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How to Buy & Redeem NFT

First time buying an NFT from BloomThis? Don't worry, we're here to help! Just visit our website at to place your order. It only takes minutes!

1) Select your product

Choose the NFT that you wish to purchase.

2) Add to cart

Click the Add to Cart button and then click Next to proceed with the details.

3) Go to checkout

Done? Click the Checkout button.

4) Login or make a new account

In Checkout, enter your email address or login if you already have an account. If you don't have an account, we highly recommend making one and ticking the "Keep me up to date..." check box. With an account, you can save addresses, get exclusive deals and best of all, earn points on every order!

5) Insert your payment details

Select Debit/Credit Card to pay with your debit or credit card, RazerPay for local bank transfer (FPX) & e-wallets and lastly, GrabPay to pay with your GrabPay account. If you're having trouble with debit/credit card, contact your bank to check if your card is enabled for online purchase or have enough credit.

6) Input your contact details

Fill up your own contact details so you can get WhatsApp updates and customer service. Ensure your details are up-to-date, especially your mobile number. Don't worry, your contact details will not be revealed to your recipient.

7) Click Pay Now

Your payment is finally processed & confirmed once you click the 'Pay Now' button.

8) Review your order details

Once your order is paid, you'll be sent to the Thank You page. You’ll also receive an order confirmation email with a linked button that moves you to the final steps on acquiring your NFT(s).

9) Review Order Confirmation email

In the order confirmation email, you’ll be given a summary of your order, including the amount of NFTs purchased. Once you’ve reviewed this, click the “Complete My Order” button to begin claiming your NFT.

10) Fill up NFT Redemption Form

You’ll be directed to your unique NFT redemption form page in BloomThis. Please fill up all required fields.

Here’s what the fields mean:

Owner NFT

Owner NFTs are sent on the date of the Love Blooms NFT drop. This NFT is for the owner to keep, trade, and do anything they wish with.

  1. Your Wallet Address: Your own crypto wallet address

Recipient NFT

Recipient NFTs are the gifting NFTs that come with the Owner NFTs. They are to be send to your special someone(s) on a date that you specify. Note that Recipient NFTs cannot be traded.

  1. Recipient’s Wallet Address: Your recipient’s crypto wallet address
  2. Airdrop Date: The date your recipient will receive their NFT (we suggest 14 Feb, Valentine’s Day)
  3. Personal Message: Your personal message that will be engraved in your recipient’s NFT metadata.
  4. Photo: Your photo that will be engraved in your recipient’s NFT metadata.

If you or your recipient don’t have a wallet address, you can refer to our How to Create a Crypto Wallet guide.

11) Submit Form

Once the form is submitted, our team will fulfill the Owner NFT airdrops on 14th February 2023 onwards and thereafter, within 3-5 working days and the Recipient NFT airdrop on your specified date. You'll also get an email with your form submission details (so you can check again) and perk redemption details.

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