Up Close & Personal with Suhaili Micheline

In celebration of International Friendship Day, BloomThis has collaborated with Marie Claire Malaysia to design endearing flower bouquets for you and your BFFs.

These flower arrangements are specially designed by inspiring ladies in Malaysia, including the Editor and writers of Marie Claire Malaysia, our very own co-founder and also 6 talented Malaysian figures.

These creations offer insight as to what these women treasure most. Read on to get to know more about Suhaili Micheline and what inspires her to be a better woman every day.

Suhaili Micheline

Malaysian dance artiste Suhaili Micheline describes herself as “sensitive, adventurous, and spontaneous.” She enjoys making her loved ones smile, especially if she does something kind and unexpected for them.

The effortlessly elegant Suhaili injects her gentle energy in her carefully choreographed flower arrangements. Inspired by simplicity and minimalism, yet blooming with fullness like the moon, Suhaili and The Suhaili Box include champagne roses, yellow lilies, and the dancer’s own personal selection of vibrant sunflowers.

Suhaili tells of her life’s most precious moment fervently, that happened when she was performing in Australia. “My boyfriend Aidil personally sent two different bouquets for two different occasions to my hotel room. I think that was extremely sweet a person has ever done for me.”

10% of your purchase will be donated to Tenaganita in support of women, migrant & refugee rights.

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