Up Close & Personal with Sarah Lian

In celebration of International Friendship Day, BloomThis has collaborated with Marie Claire Malaysia to design endearing flower bouquets for you and your BFFs.

These flower arrangements are specially designed by inspiring ladies in Malaysia, including the Editor and writers of Marie Claire Malaysia, our very own co-founder and also 6 talented Malaysian figures.

These creations offer insight as to what these women treasure most. Read on to get to know more about Sarah Lian and what inspires her to be a better woman every day.

Sarah Lian

Effervescent and graceful, Sarah Lian captions “Not your average one-trick pony” at the top of her Instagram bio, and she certainly lives up to it. The triple threat is the founder of Supparetreat, an actress, and a TV personality. Now, she can add ‘floral designer’ to her already impressive resume.

Sarah’s lush flower arrangement is inspired by her belief that every person is ready to bloom when the time is right. Made with a monochrome pink palette in mind and inspired by elements from the East and West sides of the world, Sarah was careful to include a personal touch of her absolute favourite blooms, coral pink peonies, of course, which is also every woman’s favourite flower in Sarah and The Sarah Box.

At Supparetreat, Sarah works with women by empowering them in a safe and relaxed space. “Watching them unfold and see their own light is always unforgettable,” she said.

10% of your purchase will be donated to Tenaganita in support of women, migrant & refugee rights.

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