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Article: Mid-Autumn Festival: Gift Guide [2023]


Mid-Autumn Festival: Gift Guide [2023]

Hey Moon-gazers! Ever find yourself staring at the full moon, getting all sentimental, and then - BAM! - you realize you're late on the Mid-Autumn gift train? Oh, the horror! Fear not, dear lunar lover.

We've got your back with a gift guide that's shinier than the moon on a cloudless night. Peep it below 👇

Mooncakes 🌕🥮

The Mid-Autumn Festival is when families play 'spot the rabbit on the moon' (well, some of us still try), share stories of old, and of course, munch on mooncakes! And if you're here thinking, "Not the same old mooncakes again!" - oh, buckle up.

We're about to make mooncakes cool again.

Starbucks 4-Piece Mooncake Gift Set


Starbucks + BloomThis = Mooncake Magic! 🌌 Dive into delights like sultry Caramel Macchiato or the diva of desserts, Chocolate Hazelnut Praline. Plus, an artisan bag and flower box? It's like a Mid-Autumn concert in your mouth! Encore, anyone? And guess what? Score a FREE BloomThis DIY lantern kit when you grab this set. *Lights, camera, mooncake for KL & Selangor deliveries only!

Shop Starbucks 4-Piece Mooncake Gift Set | BloomThis

Price: RM 299

Shipping: Free delivery to KL & Selangor.

Hilton Luminous Treasures 4-Piece Mooncake Gift Set


Hilton's got the Mid-Autumn glow up! 🌟 Explore a galaxy of flavours, from dreamy White Lotus Paste to the enigmatic Red Bean. All wrapped in a box that's too pretty to open (but, oh the treasures inside!).

Shop Hilton Luminous Treasures 4-Piece Mooncake Gift Set | BloomThis

Price: RM 309

Shipping: Free delivery to KL, Selangor & Penang.

Inside Scoop 2-Piece Mooncake Box A


Cold mooncakes? Heck yeah! 🍦 Swap the oven for the freezer with Inside Scoop's chilly treats. Pistachio Raspberry or Durian, take your pick! And, with a reusable bag, it's the gift that keeps on giving... cold!

Shop Inside Scoop 2-Piece Mooncake Box A | BloomThis

Price: RM 99

Shipping: Free delivery to KL, Selangor & Penang.

BloomBags 💐👝

Okay, so who said flowers just belonged in vases? We're here to break some norms and, well, put them in bags! Dive into our BloomBags: flowers meet fashion in the freshest way possible. It's like your personal garden on-the-go!

Ellen Yellow Sunflower BloomBag


Hello, sunshine! 🌻 Our Ellen Yellow Sunflower BloomBag is here to give you those sunny beach vibes even if you're just heading to the grocery store. Bursting with radiant sunflowers, superstar roses, and those cutesy peach eustomas, this bag's got all the happy vibes. Perfect for picnic dates or, you know, just to flex on your Monday morning Zoom call.

Shop Ellen Yellow Sunflower BloomBag | BloomThis

Price: RM 169

Shipping: Free delivery to KL, Selangor, Penang and Johor

Germaine Yellow Rose BloomBag


Vintage vibes? Check. Fresh florals? Double check. Our Germaine Yellow Rose BloomBag is like taking a cheerful stroll down memory lane. Open it up to find the sunny embrace of yellow roses, timeless white carnations, and those fun lil' craspedia orbs. It's like having a floral picnic, but you know, without the ants!

Shop Germaine Yellow Rose BloomBag | BloomThis

Price: RM 179

Shipping: Free delivery to KL, Selangor, Penang and Johor


Whoever said "Flowers are a girl's best friend"... Wait, wasn't that diamonds? No matter! We're rebranding and trust us, once you peek at these, you'll totally be on team flower.

Neveah Peach Daisy Flower Box


Peach please! 🍑 Dive into our Neveah Peach Daisy Flower Box and get all the summery feels. Packed with juicy-hued orange-peach carnations and diva-worthy gerberas, this box is perfect for every occasion. New baby announcement? Romantic evening? Accidentally forgot your anniversary? We got you!

Shop Neveah Peach Daisy Flower Box | BloomThis

Price: RM 249

Shipping: Free delivery to KL, Selangor & Penang.



Unleash your inner romantic poet with Euphemia. 🌹 This isn't just any floral arrangement; it's an ode to nature's poetry. With Avalanche and Kenyan roses taking center stage, you'll find playful 'dancing ladies' and exotic pink anthuriums humming along in the background. Add a sprinkle of eucalyptus, and voila! You've got yourself nature's orchestra in a box. Or should we say... nature's poem?

Shop Euphemia | BloomThis

Price: RM 209

Shipping: Free delivery to KL, Selangor & Penang.

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