Hottest Flower of The Year

Baby's Breath has taken the floral industry by storm in this year with lots of adoring fans hinting their loved ones to buy them these adorable flowers.

The Baby's Breath may have shot to a superstar status, but how much do you know about them? Here are some quick facts about this awesome flower!

1. Baby's breath come from the family of Caryophyllaceae which is the family of Carnations! Who would have thought these little flowers were related to Carnations?

2. The scientific name for Baby's Breath is Gypsophila which comes from the Greek words 'gypsum' and 'loving'. No wonder we feel loved when we receive these flowers.


3. Baby's breath are natively found in Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia.

4. They can be found in white, pink, or violet. However, pink and violet Baby's Breath come at a very premium price!


Did you learned anything new about baby's breath today? We certainly hope you did! 

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