Set in the form of Piglet. It's the ideal Chinese New Year gift for your girlfriend, your wife or your auntie. They'll be swept away by the cuteness of Piglet and appreciate you for the gift of beauty. Let them have a very beautiful Lunar New Year with perfectly plump, moisturized skin.

Price: RM 169.00
Ships to: Malaysia

We can't wait for the most wonderful time of the year! A time for reunion with long-lost family members, a time to catch up with our besties and create beautiful moments with our loved ones. Anyway, if you're going visiting, the best gesture of heartfelt filial piety and friendship is to bring a Chinese New Year gift of love and honor. Check out our Chinese New Year collection for the ideal Lunar New Year gifts for your family, relatives and friends.

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