Spread Positivity & Cheer with the Pantone 2021 Inspired Floral Designs

Pantone, the colour consultant company and leading source of colour information all over the world, has been crowning a selected colour as “Colour Of The Year” for more than two decades.

This initiative is more than just picking a favourite colour and promenading it as superior among all the other existing colours in the world. Contrary to that, there is actually a long, thoughtful, and analytical process that comes into play when justifying Pantone’s choice of their Colour Of The Year.

The journey is an annual pilgrimage that involves Pantone’s colour experts and consultants exploring and scrutinising the world for new colour trends spotted on a multitude of industries, including but not limited to art, fashion, films, travel destinations, technology, social media, sports, and the list goes on.

Once the experts have made their pick, the emerging winner will go on to do more than just bag the title of Colour Of The Year. Said colour will likely set the tone and influence major decisions in a bunch of areas such as fashion, home furnishing, product packaging, graphic designs, and many more.

This year, Pantone is deviating from tradition by picking not one, but two Colour(s) Of The Year.

The PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray and PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating, or in layman terms, a mellow grey and sunny yellow will be Pantone’s theme for 2021.

Why two colours, you may ask? No, it’s not that Pantone was indecisive. Taking into account all the turbulent events that the world had to endure last year and with so many uncertainties continuously bleeding into the new year, Pantone found the need to be both composed and hopeful; to balance resilient and optimism on the scale.

If you ask us, we say there isn’t a better theme for 2021. The pandemic isn’t over yet, but with the vaccines already rolling out, the path of recovery and normalcy will hopefully be within our grasps real soon.

As Pantone disclosed, when two solid colours can come together seamlessly to support one another, they become more meaningful as one.

The grey represents pebbles and rocks - natural elements that are strong, steady, unassuming but assuring, and can withstand the test of time - qualities we should display in the face of adversity.

Meanwhile, yellow as we are all familiar with, is likened to the sun - bright, warm, cheerful, and vibrant - just the kind of energy we need as we uplift one another to get through these trying times.

To stay atop of global trends, BloomThis too, is hopping onto the Pantone bandwagon by coming up with a collection of floral arrangements inspired by Pantone’s Colour Of The Year - Illuminating Yellow.

BloomThis’s newest collection will feature the Jeanette and Vanessa Rose Bouquet, Germaine Flower Box, and Eloise Flower Long Box - all designed to spread some much-needed dose of positivity and good ol’ cheer.

Jeanette Rose Bouquet (RM209)

The collection comprises yellow roses, white anthuriums and matthiolas, and eucalyptus leaves - versatile blooms that will suit all kinds of occasions, gestures, and the type of recipient even.

Vanessa Rose Bouquet (RM319)

Whether you’re gifting them to your S.O, best friend, a family member, colleague, or just about anybody you have in mind, rest assured that the flowers will be befitting for all. They will definitely be warmly received and dearly cherished.

Germaine Flower Box (RM209 for medium, RM259 for large)

With yellow roses being the main centrepiece, this collection will be a breath of fresh air - literally and figuratively. While pinks and reds are usually the go-to choice when it comes to gifting flower bouquets, yellow can be a refreshing change that your recipient will come to appreciate and love.

Eloise Flower Long Box (RM169 - vase not included, delivered in long box)

And we’re certain that no matter where they place their flower bouquet, it’s bound to light up the room, brighten their days, and fondly remind them of you.

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