Mid-Autumn Festival: Gift Guide [2022]

It's that time of year again - It's Mid-Autumn Festival, or Mooncake Festival! The lanterns are up, boxes of sparklers bought and we're all already secretly snacking away on mooncakes.

Arguably one of the biggest Chinese holidays of the year, only 2nd to Chinese New Year itself. It's a day to celebrate the legend of Chang'e and Houyi, but more importantly, it's a day of celebrations, gifting and family reunions!

Mooncakes sets of all themes and designs are a common sight this time of year. However, why not keep things interesting with a creative gift alternative! Here's a list of gift ideas - including the best mooncakes - to help you keep things a little interesting this Mooncake Festival!


Don't you love how we have so many names for Mid-Autumn Festival here in Malaysia? Other than Mooncake Festival, some of us have grown up calling it Lantern Festival, for obvious reasons. It just goes to show how integral paper lanterns are to this day, or maybe just how much we love playing with them! *wink*

BloomThis DIY Lantern Kit Add-On


Forget traditional red lanterns or plastic store-bought ones. Why not make the gift priceless by making the lantern yourself. Don't worry, it's easy!

We've got a complete Mid-Autumn DIY lantern kit that's fun and simple enough for the whole family to join in. The best part is you can pair it with any of our BloomThis mooncakes, flowers or gifts. That's your entire gift set right there! Click here to read our guide(with video!) If you need some inspiration.

BloomThis DIY Lantern Kit Add-On (with any BloomThis purchase)
Price: + RM 39.90



With Mooncakes receiving all the spotlight during Mid-Autumn Festival, it's easy to forget that the act of sharing tea is just as much a part of this celebration. With a rainbow of mooncake flavour options out there, you and your loved ones can truly have some fun with the pairings!



Send the gift of high-quality teas from Roleaf's extensive tealeaf selections. Serving up a wide collection of classic teas like Elegant Earl Grey to Pu Erh classic, they also recently released a limited-edition Bamboo Oriental Tea Gift Box for the Mid-Autumn Festival season. All their basic selections come in loose-leaf or tea-bag form, so you're free to choose!

Roleaf Tea Selections
Price: From RM 10 (Depending on size & flavour)


The Tea Republic


The folks over at TTR have just released their Mid-Autumn Festival collection featuring themed gift sets and oriental tea flavours like Imperial Bliss and Oriental Opal. We've personally tried them and they're perfect for pairing with mooncakes this year! Especially the Tai Thong 4-Piece Mooncake Gift Box.

Roleaf Tea Selections
Price: From RM 10 (Depending on size & flavour)



Warm, comforting and just downright pretty! Candles are a mainstay during Mid-Autumn Festival, you'll see them everywhere - lighting up lanterns(not the electronic ones) and dotted in colourful patterns across the floor. This Mid-Autumn Festival, turn this commonplace item into a spectacular gift with tea-scented candles or even mooncake-themed candles!

Lilin + Co


This home-grown 100% soy wax candle brand has gained popularity in the past few years for its premium handmade candles. So, you may or may not be surprised that they also have some selections that are perfect for Mid-Autumn Festival gifting! We recommend their tea-flavoured candles like Lychee & Black Tea, or even their gift sets of 3 candles if you can't decide on just one flavour.

Psst… Search for their "Candle Leather Holder in Merlot" for a red-wrapped candle that'll fit right in with the rest of your festive decorations.

Lilin + Co Candles & Gift Sets
Price: From RM 25




Fruit Basket


If you're looking for a healthier (but just as yummy) alternative to mooncakes, Fruit baskets are the way to go! Traditionally, only seasonal fruits like pomelo, pears and grapes were given as those were what was available during the pre-supermarket era. However, nowadays with fresh fruits from around the world widely available, why hold back!

Looking for a Fruit Basket gift that's not just yummy but beautiful too? We recommend our Caroline Fruit & Flower Box for a gift that's so adorable, it might be too cute to eat! wink

BloomThis Fruit Baskets
Price: From 95




Of course, we had to mention Mooncakes in this list. They're a MUST for Mid-Autumn Festival but who's complaining! The problem is, choosing from so many different mooncake sets can get a little overwhelming sometimes.

Don't know where to start? No worries, we got you. We've partnered with some of the best mooncakes brands in the market this Mid-Autumn Festival! That means no more scouring the internet for mooncake guides or going mall to mall to get the mooncakes you want.

Now you can get them all in one place, our website! We've partnered with all your favourite brands like Tai Thong and Inside Scoop to bring you all their yearly exclusive mooncakes that you're always hunting after. And this year we have something really special to share, our very own BloomThis Mooncakes! All available in our Mid-Autumn Festival Collection.

BloomThis Mid-Autumn Festival Collection
Price: From 72


Haven't got your gifts yet?

Don't panic! You can still get your gifts sorted with us. We have all your favourite mooncakes from brands like Tai Thong, Inside Scoop and BloomThis in our Mid-Autumn Festival Collection. Everything comes with a complimentary message card and personalised photo, PLUS free same-day delivery included.


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