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Article: A quick guide to birthday flowers

A quick guide to birthday flowers

A quick guide to birthday flowers

Celebrating a special birthday? Flowers in bouquets or boxes are great gifts to bring to your loved ones. Their beauty and fragrance immediately brighten up the day and when placed in the home, are a great reminder of the bond you share together. 

How do you pick birthday flowers? 

Check our infographic below for a great place to start. 

Here are our florists' top picks for every month.

1) January: Carnation

For love, affection & admiration. The flower for Mother’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and often used in Chinese wedding ceremonies.

Simple yet elegant, Phoebe celebrates love and is our florist's pick for your special occasions. A charming curation of pink and cherry pink carnations, white dendrobium orchids and foliage, Phoebe is sure to delight.

2) February: Violet

Hope, wisdom & faithfulness. The flower of Greece, violets signify innocence, are edible and fragrant and have medicinal properties.

We do not have violets but we do have this hatbox of rainbow dreams with similar violet hues. The rainbow's rival, made to be unforgettable! Curated with orange and champagne rose, green hydrangea, cherry pink gerberas, purple matthiola & yellow craspedia!

3) March: Daffodil

New beginnings, birth & good fortune. A sign of prosperity and good luck, official flower for Chinese New Year, and used in births, weddings and housewarmings.

If you need a pick-me-up similar to daffodils, Cara has a one-of-a-kind charm that is brought out through a medley of orange and champagne Roses paired with white Eustomas and Eucalyptus leaves.

4) April: Daisy

Youth, purity & innocence. Symbolizing the sun, childhood and a fresh, new outlook on life.

Gerberas are a beautiful part of the daisy family. Don't be afraid to stand out just like Marilyn! A lively curation of pink gerberas, hot cherry pink roses, pink carnations and white ping pongs.

5) May: Lily of the Valley

Humility, chastity & sweetness. Delicate, beautiful and fragrant, the flower signifies a return to happiness and is used in weddings.

While we may not have the exact lily of the valley flowers, here is an expressive curation of robina lilies, waxflowers, avalanche roses, white eustomas adorned with eucalyptus leaves.

6) June: Rose

Love, romance & beauty. Everyone’s favourite, roses come in many colours with special meaning to each hue and used as gifts in romantic occasions.

We're sure the Duchess of Cambridge would approve of this curation of exquisite red roses accompanied with lush ruscus leaves. Classic and stylish, Kate is the perfect expression of love. Add some diamonds for a lil' bling action.

7) July: Larkspur

Open heart, grace & lightness. Tall and splendid, it conveys joy and is used in floral displays for celebrations and events.

Here is something with a similar vibe to the larkspur flowers. Vibrant with rich, deep colours, Iona is a sophisicated curation that's sure to impress. Curated with red roses, liatris, yellow craspedia, pink and yellow alstomeria.

8) August: Gladiolus

Strength of character, integrity & persistence. Also known as sword flowers, it signifies courage and never giving up.

The cymbidium flowers offer a feel that's close to the gladiolus. Plus, you can never go wrong with pink for any August baby! A medley of white cymbidiums, cherry pink roses, dual tone eustomas and ruscus leaves, this darling curation is graceful and bright.

9) September: Aster

Patience, daintiness & elegance. Beautiful and hardy, the flower features in many cultural myths.

Flowers like the Aster, but fierce. Red gerberas are accented with white ping pongs for a crimson curation that evokes a sense of passion.

10) October: Marigold

Passion, creativity & desire. Small with warm blooms, it symbolizes warmth and the drive to succeed.

Embody the marigold spirit with this radiant curation with Taiwanese sunflowers, red roses and pink alstroemerias. Guaranteed to lift spirits and spread positive vibes all around.

11) November: Chrysanthemum

Loyalty, friendship & joy. Popular in white and yellow, it conveys support and friendship in difficult times.

Similar to the chrysanthemum, ping pong flowers are lovely too. Delicately beautiful, Grace symbolises adoration and love. The mix of pink gerberas and white ping pongs conveys an endearing sense of pure love and joy.
12) December: Poinsettia

Good cheer & success. Also known as Christmas Flowers, the red flowers are in fact leaves and signify joy and well wishes for the coming new year.

Not the poinsettia, but it feels like the holidays all the same. Usher in the Christmas cheer with this radiant choice of Casablanca lilies, red gerberas and green eustomas.

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