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Article: For Him: Flowers & Gifts For Every Occasion


For Him: Flowers & Gifts For Every Occasion

Flowers For Men?

Well, why not - men love flowers too! Gone are the days when flowers were only gifted to women. These days, whether it's a birthday bouquet for him, an anniversary bouquet for your husband or even just because - there are many flowers out there that are "suitable for men" and will definitely put a smile on their faces. And truth be told, most men are so accustomed to giving flowers, that when they do receive one themselves, we guarantee they'll be smiling from ear to ear!

Even though we don't think of flowers as inherently "feminine" or "masculine", we can't deny that some flowers are more suitable for women than for men. For example, some flowers look better when paired with a dress than with a suit! And vice versa for men as well! Here are some of our flower suggestions and tips to get the perfect blooms for your man PLUS some gift ideas and gift sets to pair with them. Keep reading!

How to Choose Flowers For Men

While we believe flowers are for everyone, we also know not every guy will be crazy about whispy, pastel pink roses or fluffy plumes of baby's breaths. So make choosing the right flowers for him easier with these helpful tips.

  • Use strong colours: Forget the pastel pinks and peaches. Opt for bolder, stronger colours like maroon, deep purple, orange or even black. Conversely, you could even go for a gender-neutral white!
  • Skip the added accessories: Flower bouquets for him should be kept simple and doesn't need to be covered in colourful frilly ribbons or sparkles. Unless he's into that, then go ahead!
  • Striking shapes and textures: Similarly, flowers for men tend to have robust petals and a more solid structure rather than soft dainty ones. E.g. Avoid any floofy matthiolas and baby's breaths. But if your blooms still need a filler, then...
  • Go for foliage: Instead of feathery fillers, try something bolder and greener, like monstera or eucalyptus leaves. There's just something about that jungly vibe that perfectly balances the bright blooms.
  • Choose your vase carefully: Instead of the usual clear glass vase, pick a wooden or clay vase for a more rustic touch. Or simply cover the inside of the vase with a spiral of leaves like these.

Flower Suggestions For Him

Now that we've given you some tips on HOW to pick the best flowers for your man, let's share with you WHAT the best flowers are. Or at least our favs! Here's a list of the best flowers for men.



We think Lilies are some of the most quintessential flowers for men. Upright and firm when unbloomed, vibrant and striking when bloomed! Perfect for any man to show off his confident side. Plus, they come in so many different colours, you could even get him a whole rainbow of flowers if you wanted to!



Despite their popularity as a romantic flower, roses definitely aren't just meant for women. Their classic look and multitude of colours make them great flowers for men too! Just keep in mind that some roses have deeper meanings than others, e.g. red roses signify love and romance, while yellow roses symbolise joy and friendship.

Pro Tip: If you're not keen on giving your man flowers of a certain colour due to its meaning, then opt for a more neutral white colour.



These tropical flowers are a sure-fire way to make your man feel exotic and dashing. Their striking bright orange petals look like flames shooting up from the ground, while their dark green leaves create an interesting contrast that's both enticing and exciting.

Pro Tip: Pair these flowers with something more masculine such as a wood or clay vase to really bring out its fiery energy!



Unlike most other blooms, sunflowers give off an air of energy and cheerful happiness rather than femininity. Maybe it's the bright yellow petals or its large blooming face that looks like Teletubbies' happy Sun Baby staring at you. Either way, it's sure to put a smile on your man's face.



Some flowers are just too unique to pass up. Like anthuriums! They come in all shades from red, to green and even blue, so you can always pick his fav colours! The best part is, these hardy blooms last wayyyy longer than most other flowers after being cut. That means he can admire it for longer!

Leaves and Foliage


Sometimes, the best flower bouquet for men aren't flowers at all! While these aren't pretty little blooms, you can still make a wonderful arrangement out of just leaves and other green foliage. Like the picture above! Some of our favourite leaves to use are monsteras, eucalyptus and even rosemary leaves.

Flowers & Gifts For Every Occasion

Have a special occasion that you need some flower and gift ideas for? Never fear! We've got you covered. Here are flowers and gifts for every occasion, from birthday balloons for him to anniversary bouquets for your husband.

Birthday Flowers And Gifts For Men

It's that special day of the year where you get to treat him like royalty. Make it extra special with birthday flowers and gifts for him!

