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Article: Top 10 Baby-Friendly Plants

Top 10 Baby-Friendly Plants

Top 10 Baby-Friendly Plants

It was no secret that during Covid lockdown, many people took an interest in having houseplants as a hobby. The rise of sales (and in pricing) for most nurseries and plant sellers were a way for people to fill the void of having no social-life but instead an opportunity to beautify their homes with an influx of flora. Purchasing a new houseplant is a great way to create positive vibes, boost your mood, and help purify the air inside your home. But did you know? Many plants are potentially toxic or dangerous for anyone with a new-born around, making them a hazard to keep in your home. If you can’t live without the presence of houseplants, good news! We wrote this article just for you. Here is a list of Baby-friendly plants for you to choose from.


No-no Plants For Babies

You may think plants are pretty harmless, but know that not every plant is safe for your little one. It is always good to research and understand what could be potential harm for your family. After all, knowledge is power. It is best to be cautious as once your baby starts walking, they will want to roam around and explore on his/her own. Some of the not so baby-safe plants include Peace Lilies, Devil’s Ivy, Poinsettia or even Aloe Vera. If your child does come in contact with these plants, chances are they may get an upset stomach, skin irritations, and swelling - any parent's nightmare. If you have these plants around, it does not mean you cannot keep them. Just keep them out of reach or wearing gloves when handling them.


10 Baby Friendly Plants

Bird’s Nest Fern

As you can tell by the name, this baby-friendly plant resembles a bird’s nest. It is a particularly great indoor plant for bathrooms or in a hanging pot. Try placing the fern near a window to get that morning or late afternoon sun, as this plant thrives on moderate natural light. This plant is not only great around human babies but also great for those with fur babies running around too! In addition to being pet-safe, it is also a powerhouse at removing harmful chemicals from the air.


Calathea Beauty Star

The multiple shades of green and geometric patterns of this plant make a beautiful addition to your baby’s nursery. This plant does poorly in direct sunlight and requires lower light than most plants will need. Just like the other plants in the Marantaceae family, Calathea has an interesting habit of rising leaves in the morning and lowering them at night, like in prayer, giving it the nickname “prayer plant.”


Snake Plant

Voted as one of the best air purifying plants around, this cheery plant comes highly recommended for those with babies. It is also a great choice for those with a small space as they grow straight up. Don't be alarmed by its name. It is one of the easiest houseplants to care for, which is one reason why it's ideal for a nursery. It requires minimal sunlight and only needs watering when the soil is completely dried out.


Ponytail Palm

Despite its name and appearance, the Ponytail Palm is not actually in the palm family but far more closely related to desert plants in the Agave genre. This baby-friendly indoor plant thrives on very little upkeep. They would need the kind of care you’d give a cactus or succulent. They do prefer as much light as possible, so place the plant in a bright place in your home. Fun fact, this cute plant is reported to live for decades or even centuries.


Baby Tears

This plant’s dripping tendrils were practically designed to attract cats. Even if you place this high up in an indoor hanging basket, your clever kitty just may find a way to get to it. But don’t worry—it can't hurt him. In addition to being a pet-friendly plant, this is also a good choice for beginner green thumbs. Choose a location with filtered light and keep the soil moist. If this plant gets thirsty, it will start wilting immediately. Water at any sign of thirst!


African Violet

A popular choice of baby-friendly indoor plants and for good reasons too. Its bright green leaves and deep purple flowers make for brightening your space. You may have heard the African violet to be a little trickier to grow than many other types of houseplants. All it takes is a few simple steps for your African violet to flourish indoors. Try to avoid splashing water on the leaves, or you might find it causes discolouration, leaving the plant with brown spots.


Spider Plant

Its beautiful grass-like leaves that look like 'legs' makes it a lovely addition to a hanging basket in your home. Ranging from pale to emerald green is an easy to grow and air-purifying plant that grows in low light conditions. Unlike most living things, it does not need a lot of love, so if you accidentally forget about it for a few days, it will forgive you.


Burro’s Tail

Part of the succulent family, this baby-friendly plant is also known as Donkey’s tail. Highly identifiable from its braided looks, it's probably how it got its name in the first place, with burro being the Spanish translation for a donkey. Succulents, like cacti, makes for easy caring as they have adapted to harsh conditions by developing fleshy stems, roots and leaves. They make the most amazing indoor houseplants and housewarming gifts too!


Baby Rubber Plant

Also known as Peperomia obtusifolia, this house plant produces a high level of oxygen that improves the air quality of your home. It needs almost close to zero natural sunlight and away from the hot sun. The rubber plant is usually a popular ornamental house plant. If you’d like to maintain its glossy look, you can gently clean it using a soft cloth or a sponge.



If you’re looking for a larger plant, Dracaena makes a good option. It is fantastic for theming your little one’s nursery with jungle or safari vibes with its distinctly exotic looks. It’s hard to go wrong with dracaena plants being so low maintenance. Their spiky tropical foliage comes in a variety of colours, shapes and patterns. They're also great at removing harmful gases from the air. Do note that these plants are not as friendly for your furry friends.

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