Kayla (JB)Kayla (JB)

Kayla (JB)

From RM 169
Hilary (JB)Hilary (JB)

Hilary (JB)

From RM 149
Selene (JB)Selene (JB)

Selene (JB)

From RM 189
Freye (JB)Freye (JB)

Freye (JB)

From RM 149
Angela (PG)Angela (PG)

Angela (PG)

From RM 219


From RM 890
Kate (JB)Kate (JB)

Kate (JB)

From RM 159
Harper (JB)Harper (JB)

Harper (JB)

From RM 99
Aurora (JB)Aurora (JB)

Aurora (JB)

From RM 239
Ashley (JB)Ashley (JB)

Ashley (JB)

From RM 150
Anastasia (JB)Anastasia (JB)

Anastasia (JB)

From RM 99
Valda (JB)Valda (JB)

Valda (JB)

From RM 119
Querida (JB)Querida (JB)

Querida (JB)

From RM 189
Maria (JB)Maria (JB)

Maria (JB)

From RM 189
Jacy (JB)Jacy (JB)

Jacy (JB)

From RM 189
Angela (JB)Angela (JB)

Angela (JB)

From RM 219
Cindy (JB)Cindy (JB)

Cindy (JB)

From RM 79
Cheyenne (JB)Cheyenne (JB)

Cheyenne (JB)

From RM 99


From RM 259


From RM 239
Cara (JB)Cara (JB)

Cara (JB)

RM 190
Magdalene (JB)Magdalene (JB)

Magdalene (JB)

From RM 89
Calypso (JB)Calypso (JB)

Calypso (JB)

From RM 89
Lovelyn (JB)Lovelyn (JB)

Lovelyn (JB)

From RM 890

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At the forefront of floral design, our floral stylists create exciting and elegant arrangements that are not only beautiful but long-lasting. Proudly style conscious.

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BloomThis flowers are imported fresh from all around the world, cut with care and packed by hand in premium wraps and bespoke luxury gift boxes. Seasonal blooms you can't find anywhere else.

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We have free same-day delivery services across the Klang Valley (Kuala Lumpur & Selangor), Penang & Johor Bahru. Guaranteed delivery with a smile (and hugs if you need it).


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