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Article: Lights, camera, action!

Lights, camera, action!

Lights, camera, action!


Sometimes, the best moments are captured on camera. Of birthdays, of families, of the simple essence that is love and laughter. Photos capture moments we can’t see for ourselves - candid moments, memorable moments, and gorgeous moments! A moment in time, frozen within a frame, one that holds your emotions and all your love. When you can’t seem to remember the hows and the whys you laughed or cried, take a look at your photos, and all too soon, you’ll know. The best photos are not the prettiest flatlays (even though those are perfectly 
wonderful). The best photos are the ones that tell a story.

onewaytix is a photography studio that does just that! They love telling stories through photography, and maybe they’ll tell your story too. Using the concept of a train and it’s many train stations, each client is like a traveller who stops by, and every traveller has a story to tell. Their tickets refer to their services. onewaytix has quite a few of these including pre-wedding shots, family portrait, couple portrait, graduation portrait, maternity portrait and wedding decorations.

onewaytix creates artistic and beautiful images of your moments. They capture smiles that come from the heart. Basically, their photos capture you at your most beautiful. Life isn’t always perfect, but your photos can be. We went for a floral-themed Greek Goddess maternity portrait shoot at onewaytix. Here’s what went down.

1) The flower fairies from BloomThis created a gorgeous flower wall. The perks of being a wallflower is real!


2) We’re really feeling the Greek Goddess vibes right now! Is our #girlboss Penny more of an Athena or Aphrodite?


3) The talented team at onewaytix shot these gorgeous maternity portraits.




onewaytix is located at Sunway Nexis Mall. Remember to make an appointment if you plan to drop by their studio. Don’t forget to check out more beautiful photos on their website and InstagramFacebook page.

We’ve got good news for you dears! onewaytix will give a 10% discount to our customers for their services. Just be the first five readers to send an email to Remember to include “BloomThis” as part of the subject, and you’ll be on board the onewaytix train!

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