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Article: 9 millennial pink products you need right now Malaysia 2018

9 millennial pink products you need right now Malaysia 2018

9 millennial pink products you need right now Malaysia 2018

Even after a year's reign as Pantone colour of the year, millennial pink still takes the lead as the world’s most beloved aesthetic. We simply can’t even because this shade of pink is so soothing, so natural, and yet it stands out on it’s own in a pastel-like kind of way.
Plus, it makes good Instagram pictures - a very important factor in the millennial world, because who doesn’t want a good picture tbh? If only Regina George from Mean Girls could see us right now, she would be only too pleased at the pastel pink audacity we have become.
In light of National Pink Day this coming 23rd of June, let’s celebrate with a list of millennial pink essentials you totally need right now. Like, no joke. You need these in your life, as do I.
Marilyn is the millennial pink hatbox of dreams - it’s sure to make every girl’s heart flutter for the love of pink-toned flowers. Soft pink gerberas, cherry pink roses, pink carnations, and white ping pongs are artistically arranged to form a lively bouquet. It’s something pretty and pink that you’ll definitely need at least once in your life.
This undeniably pink bouquet is both beautiful and cuddlesome. Aiko features a handcrafted arrangement of baby pink roses, pastel eustomas, and purple caspia atop a posies of intense green foliage. This hatbox would be such a treat in your home. It comes with a cute plush bunny for cuddly moments and a 200ml bottle of Nicolas Feuilatte One Four Rose sparkling wine for fun moments. So pink and perfect - even Regina George approves.
Everlasting roses are so essential right now, everyone either has one or is getting one for their friends or themselves. Eternity Candy features an everlasting rose of cotton candy dreams in the lovely shade of candy pink. A glimmering crystal centrepiece is nestled gently in the rose bud. It’s sealed in an acrylic display, with the option of engraving it with a loved one’s name. So dreamy, an essential rose that is eternally yours.
Up your makeup routine with Breena Beauty’s blending pearl in pink. This baby pink-toned makeup sponge functions very much like the beauty blender, except for a fraction of the price and has an additional feature of a flat surface for higher coverage and finishing powder.
It’s made of latex-free foam so it should work for those with sensitive skin. The reviews for these are excellent, so excited about doing your makeup with this pink blending pearl today.
Bathing can be fun too! From the brand that brought glowy skin for your face, here’s a bath duo for the other 90% of you. Glossier’s Body Hero Duo features a daily oil wash that cleans away daily grime like a charm, and a daily perfecting cream that moisturizes as it melts into your skin to make it glow like your face does.
The packaging is so millennial tbh - with such a lovely Instagrammable pastel aesthetic. This Body Hero Duo takes care of your body as you take care of your face, and gets the job done in just two steps.
These one-hundred-and-pink percent adorable red bean potong studs closely resembles our Malaysian childhood fav, the ais krim potong. The studs are stainless steel and the earrings are made of high quality polymer clay.
The best part is they look so real and cute! It’s so intricate and makes such a great statement - I wish my ais krim potong had as much red bean as these LOL. Take your cuteness to the next level with these adorbs studs!
This versatile powder can be used as a blush to rosy up the apples of your cheeks, or as a finishing powder for a fresh pink glow all over. I think I’d use this blush on most days because I look like a ghost without any pinch of colour on my cheeks #palepeopleproblems.
The ballerina-pink blush shade is sheer, buildable with a hint of shimmer and would suit natural and full-glam makeup looks, depending on personal preference. It comes with a blush brush too! So much love!
A pink ring for a pretty thing like you - this natural pink tourmaline ring would surely make it to every girl’s wishlist. This gemstone comes with a choice of a rose gold band too, and would be a perfect timeless jewellery piece for all occasions. It’s trendy, precious, and best of all, it’s naturally pink. No artificial colouring involved as tourmaline gems grow naturally.
7) dUck
You’d “tote-tally” fall in love with this trendy monogram tote bag in fuschia… hehe. This tote is crafted with high quality cross hatched faux leather and comes with a fully debossed “dUck” monogram design.
Plus, it’s pretty big so you can fit all your daily needs into just one bag. It’s so practical, and such a good statement piece for maximum office slayage. Level up your fierce game with this sophisticated yet practical pink hand accessory.
What’s pink and good for your skin? Revitalize and nourish your skin with a boost of vitamin C using this face mask. Rich in AHA and hibiscus extract, this mask reduces the appearance of fine lines and increases your skin’s ability to absorb all the good stuff that is in skincare. Power up your skincare routine, dear beauty warrior! There is no such thing as “too much” in a skincare routine.
OMG I want to eat this ice-cream sandwich but it’s actually a cushion LOL. This quintessential cushion is makes the perfect pink zero-calorie cuddle buddy for you. It makes a great conversation piece as well.
Remember when we would buy ice-cream sandwiches from the ice-cream man back in primary school? I’m missing that so much right now, so I’ll just cuddle my ice-cream sandwich cushion. Get one for yourself too! Don’t bite into it though, or you’ll come away with a mouthful of cotton.

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