Myrtle Flower Box


Inspired by English sunsets and bursting with Autumn colours, Myrtle is the perfect gift to make your man feel like the golden boy he is! Its arrangement of dried roses and preserved flowers make it the perfect flower bouquet for him as he won't have to worry about maintaining it.


Birthday Celebration Pack


Why stop at just flowers? Our Birthday Celebration Pack has a beautiful birthday bouquet for him, PLUS everything else you'd need to throw him a complete birthday celebration. Statice bouquet to WOW him, and cake, chocolates and balloons to keep him happy! Pssst, also comes with a FREE message card and candle sparkler *wink*


Anniversary Flowers And Gifts For Men

Here's flowers and gifts for men to show him how much you care. Whether it's your first year, second year or a lifetime together, flowers are always a great way to celebrate the wonderful milestones in your relationship together!

Red Rose Flower Cake


Notice something special about the title? That's right! This is both a flower box AND a cake. Beautiful red roses sitting atop a delicious fondant cake made in the shape of our signature hatbox! Now your husband can enjoy a romantic anniversary bouquet while the both of you munch away on the cake. P.S. Red roses are the perfect flowers of love for your anniversary too!


Inside Scoop White Bouquet Set


Flowers are great, but they're even better with ice cream, amiright! The best part? With this set, you even get to choose your preferred ice cream flavour and bouquet design! Now you can treat him to his favourite blooms AND his favourite Inside Scoop Ice Cream flavours, YUM!

Suggestion: Get the Audrey bouquet with red roses for a romantic feel, and the Sadie bouquet with sunflowers for a more cheerful gift!


Festivity Flower & Champagne Set


If you're looking for something a little "stronger" to enjoy with your husband, you'll want to check out our Festivity set. A full 750ml bottle of Moet & Chandon Brut champagne (750ml) adorned with a curation of beautiful red and avalanche roses! It's just what you need for a fun-filled anniversary celebration with your husband.


Congratulations Flowers And Gifts For Men

Jeanette Yellow Rose Bouquet


Remember what we said about bright, bold flowers being perfect for men? Well, that's doubly true when it comes to celebration flowers for men. Since bright pinks are mostly out of the picture, go for bright yellow instead - like our Jeanette bouquet! Filled with everyone's favourite roses, anthurium, matthiolas, and more, it's the perfect way to celebrate him.


Congrats Celebration Pack


When times call for a celebration, call for our Congrats Celebration pack! Guaranteed to make his special day one to remember, thanks to its complete package of celebration gifts! Chocolates, personalised balloons, cake, a champagne of your choice (or sparkling drink) and a gorgeous sunflower bouquet to say "Congrats"!


Just-Because Flowers For Men

Ask us if you ever need a reason to gift flowers and we'll tell you, "Nope!". Sometimes, you just want to make him smile and flowers are a sure-fire way to make him smile for absolutely NO reason at all! Trust us when we say it's the perfect way to cheer up his day - "Just Because" flowers mean "I Care" flowers.

Milagros Flowers in Vase


Save him the trouble of having to find a vase to arrange his new flowers in. Our Milagros flowers in vase will not only look great on his desk or coffee table, it also doesn't require any effort on his part - they come pre-arranged, so just add water in the vase and display! Its beautiful Yellow Cymbidium Orchids are simply stunning but not too feminine.

P.S. if he's not into yellow, we have a whole rainbow of colourful blooms for you to choose from, check them out here.


Kennedy Dried Flower Bouquet


You might be noticing a pattern here with our suggested flowers for men being low to zero maintenance. Well, of course! A thoughtful gift is a gift that he doesn't need to worry about too much. And our Kennedy bouquet is no different with its beautifully dried hydrangeas in a mesmerising baby blue colour. Even better is, they can practically last forever!


For Him: Flowers & Gifts For Every Occasion

So, while flowers for men aren't as commonplace (yet), we believe they definitely should be! Whether it's for birthdays, anniversaries or even just because - as you can see, flowers make the perfect gift for any occasion! Check out our flowers for men that are all low to zero maintenance and are perfect as a gift.

What do you think? Is it weird to get flowers for a guy? Or maybe you think flowers are meant for everybody to enjoy? Let us know in the comments below, let's discuss!

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