9 tips for a successful marriage proposal

Marriage proposals aren’t always easy, especially when you're often left to your own devices. You always want the best for the love of your life. You know you love her dearly and want to marry her simply because she's THE ONE. How are you gonna pop the question? Should it be a surprise? Where’s the best place to propose? What if she says no? So many questions.

You’ve come to the right place! We’ve got the solution for you all written down on this short and sweet list. Say “will you marry me” and sweep her off her feet with these 9 tips for a successful marriage proposal.

1) Discuss about marriage

Of course you want the proposal to be a surprise, but you also don’t want your girl to be caught off-guard either. An honest discussion about marriage and your relationship is important for you and your partner to know if you both are ready to take your relationship to the next level When she’s confident and ready for marriage, proposing to her just becomes a lot easier.
2) Get the engagement ring

Get an engagement ring for your girl. You’ve got to measure her finger width. I’m pretty sure you can do it discreetly since you guys hold hands ever so often. Or just measure a ring that she already owns. A proposal ring doesn’t have to be complicated. We recommend this one from SUEN Jewellers.

3) Choose a venue

Choose a meaningful venue for the proposal to take place. We’d recommend a hotel because a hotel room is easy to decorate and you have enough privacy in there when you propose. If your girlfriend is the shy type, she wouldn’t take a pubic proposal too kindly… she’d probably be nice about it but a private proposal is the safest step.

If you plan to propose around the Klang Valley area, Berjaya Times Square Hotel is a rather exquisite place, located in the heart of KL, which is like the heart of everything tbh.
4) Set the "mood."

It’s the day! You need to set a romantic mood that will sweep her off her feet. Be sure to choose the right kind of music, decorations like helium balloons and scattered rose petals, and scented candles. Romantic music is always the best choice, but if she has a fav song, for example she likes soundtracks from Disney movies like Frozen and Rapunzel, go for it. Get your friends to help you out - the more the merrier… and also easier. You’re not alone in planning this proposal, after all, it’s a pretty big day for everyone’s fav couple.
5) Get a stunning bouquet from our Proposal Collection

Flowers are key to a successful proposal. Get a stunning bouquet from our Proposal Collection that’s sure to make all her dreams of a romantic proposal come true. Here are a few recommendations from head florist.

There's nothing you Treasure more than your dear. Take your relationship to the next level with this heart-shaped proposal bouquet of red roses, avalanche pink roses, pink roses and baby's breath.

Show your Precious lady how much you love her with this exquisite proposal flower bouquet of avalanche pink roses and baby's breath.

A symbol of Forever love. Sweep her off her feet with this artistic heart-shaped curation of red and white roses.

6) Choose a proposal package from our proposal collection

We’ll get everything done for you in a jiffy - from the venue, decor, the flower petals, setting the right mood, and getting the perfect luxury bouquet that will make your lady say “Yes.”

Check it out! They’re quite different from one another but all of them send the message of true love.

Spice up up your proposal with this package of a gorgeous L size proposal bouquet and abundant fresh rose petals.

Level up your proposal with this package of a gorgeous L size proposal bouquet, abundant fresh rose petals, and romantic candles. On-site decor arrangement provided.

Lux up your proposal with this premium package of a gorgeous luxury proposal bouquet, bouquets of roses in our signature hexagon hatbox, abundant fresh rose petals carefully crafted in a heart shape and romantic candles. On-site decor arrangement provided.

7) Tell her to wear a nice outfit

Tell your almost-fiancee to wear something nice because you’re gonna be taking pictures today. The last thing any girl wants is to be wearing the wrong outfit on the right day. Let her know that you’re going somewhere really nice too, so that she knows how to dress the part and what to expect from it.
8) Don't be nervous

You shouldn’t be nervous right now. After all, you’re gonna ask the love of your life to be your wife. She’s the person you trust most and love so dearly, and she’d never do anything that would hurt you. So just trust the process - everything will be well.
9) Propose during the day

Some people prefer to propose during the night, after a romantic dinner but evening proposals are always preferred. The logic behind this is so your lady can show off her engagement ring and flowers immediately and she wouldn’t have to wait til the next day. Plus, the happy couple can get good angles with perfect lighting for proposal pics. Anyway, if you’re nervous, nerves only get worse the longer you wait, so don’t keep her waiting and just propose.
All you have to do now is to get down on one knee, say “will you marry me?” and sweep her off her feet. You’ve got this!


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