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Article: 9 perfect graduation bouquets to say "Congratulations!"

9 perfect graduation bouquets to say "Congratulations!"

9 perfect graduation bouquets to say "Congratulations!"

Graduation is something worth celebrating - it means one’s hard work and sleepless nights all paid off. It’s a time for family and friends to show our appreciation and pride towards the ones we love dearly, and what better way to convey congratulations than a bouquet of graduation flowers?

Before a friend or family member graduates, it’s time pick out the perfect bouquet for them.

Here are 9 perfect graduation bouquets for every graduate!

1) For the valedictorian

Everyone’s a valedictorian in their own way, every graduate has worked terribly hard and gone through sleepless nights of assignments and nerve-wrecking presentations to achieve this moment in their lives.

Exude confidence and brilliance all in one bouquet. Hermione's arrangement of vibrant posies makes the perfect bouquet to say "well done!" Made of cherry pink gerberas, orange roses, sweet williams, yellow alstroemerias, and eucalyptus leaves.

2) For the social butterfly

We all have that one friend who has a funfetti-filled personality super fun and is loved so dearly by everyone because they light up the room like nobody else. A social butterfly indeed. Your fav new fresh grad may be one of them. If he or she is popular, you know for sure.

Send a message of congratulations to your social butterfly with exuberant Anastasia. Look at this stunning mix of summery gerberas, ping pongs, and baby's breath. Made of orange and yellow gerberas white ping pongs, red berries, baby's breath and eucalyptus leaves.

3) For the early-bird

Early to bed, early to rise, early to class. While we have our usual Malaysian-timing graduates, Clementine to express thanks to the graduate who’s constantly either early or on time.

The early bird gets the prettiest bouquet! Catch a glimpse of sunrise with Clementine's peachy-orange gerberas, ping pongs, and roses. Made of peach gerberas, white ping pongs, orange roses and eucalyptus leaves.

4) For the class rep

If you need anything from a teacher, it’s always best to ask the class rep because they’d know how to get exactly what the rest of the class needs. You know the teacher likes a class rep, and a class rep would like Annabeth as the perfect bouquet to convey a message that says “I’m so proud of you.”

A breathtaking millennial pink arrangement, Annabeth makes it easy to say congratulations with a designer bouquet of flowers. Made of pink lilies, pink alstroemerias, lucy pink dendrobiums, purple caspia and eucalyptus leaves.

5) For the over-achiever

For the student who finishes their work before everyone else does, and ends up helping her peers, here’s a bouquet to convey how proud you are of their hard work.

A sophisticated curation of sunflowers and roses, let Giselle send a message of congratulations and love. Made of sunflowers, hot cherry roses, sweet williams, dancing lady, purple caspia, and eucalyptus leaves.

6) For the cheerleader

A happy-go-lucky person is the one everyone looks forward to seeing in any college - the professors and peers all love ‘em! Calypso is the perfect sunny bouquet express how glad you are for them.

It's always summertime here with this bouquet. Add some fun to your graduation with this summery curation of sunflowers and roses. Made of sunflowers, red roses, pink alstroemeria and eucalyptus leaves.

7) For the book fairy

In every class, there’s bound to be one person who loves books more than they love people, but we love them anyway. Books just have better people in them, and Magdalene is the perfect pinkish purple bouquet to convey that you understand just that.

Think of cotton candy skies just before sunset. Magdalene is an aesthetically pleasing designer bouquet made with flowers in pink and purple tones. Made of cherry pink and pink gerberas, dual-toned eustomas, purple caspia and eucalyptus leaves.

8) For the cutie

Oh there’s always someone who’s super cute in every college, just like this lil’ happy hatbox of flowers and Instagram dreams. Send a message of kawaii congratulations on their achievement with this fairylike curation.
A 100% Instagrammable cutie, Tinkerbell is a dainty arrangement that will make your darling say "awwww..." Made of a sunflower, red berries, baby's breath and eucalyptus leaves.

9) For the creative mind

Honestly, we all know one person who’s more than just a student - they come up with great ideas for events, fundraising, and execute them well. That person may just be your fav graduate, and Matilda is the perfect hatbox of flowers to convey your pride and joy.

When spring meets summer - Matilda is a gorgeous mix of both the year's prettiest seasons with pink gerberas, orange roses, and yellow alstroemerias. Made of cherry pink gerberas, orange roses, sweet williams, yellow alstroemerias and eucalyptus leaves

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